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Pick of the week

Pick of the week

19th November 2012

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Here's my pick of last weeks best quirky stories and pictures.

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and no where near as much fun as watching Vanessa Hudgens sucking a lollipop.

No responsibility is taken for the content of any external websites to which links may lead. All links are verified safe with McAfee Site Advisor when posted.

Updated 20th November 2012.

This weeks stories & pics

Vanessa Hudgens enjoying some sticky lollipop love!
Vanessa Hudgens enjoying some sticky lollipop love!
Rihanna GQ naked

Rihanna got naked for GQ (hotcelebshome

Showing off her new chest tattoo and some nipple!

RiRi got two waxworks at Madame Tussauds too (

Updated 30th November 2012.
GQ shoot link changed for HQ pictures.

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Rihanna got an Egyptian themed tattoo below her breasts (Pick of the Week, 17th September).
Kristen Stewart boob job rumour deflated?

Did Kristen Stewart's tits shrink when she got back with Robert Pattinson, or has that boob-job rumour been deflated? (

Kristen Stewart ass in see-thru dress

And here showing some ass in a see-thru dress at The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 2 premiere (

Updated 16th December.
Twilight Saga premier pictures link changed.

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Pick of the week: illustrated sexy celebrity entertainment and quirky stories
Taylor Swift 2012 MTV European music awards

Taylor Swift won yet another award (

Let's just hope she enjoyed it as much as the last!

Keira Knightley blasts droopy bust Photoshopping

"If you're going to make me fantasy breasts, at least make me perky breasts." Keira Knightley blasted droopy bust Photoshopping (

"They always pencil in my boobs. I was only angry when they were really, really droopy."

You can catch Keira Knightley's topless Allure photoshoot here ( …

And her much talked about petite pups at the Anna Karenina premiere (

Alexis Bledel tipped for Fifty Shades of Grey role

Alexis Bledel tipped for Anastasia role in Fifty Shades of Grey film (

Ian Somerhalder voted fan choice for Christian Grey.

Is Alexis Bledel bound for your vote? free polls 

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Heidi Montag huge boobs bikini Santa Monica

Heidi Montag huge boob bikini photoshoot candids in Santa Monica (

Lady Gaga South American sideboob

Lady Gaga's sideboob continued South American tour (

Kim Kardashian big booty jeans

Kim Kardashian squeezed her big booty into jeans in Miami (

Pic 5. ♥

"Reality royals" Kimye sent Kate Middleton freebie clothing from her collection, which got sent straight back (

The need-to-know question is whether that included the recently modelled see-thru skirt with no underwear!

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Kim Kardashian finally admits to Kanye style mishap (Pick of the Week, 23rd October).
Ashley Greene CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund awards

Ashley Greene wore something … twilightish at the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund awards (

.:: Top column 2 ::.
Ke$ha Sebert, blonde and as fun as balls

Ke$ha Sebert was blonde and as "fun as balls" in Maxim Australia (

Jennifer Love Hewitt Client List tongue

Jennifer Love Hewitt gave The Client List some on set tongue ( …

Vanessa Hudgens lucky lolipop!

As did Vanessa Hudgens a lolipop watching some guys bouncing their balls (

Arts, tech. & funnies

John McAfee on the run

McAfee founder John McAfee on the run from Belizean police after neighbor's murder. (

Claims the killing may have been a case of mistaken identity by an assassin looking for another target—namely him!

Framed or did all that anti-malware cloak-and-dagger work—and losing the fortune he made from it—cause him to sadly lose the plot?

PB Lifestyle opening in India

Playboy Club to open in India (

Despite pornography being banned in India, PB Lifestyle will be opening India's first Playboy club, although their will be no nudity.

"Super excited! It ain't about nudity. It is about introducing a lifestyle of fun and glamor," proclaimed Bollywood actress Sherlyn Chopra, the first Indian woman to pose for Playboy. Of course, and men just read it for those "interesting articles".

I guess the Internet is showing India it's unlikely to escape the porn gush it feels it has drown the west: Pornography on the Internet hits Indian society (, February 2008).

Rogue-planet will not bring Mayan apocalypse

Just weeks before the Mayan apocalypse is predicted to destroy the world, Brian Cox stepped in to rule-out rogue wandering planet Nibiru (

Professor Brian Cox said on Twitter, "If anyone else asks me about "Nibiru" the imaginary bulls**t planet I will slap them around their irrational heads."

Detail from 'Inhabited Painting', 1975, by Helena Almeida

A Bigger Splash: did performance art change painting? (

A new exhibition at London's Tate Modern looks at the relationship between painting and performance art. Did performance art change painting? Not for the best I have to say, and that romantic idea of the artist at work is as much to blame too.

Auguste Rodin's 'The Thinker' celebrated in Google Doodle

Auguste Rodin was celebrated by Google Doodle (

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