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Non-Photo Blue Photoshop Action

3rd Dec 2011

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Lyndee blue and exposed

If cartooning is your thing, you will likely know of non-photo blue (or non-repro blue) pencils which allow you to ink over your pencil sketches without the need to erase your pencils after—the blue pencils will not show when the page is scanned, photographed, or photocopied. The light blue is also easier to ink over than the grey of a normal pencil.

Some drawing apps, such as Smith Micro's Manga Studio, have their pencil tools' colour set by default to a light blue for the same reason.

If however you have a scanned regular pencil sketch or black digital sketch you would like to transforming to np-blue to begin inking, it's a cinch with Photoshop's Hue/Saturation tool (Image/ Adjustments/ Hue/Saturation).

The Photoshop Action below will duplicate the selected layer and adjust the colour to a non-photo blue, hopefully making your digital inking more of a breeze.

Download NP-Blue.atn

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Tags: cartooning, inking, non-photo blue, non-repro blue, pencil, Photoshop Actions


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