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Pick of the week

4th June 2012

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Here's my pick of last weeks best quirky stories and pictures.

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and likely due to unwarranted high-hopes of Lindsay Lohan starring in a TV film titled Lindsay Liz and Dick.

Rihanna ass grasp
It's not just her own ass that Rihanna wants to grasp.

Rihanna strips off and reveals Cheryl Cole crush ( Here are those Rihanna Esquire pics in HQ (

RiRi: "Ooh! Cheryl Cole is … hot. I would just like to watch her work. Preferably cleaning things on the floor. Picking up stuff on the floor. Bending over. She's hot! I mean, literally… she's so beautiful."

• First look at Lindsay Lohan as screen siren Elizabeth Taylor on set of biopic (

As Lindsay has been "granted final say on all wardrobe decisions" we can only hope that some new freckled malfunctions are on the way.

• Jonathan Jones feels artists need the freedom to be Freud (

"… if we recognise that here was a truly great talent who put lesser celebrity artists of our time to shame—then many of us need to re-examine our attitudes to art.".

• 50 years of superheroes, nudes, and other pop delights. Crocker Art Museum presents first American museum survey for Mel Ramos (

When ever I have felt unsure of the merit of the subject matter of what I paint, it only ever takes a flip through Mel Ramos work to put me back on track and remind me just how much fun I have doing it.

AnnaLynne McCord bikini pictures will melt your popsicle (

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