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4th Feb 2012

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When bush was big
The 70s, when bush was BIG!.

Here's my pick of the week's best stories and pictures.

Lindsay Lohan insists she was NOT drunk at SAG awards after party (

Updated 4th December 2012.
Diva in distress! Liz & Dick panned, probation in danger of being revoked, & now's she's slugged a psychic! Catch up on LiLo's latest disasters & oops malfunctions in Pick of the Week 3rd Dec.

Amanda Seyfried floored by 70s porn pubes, declines to show hers (

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Malin Åkerman's doubts over Linda Lovelace biopic (Pick of the Week, 30th April 2012).
Amanda Seyfried—70s Bush (9th February 2012).

David Choe's nawty murals on Facebook's walls set to bust Jackson Pollock's record as most expensive painting ever (

If Barbie posed for the old masters … (

Lindsay Lohan insists she was not drunk at SAG awards after party
Lindsay Lohan insists she was NOT drunk at SAG awards after party, blames rumours on lack of film offers.

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Tags: 70s bush, Amanda Seyfried, Barbie, David Choe, Lindsay Lohan.


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