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Pick of the Week

19th August 2013

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Here’s my grab-bag pick of last weeks best illustration inspiring celebrity gossip, scandals, arts, entertainment, & just plain quirky stories & picture sexiness. A weekly round-up for busy pervs. There’s pictures—reading optional.

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and would damn well name the next one Seven of Nine.

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Last weeks best stories & pics

Vanessa Hudgens—lollipop love
Vanessa Hudgens and her lollipop love ensures a late night for many.
Miley Cryus Terry Richardson photoshoot

Miley Cyrus poked it out for Terry Richardson (

Seriously, that girl has a long, long tongue.

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Kate Upton wet T-shirt photoshoot by Terry Richardson (Pick of the Week, 15th October 2012)
Kimberley Garner, We’re the Millers premier

Kimberley Garner gave sideboob at We’re the Millers (

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Pick of the week: illustrated sexy celebrity entertainment and quirky stories
Cara Delevingne, W magazine

Cara Delevingne seeks advice from Kate Moss and Rihanna as she poses topless (

“Discussing her reputation, she admits: ‘Everyone worries about me.’”

Oh, I’m sure RiRi is willing to step in with a hand! Good on you Cara for talking openly about psoriasis.

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Vanessa Hudgens, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Vanessa Hudgens had a Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (

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Jennifer Nicole Lee, the Hamptons

Jennifer Nicole Lee gave more crack-shots at the Hamptons (

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Jennifer Nicole Lee gave pool crack-shots (Pick of the Week, 30th July)
Lucy Mecklenburgh poolside Mallorca

TOWIE’s Lucy Mecklenburgh gave poolside bikini goodness candids in Mallorca (

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Helen Flanagan braless candids in Manchester

Helen Flanagan gave big boob braless candids in Manchester (

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Madonna kisses Britney Spears at MTV Music Awards in 2003

Madonna turned 55: revisiting her most iconic style moments (

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Madonna’s conical Gaultier bustier to go on show (Pick of the Week, 13th March)
Frankie Sandford supporting the Time To Change anti-stigma campaign

The Saturdays Frankie Sandford encouraged more people to talk openly about their mental health issues (

“Frankie … has previously admitted to struggling with depression for most of her career, and is now working with Mind and Rethink Mental Illness to help tackle the discrimination that many people with a mental health problem still face.”

Frankie is supporting the Time To Change anti-stigma campaign; you can learn more at the official site ( #TimeToTalk

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Rochelle Wiseman of The Saturdays gave an ass upskirt (Pick of the Week, 30th October 2012)
Kate Moss, POP magazine

Kate Moss covered POP magazine in a metallic bodysuit created by Allen Jones (

“The pair joined forces earlier this year when the artist photographed the fashionista in the bronze creation.”
Info: Allen Jones (

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.:: Top column 2 ::.

Arts, tech. & funnies

Woman begs on the roadside for bigger boobs

Woman begs on the roadside for bigger boobs (

“Carrying a pink sign saying: ‘Not homeless, need boobs’, Christina Andrews leaves passers-by in no doubt what she wants, reports ABC WEAR.”

I can’t imagine for a second that in most cases a flash of her current assets is expected.

Detroit cop accidentally sends officers’ bra sizes to whole department

Detroit cop accidentally sends officers’ bra sizes to whole department (

“When the Detroit Police Department’s new bulletproof vests arrived, Commander James Love had one job: to tell the officers their gear was ready to be picked up….”
Jackson Pollock

The Guardian’s Jonathan Jones declares New York is still the capital of art world cool (

“The new mix of high and low coming out of New York recalls the city’s energy in the 1980s, … and it proves yet again that the US is the land of modernity, with New York its cultural capital.”

Nothing to do with the financial bottom having dropped out of the art world elsewhere then.

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Public granted permission to name planets and moons

Public granted permission to name planets and moons (

“…following the public backlash that followed the IAU’s decision to veto attempts to name one of Pluto’s recently discovered moons after the planet Vulcan in Star Trek, the organisation has altered its position.”

Hold on: “Planets and moons in our own solar system … [have until now been] given names from Greek and Roman mythology.” Vulcan IS part of Greco Roman mythology. Hephaestus was his Greek version and he was the god of fire and blacksmith of the Olympians. I think their original ruling was more in dread that the next one would be named “Scotty”.

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Pacu, nicknamed the ‘ball cutter’

Swedish men were warned to keep trunks on after testicle-eating fish found on the loose in Sweden (

“The [pacu], which can grow up to 35 in (90cm) and weigh up to 55 lb (25kg) has been nicknamed the ‘ball cutter’ for its attacks on the male genitalia.”

Crikey! Thankfully it all turned out to be a touch of journalistic teabagging: Scandinavian men can return to the water: testicle-eating fish is a myth (

“All we said last week (with a smile) was that male swimmers should keep their pants on in case there are more pacus out there in our cold Baltic waters”
Updated 27th June 2015.

And it’s back, this time in…

Fish with human teeth found in New Jersey (

“Ron Rossi caught a pacu, a freshwater fish, typically found in South America’s Amazon River, in New Jersey’s Swedes Lake on Sunday.”
Updated 27th September 2013.
“Most likely, someone had the Pacu in their fish tank and it grew too big, so they dumped it…”

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