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Latina pick of the week

Latina Pick of the Week

4th June 2013

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Here’s my pick of last weeks best sexy latina entertainment stories and pictures. So if you are a fan of Brazilian booty, Mexican tetas, & everything else that is latina lovely, dip in!

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and likely still sniggering at the inherent innuendo in Lily Cole encouraging consumers in the UK to engage with wild rubbers to protect the Brazilian rainforest.

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This weeks stories & pics

Pick of the week: illustrated sexy celebrity entertainment and quirky stories
Jennifer Lopez Britain’s Got Talent controversial rauncy outfit

Jennifer Lopez “upset Brits” with raunchy Britain’s Got Talent performance (

“The English were upset with her outfit, her suggestive dance moves, and the camera angles.”

No, I wasn’t upset with any of that, barring perhaps that the lens didn‘t get even closer in on her espléndido gran culo!

If you were unfortunate enough to miss it, you can check out a clip in the link and piccies in yesterdays Pick of the Week.

For the non-UK residents without GoogleTube, what it all boils down to is that BGT is supposedly a family entertainment variety talent show, but Simon Cowell, the Got Talent franchise’s director, knows a little controversy puts bums on seats at home to indulge in that very British pastime: complaining.

Honestly, we do it everywhere, bus stops, checkouts, cinema. Combine it with a queue and some are known to orgasm. We engineered a special kind of pensionista for it at the turn of the previous century in a secret eugenics experiment in the pre-war build-up called the Mary Whitehouse.

Jennifer Lopez, Britain’s Got Talent

As J.Lo said in her defence after, she was asked to wear that outfit—which was a black version of the one she wore for the Billboard Awards the week before. Bums on seats remember, and all the more the next week if the cheeks shown had the complaints phoneline engaged.

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J-Lo shook her feathers at the Billboard Music Awards (Latina Pick of the Week, 29th May)
Salma Hayek, Chime For Change charity concert

Salma Hayek at Chime For Change charity concert in London (

As it was for such a worthy, indeed sincerely essential cause, I’m not going to say anything about her grandísimo tetas. I’ll just keep them in mind.

Jennifer Lopez, Chime For Change concert

You can catch J.Lo and others that performed in yesterday’s Pick of the Week.

Chime for Change promotes education, health and justice for girls and women everywhere. You can find out more at the official site at

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Carmen Ortega, motorcycle photoshoot in Santa Monica

Carmen Ortega buenisima for motorcycle photoshoot in Santa Monica (

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Carmen Ortega mostrando su culo in Santa Monica (Latina Pick of the Week, 14th May)
Anamara Barreira, Sexy Brazil

Big Brother Brazil’s Anamara Barreira desnudan for June’s Sexy Brazil (

Gisele Bündchen, Vogue Brazil

Gisele Bündchen se molhou for Vogue Brazil (

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Gisele Bündchen was out baking her bun in the oven (Pick of the Week, 12th November 2012)
Arlene Maciel, H para Hombres

Mexican conductora Arlene Maciel se desnuda for June’s H para Hombres (

Diosa Canales, Playboy Mexico

Venezuelan vedette Diosa Canales mostró delicioso chocho liso in June’s Playboy Mexico (

Diosa is notoriously for making promises of getting naked if Venezuela wins a football tournament and is something of an internet phenomenon, once getting naked in front of her twitcam, watched by more than 30,000 people in less than 12 minutes and became a trending topic until she got censored by Twitter.

Belinda signed on for El Factor X

Belinda signed on for El Factor X (

El Factor X is the Colombian interpretation of The X Factor.

Info: Belinda Peregrín Schüll (

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Belinda is a Vevo sensation—beso mi culo, YouTube! (Latina Pick of the Week, 16th April)
Sofia Vergara to get two waxworks

Sofia Vergara to get two waxworks (

“Lifelike wax figures of Colombian actress and model Sofia Vergara will be exhibited at the popular Madame Tussauds wax museums in New York and Las Vegas …”

I’ll not lie, I really want one for home ….

Updated 6th June 2013.
Here’s the pics (

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Sofia Vergara was Upfront in New York (Latina Pick of the Week, 22nd May)

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