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Pick of the week

10th Mar 2012

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Here's my pick of the week's best stories and pictures.

Amanda Seyfried likes things stuffed
Amanda Seyfried likes things stuffed.

• A great week for "alleged" leaked personal pics, with Olivia Munn got hacked except not really & Christina Hendricks got hacked except the topless one's a fake (

Here's the full set of both for you to decide: Olivia Munn—Personal Nude Pictures & Christina Hendricks—Personal Nude Pictures (

Ralph McQuarrie obituary ( The conceptual artist who brought Star Wars to life .

US law says porn stars must wear condoms ( Loophole exempts films made on studio soundstage, but will it force porn to find a new home outsise of Los Angeles' city boundries?

I predict an upcomming feature featuring the Condom Cop who's got to enforce it!

Nude Jessica Simpson bares her baby bump for ELLE ( Don't you just have to love this trend that Demi Moore started.

Lindsay Lohan returns to her ravishing red locks ( Yay!

Amanda Seyfried reveals her surprising taxidermy hobby ( Thanks to The Gossip Nun.

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