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Latina pick of the week

Latina Pick of the Week

22nd May 2013

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Here’s my pick of last weeks best sexy latina entertainment stories and pictures. So if you are a fan of Brazilian booty, Mexican tetas, & everything else that is latina lovely, dip in!

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and likely just blasphemed for a tip of the wink.

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This weeks stories & pics

Zoe Saldaña posed naked for Allure

Zoe Saldaña posed naked for Allure (

Here’s the pics… and larger here (

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Playboy named Raquel Pomplun as first Latina Playmate of the Year

Playboy named Raquel Pomplun as first Latina Playmate of the Year (

“The 25-year-old beauty was Miss April 2012 and is the first Mexican-American to earn the title.”

You can catch Raquel’s Playboy Latina temptations here (scroll down page,

Eva Longoria, Le Passe premier in Cannes

Eva Longoria wiggled her ass for Le Passe in Cannes ( and…

Eva Longoria was without underwear in split dress at the Cannes Film Festival

Oops! Flashed her own secret pass in yesterdays Picks!

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Eva Longoria slipped a bikini nip in Puerto Rico (Latina Pick of the Week, 9th April)
Eva Longoria’s Golden Globes slipped a nip! (Pick of the Week, 22nd January)
Alice Dellal, Brazilian holiday

Anglo-Brazilian model Alice Dellal’s rock pool exploration gave our eyes much to explore! (

“She’s one of London’s hardest-parting starlets and fashion models. But edgy it-girl Alice Dellal clearly needed some down time this week as she headed back to her native Brazil for a sunshine holiday.”
Alice Dellal with Thrush Metal

Catch Alice drumming, showing her nips and clutching a giant dick with her all-girl band, Thrush Metal (

Info: Alice Dellal (
Updated 17th April 2014.
Images link changed.

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Sofia Vergara USA Network Upfront in New York

Sofia Vergara was Upfront in New York (

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Sofia Vergara filming Heat in New Orleans (Latina Pick of the Week, 16th April)
Sofia Vergara talked making a baby and her enormous bra size (Latina Pick of the Week, 20th March)
Fernanda Lima, VIP Brazil

Brazilian actress, model and hostess Fernanda Lima got taping for VIP Brazil’s May issue (

Info: Fernanda Lima (
Carmen Ortega’s great curves in Miami

Carmen Ortega’s grandes curvas in Miami (

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Carmen Ortega mostrando su culo in Santa Monica (Latina Pick of the Week, 14th May)
Christina Aguilera to returns to The Voice with Shakira

Christina Aguilera to return to The Voice with Shakira (

“Christina will be back with Cee Lo Green for the fall cycle, while Shakira will be joining Usher in the spring. Too bad, we were kinda hoping they would be on the same show in case a cat fight were to break out.”

Yeah, I’m in for watching a bit of girl-wrestling there. Some mega tit-twisting that would be!

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Photographer suing Paulina Rubio for punching him in the balls

Photographer suing Paulina Rubio for punching him in the balls (

“A photographer named Hector Varela claims that Pau hit him in the balls at the airport in Houston when he tried to take her picture.”

Pau! I’m pretty sure there’s some out there that would pay for that.

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Paulina Rubio topped Quien’s Young and Powerful List (Latina Pick of the Week, 6th March)
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Jenni Rivera’s last concert on I Love Jenni

Jenni Rivera’s last concert on I Love Jenni (

“This is the episode of ‘I Love Jenni’ that will bring the tears.”

So sad.

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Fans, family & friends mourn the tragic loss of Jenni Rivera (Latina Pick of the Week, 11th December 2012)

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