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17th Mar 2012

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Here's my pick of the week's best stories and pictures.

Whatever next? from Madonna?
Madonna's taken to posting her bruised ass on Facebook. Whatever next?

• Is it the image or "idea" of a bus on Westminster Bridge that a British judge has ruled infringed copyright? (

Did Lindsay Lohan hit a hookah? (well, a hookah lounge manager) Police are deciding (

• The XXX Files: Gillian Anderson reveals she's had lesbian flings (

Jean Giraud obituary ( French comic book artist internationally known by his pen names Moebius and Gir.

Damien Hirst still believes art is more powerful than money ( Easy to say … what's your view?

Megan Fox says she could never have kids with a friend ( … or her Marilyn tattoo?

Piers Morgan calls Kate Moss "utterly horrific" ( Apparently she kicks him. Maybe she remembers why he was fired from The News of the World & The Mirror? (Thanks to The Gossip Nun.)

Madonna's taken to posting her bruised ass on Facebook ( Twitter tweeting & Facebook pimping is something we have gotten used to with lesser celebrities drumming for attention, but Madge? Really? Whatever next? (Thanks to The Gossip Nun.)

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