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1st April 2012

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My pick of last weeks best stories and pictures.

When Madge saw Molly …
When Madge saw Molly, she'd brought around some rather peculiar friends!
Madonna denies drug use reference ( Disclaimer: If Madonna has seen Molly she did not for one moment know who she was nor is MDNA anywhere near MDMA, as the gap between M and N in the alphabet is a particularly large one down which anyone could fall.

Piers Morgan bans Madonna worldwide ( An old tabloid editor like Piers knows how to make a headline of course, and Twitter gives him a free opportunity. At least I hope that's the case, else he's having real delusions of grandeur. Or maybe it's just the humiliation of having Kate Moss' shoe up his harris.

Kim Kardashian to press charges against flour attacker ( It's a bitch getting that out of your fur!

• Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens are super spring breakers on set in Florida here & here (

Octomom finally took her top off to pay the rent (

Damien Hirst taxi doodle fetches £4,700, but The Independent's Julian Spalding swears 'His work isn't worth a cent …' (

Kitsch art tribute to Vladimir Putin ( Where's the one of him wrestling a bear?

• Attention: Lindsay Lohan is a free woman! Stay off the roads between 2 AM and 4 AM (

Ambassador appointed to curb modern day high-seas piracy (

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