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Pick of the week

Pick of the week

6th November 2012

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Here's my pick of last weeks best quirky stories and pictures.

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and are likely wanted mice, having the death sentence on at least 12 systems.

No responsibility is taken for the content of any external websites to which links may lead. All are verified as safe with McAfee SiteAdvisor when posted.

This weeks stories & pics

Leia joins The House of Mouse
May the Mouse be with you. Yep, Disney bought Star Wars.

Khloe Kardashian flashed some pokie nipple during X Factor USA debut ( and …

Did Scott Disick just give Kourtney Kardashian a shocker? (

"Hi sweetie, that's just my finger up your harris. You'll have to wait for that guy with the camera to go before it can be anything else."

There is no new Kim Kardashian tape, but now that's given Kanye the idea … (

I just hope he isn't in charge of wardrobe!

Here's more pics of Kim getting her Halloween claws out as catwoman (

Did Amanda Bynes just walk out naked at a spray-tan salon? (

We can hope!

Miranda Kerr showed her ass in Esquire (

Aubrey O'Day pulled her pants down on Twitter (

Sam Lutfi's lawsuit against Britney Spears and her parents was finally thrown out of court (

Related story:

Sam Lutfi claims Britney Spears's father punched him (Pick of the Week, 30th October).

Kate Moss got topless in Vanity Fair (

That's twenty two years after her first topless photoshoot.

Curvy Christina Aguilera showed a moose knuckle at the Samsung Galaxy Note II launch ( …

And the Staten Island born singer led the New York storm aid telethon (

Sincere condolences to all affected by Hurricane Sandy. You can help by visitng American Red Cross.

Chad Kroeger pledges to rein in his libido for fiancé Avril Lavigne (

The Nickelback frontman, who described himself as a "walking penis", vowed to resist his groupies. I'm gonna have to work on reining in my libido for Avril Lavigne then.

Which leads nicely on to …

Halloween follow-up

Here's a follow-up from last week's Halloween picks of the best showbiz sexy spooky costumes.

Avril Lavigne went as a sexy sailor, causing many hornpipes to blow ( …

Updated 13th January 2013.
Self-shot pictures of Avril Lavigne in sailor costume: 1 | 2 (

Ashley Tisdale buzzed out as sexy superheroine ( …

Lady Gaga stuck a bit of weed over her tits and lit one up ( …

Rihanna woke up naked after her Halloween party, and showed everyone on Instagram ( …

And it seems that Junta General costume Alessandra Ambrosio wore was WAY too popular! (

.:: Top column 2 ::.

A stern looking Sarah Harding showed a little lower lip at a fashion event (

Emily Ratajkowski has the biggest outie bellybutton you ever did see! (

Joanna Krupa showed some huge bush for Peta (

Arts, tech. & funnies

Feeling a great disturbance in the Force? Well, Disney bought Star Wars. Nooooooo! (

So Vader, Han Solo, Bobba Fett et al. join the House of Mouse's other assembled Avengers after its 2009 aqusition of Marvel Entertainment and aims to realease the start of a new Star Wars trilogy in 2015.

Many have voiced a bad feeling about this but has anyone (besides me) had anything charitable to say about the franchise since the battle of Endor?

On a plus note, at least George won't be fiddling with anything else in that much-loved original trilogy.

Apple warned for making pie with U.K. Court ruling (

Apple it seems cherry-picked statements from a U.K. Court of Appeal ruling that Samsung's products did not copy Apple's and are ordered to remove them from their U.K. site.

MegaUpload will be reborn as in January (

Kim DotCom plans to re-open the file sharing service with a Gabon-based domain name which will not make use of any U.S. hosting companies, and will enable copyright owners to delete pirated content provided they agree not to hold Mega's operators responsible.

Related story:

Anonymous retaliates after Megaupload take-down (Pick of the Week, 21st January).

Digital paper could become like "Google Docs for artists" (

Paper is coated with a photochromic material synched to a computer could in the near future be used to allow artists to collaborate in real time from anywhere in the world.

Should London's Tower Hamlets sell off Old Flo? (

The mayor of the London borough wants to sell off the sculpture by Henry Moore to fill the gap left by government spending cuts.

Google doodle celebrates LS Lowry's 125th birthday (

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