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Pick of the week

Pick of the week

30th July 2012

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Here's my pick of last weeks best quirky stories and pictures.

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and likely the last thing I wrote before I was polymorphed into a frog. Ribbit.
Updated 1st August 2012.
Alexa Vega Machete Kills role added, Latina Pick of the Week postponed this week.

Emma Watson
Is Emma Watson to swap wands and wizardry for ball-gags and nipple-clamps in the film adaptation of E. L. James' Fifty Shades Of Grey?

Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders apologise for affair (

That certainly puts those new boobs into perspective. I guess Rupe like's 'em big!

Emma Watson for the role of Ana Steele in Fifty Shades Of Grey? (

Is Emma Watson to swap wands and wizardry for ball-gags and nipple-clamps?

Lady Gaga signs on for Machete Kills role (

Lady Gaga as La Chameleón! Alexa Vega has a sexy role too as assassin Killjoy (

Victoria's Secret releases Sexy List 2012 (

Lovely to see on that list both Amanda Seyfried and AnnaLynne McCord, and it has to be said …

AnnaLynne McCord candid bikini volleyball playing pictures are athletically supportive (


Rihanna - bikini candids in France (

Katy Perry - bikini candids in Miami (

Russian oligarch wins £1.7m refund from Christie's after auction house sold him "fake" painting (

What is the world coming to when an oligarch can't buy genuine painted boobs!

Can you make any kind of living as an artist? (

Well, at least I've not had to resort to covering my pages in ads or donation buttons. I'll press on. :)

Latina pick of the week
Latina Pick of the Week

A lack of time and stories has resulted in no Latina Pick of the Week this week, but it will be back next.

Seen any sexy Latina entertainment news stories or pictures?

I would greatly appreciate it if you would share with me via Please include the link and any details you wish me to include with a thanks to you.

So if you are a fan of Brazilian booty, Mexican tetas, & everything else that is latina lovely, check back next week.

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Illustrations, paintings, and cartoons featuring caricatured celebrities are intended purely as parody and fantasised depictions often relating to a particular news story, and often parodying said story and the media and pop cultural representation of said celebrity as much as anything else. Who am I really satirising? Read more.

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