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Latina pick of the week

Latina pick of the week

6th March 2013

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Here's my pick of last weeks best sexy latina entertainment stories and pictures. So if you are a fan of Brazilian booty, Mexican tetas, & everything else that is latina lovely, dip in!

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and likely fired in with one of these.

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This weeks stories & pics

Andrea Rincon, Chilanga Surf

Andrea Rincón gets sextastico para el diablo for April's Chilanga Surf (

Recent/related stories:

Andrea Rincón got topless for Argentina's Maxim Para Hombres (Latina Pick of the Week, 26th February).
Shakira, The Voice season 4 preview

Shakira got fierce on The Voice preview ( …

"There is no denying that Shakira has some very big shoes to fill this year on The Voice. And Christina Aguilera's Colombian replacement is off to a memorable start, showing off some feisty moments in a season four preview clip."

Shakira boobs in Barcelona

And the new mom brought out her boobs in Barcelona (

Recent/related stories:

Shakira did the done thing a posed her baby bump (Latina Pick of the Week, 23rd January).
Sofia Clerici, Hombre Marzo

Miss Playboy Tattoo Argentina Sofia Clerici got naked for Hombre Marzo Argentina (

You can catch some Sofia video sexiness here (

Alessandra Ambrosio Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Alessandra Ambrosio was as stunning as you'd expect at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party (

Recent/related stories:

Alessandra Ambrosio bared her bum during lingerie shoot (Latina Pick of the Week, 23rd January).
Ninel Conde, H Para Hombres

Ninel Conde was fuming over photoshopped H Para Hombres photos (

"The bombón assassin posed for the magazine for the month of March—but she was not pleased with the airbrushing and photoshop the mag did on her face."

Here's the pics so you can judge for yourself (

Info: Ninel Conde (

Recent/related stories:

Ninel Conde is leaving Aventurera in March (Latina Pick of the Week, 19th February).
Aylin Mujica, Playboy Mexico

Cuban actress, model, and dancer Aylín Mújica stripped for Playboy Mexico (

Info: Aylín Mújica (
Paulina Rubio topped Quien Young and Powerful List

Paulina Rubio topped Quien's Young and Powerful List (

"This edition celebrates the 31 young and powerful women the magazine loves."

Recent/related stories:

Paulina Rubio getting own reality show? (Latina Pick of the Week, 6th February).
Alice Dellal at the beach in Rio

Anglo-Brazilian model and Thrush Metal drummer Alice Dellal's hot bikini vision exiting the water down Rio way (

No, that's not a typo.

Info: Alice Dellal (
Martha Heredia sent to prison

Latin American Idol winner Martha Heredia was sent to prison for smuggling heroin (

"One moment she is traveling to New York—the next she is arrested for having heroin in her platform shoes."

Police are interrogating Martha to determine whether she was working as a mule for a drug-trafficking organization as the use of performers and beauty queens has become common practice for drug cartels (

Info: Martha Heredia (
DC Comics revitalised Latin superhero Vibe

DC Comics revitalised Latin superhero (

"Clearly a child of the 80's, Vibe capitalized on the era's popular breakdancing craze and incorporated hip-hop moves with his super powers. For his new version though, the Puerto Rican trendsetter has been updated to include shockwave hands and bright gold glasses."

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