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Celebrity sex cartoons

21st Mar 2012

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Pop divas, actresses, sexy celebrities in scandalous cartoon sex and painted erotica. Looking for pin-up art of Lindsay’s huge freckled ginger juggs, or Britney getting it up the bum? You’ll find some here.

SelGo Squirt
Recent stories:
Selena Gomez wasn’t squirting details on her “secret project”. From Blog Pick of the Week 2nd April 2014.

A particular keyphrase which leads visitors here time and time again is “Celebrity sex cartoons”, and who am I to argue with that, after all, celebrity sex scenes cartoons are pretty much what I do here.

It is actually a very valid description of much of my illustration here, being sketches, paintings and toons of whatever scandalous story each week catches my eye, but, you know, at the time of writing this I could’nt actually find that phrase in any particular page, only the jumbled keywords which those search engine spiders must have decided should really be together to form it.

Britney Spears DP action
Britney Spears getting some DP action, for the adventurous and experienced fem “a first-class flight to Utopia” (

There it is, week after week, listed in the site’s search keyphrase statistics—which is pretty much the only statistic I care to look at as, not being dependent on pay-per-click ads I care little for the number of page views and with the discretion that comes with undertaking commissions of whatever celebrity nawtiness flies someone’s flag I need not be curious about who came from where etc.

Knowing what people were looking for when they dropped by is helpful though, ensuring I am up to date with those gossip and sleazy scandal stories which are illustration inspiration and what celebs are in vogue.

So I decided I should be helpful to those web-spinning and spanning explorers directing visitors here searching for cartoon depictions of Jessica getting a jizzing or Avril and her nawty toys by writing that phrase large here in an entry.

You can head on over to the Gallery to catch a sample selection of celebrity sex cartoon nawtiness and check the latest blog entries to catch up with gossip, sleazy scandals and just plain quirky stories which proved illustration inspiring.

Don’t find who or what you are looking for? Perhaps that could be the subject of a commissioned illustration which as long as it is for personal and not comercial use I am happy to do as part of a modest priced gift economy.

Latest celebrity sex cartoon

Belle Delphine—Ahegao
Belle Delphine—Ahegao A caricature cartoon of kawaii cosplay ahegao face making gamer-girl Belle Delphine who is selling bathwater she’s “played in”. (click image to read more).
Updated 16th May 2014.

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Illustrations, paintings, and cartoons featuring caricatured celebrities are intended purely as parody and fantasised depictions often relating to a particular news story, and often parodying said story and the media and pop cultural representation of said celebrity as much as anything else. Who am I really satirising? Read more.

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