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Pick of the Week

17th October 2013

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Here’s my grab-bag pick of last weeks best illustration inspiring celebrity gossip, scandals, arts, entertainment, & just plain quirky stories & picture sexiness. A weekly round-up for busy pervs. There’s pictures—reading optional.

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and sure someone will go in there in shorts with an erection.

No responsibility is taken for the content of any external websites to which links may lead. All links are verified safe with McAfee Site Advisor when posted. Some sites linked to may feature advertisements. If ads are problematic you could try Adblock Plus for Chrome or Firefox. Please be aware that some sites depend upon ads to cover their hosting costs.

Last weeks best stories & pics

Pick of the week: illustrated sexy celebrity entertainment and quirky stories
Pick of the week: illustrated sexy celebrity entertainment and quirky stories
Miley Cyrus, Bangerz release party

Mike Will Made It with Miley Cyrus who motor-boated Amazon Ashley at the Bangerz release party (

Amazon Ashley

Amazon Ashley, the 6-foot-7 LA-based burlesque star, confirms that she really taught Miley how to twerk (

Damnit! I’m still believing backing Iggy Azalea’s claim as, in her own words, “People just wanna see my butt.” Yeah, I wanna see Iggy’s butt!

Miley Cyrus, Bangerz release party

Here’s Miley giving it tongue at the Bangerz release party (…

Miley Cyrus, Hunger TV

And for Hunger TV (

Updated 30th September 2015.

Link dead. Apologies.

You can catch Miley’s interview with Hunger TV here (

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Demi Lovato

Australian DJ Ruby Rose claims she did lesbian things with Demi Lovato’s vagina. We live in hope! (

Ruby Rose
“The 27-year-old DJ then made the rumours increase as she claimed on Instagram that she was ‘the one person [D]emi has slept with that didn’t sell naked photos of her,’”

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Demi Lovato nude pictures up for sale (Pick of the Week, 27th August)
Selena Gomez, Star Dance Tour Washington DC

Selena Gomez Star Dance Tour at the Patriot Center, Washington DC (

Updated 30th September 2015.

Link dead. Apologies.

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Selena Gomez professesd her love for Paulina Rubio (Latina Pick of the Week, 11th September)
Taylor Momsen, Maxim

Taylor Momsen sat on the throne for Maxim (

Updated 8th July 2015.

Link changed.

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Katy Perry, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Katy Perry had a Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (

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Katy Perry wore this to the VMA’s (Pick of the Week, 5th September)
Iggy Azalea, Radio 1Xtra Live

Iggy Azalea sexed up her routine at Radio 1Xtra Live (

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Helen Flanagan bikini candids in the Maldives

Helen Flanagan gave bikini candids in the Maldives…

Tulisa Contostavlos bikini candids in Dubai

As did Tulisa Contostavlos in Dubai (

Updated 8th July 2015.

Links dead. Apologies.

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Helen Flanagan got topless for The Sun (Pick of the Week, 19th September)
Tulisa Contostavlos gave bikini candids in Ibiza (Pick of the Week, 22nd July)
Karlie Kloss, CR Fashion Book

Emily Ratajkowski and Karlie Kloss got topless for the CR Fashion Book (

Updated 8th July 2015.

Link dead. Apologies.

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.:: Top column 2 ::.
Selena Gomez Halloween flash
Selena Gomez proves to be a pumpkin-pleaser for Halloween!

Arts, culture, tech. & funnies

Witch costume still the most popular for Halloween

Majority of Halloween costume spending is for adults (

“[Americans] shell out $1 billion for children’s costumes, $1.2 billion for adult costumes and $330 million on pet costumes.”

Well, if you got a pet monkey you gotta dress him as a pirate for Halloween—it’s the done thing!

What’s tipped to be the most popular costumes this year?

“The retail federation finds that 5 million adults are planning to dress up as witches, by far the most common costume for adults, followed by Batman, whom 2.9 million Americans plan to be.”

I think that might be a particular demographic going in for the Batman costume—with nipples! (

Miley Cyrus and the “iconic” foam finger

However, the 10 most-searched Halloween costumes according to Google Shopping list Miley Cyrus as twerking good-girl-turned-bad in the fifth position so you’ll be puzzling just where that foam finger has been on 1st November.

What will you be wearing this Halloween? Feel free to post a picture in the members area. I certainly will.

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The Shanghai streaker

Shanghai police chase mysterious nocturnal female streaker (

“The serial stripper has been exposing herself at night in downtown Shanghai for several weeks and the hunt is now on to bring her to justice and ensure she stays covered up.”

Unfortunatly all the piccies I could find are censored—damn!

Except for that last one which in the copy below the phantom steakers pussy is still very blurry but on show.

For sure, if you come across more uncensored copies I would be delighted if you’d pass them on so I can put them up (or a link to them on your own site or blog if you wish).

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John McAfee

John McAfee promises not to make a MacGyver bomb in a soda bottle or a shank out of a toilet roll tube but takes aim to deliver a $100 gadget to make you invisible on the Internet and stars in his own comic book (

“If you cannot see it, you cannot hack it, you cannot look at it, you cannot spy on anything happening inside it,”

And if that fails and someone on Twitter drops you in it, you can still bury yourself in the sand in your backyard with a cardboard box over your head when the men in black come for you.

Hmmm. Why does it come as no surprise to me that he has “never himself used any of the products made by the firm that continues to bear his name.”

Updated 25th November 2013.
“Computer software pioneer John McAfee has said he will testify willingly about the murder of his American neighbour in Belize last year, as he seeks to defend himself from a wrongful death lawsuit that blames him for the killing.”

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Create your own mini-me with Asda’s in-store 3D-printing trial (

“…customers will have to step into a scanner, where they’ll spend two minutes being measured up by two special cameras. From there the model will be built up in ceramic layers by the printer. The mini-mes can be produced in white, full colour or bronze.”

No, you can’t get one naked to send to someone.

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First 3D printer available on UK high street (Pick of the Week, 15th july)
Bing vs Google challenge

Bing It On! Take the Bing vs Google challenge (

“In blind tests, using the UK’s most popular web searches, more people picked Bing results than Google.”

I’m sorry Bing, crumbs—you scored a big fat zero out of five for me!

I like Bing; I want Bing to succeed, but I have to split my searches between Bing and Google because, if you are seriously searching for something, Google is entertainments manager king for web searches. Images are another story—Bing has the advantage there—but until Bing can do something radical with his its web search algorithm it will remain more Bob-living-in-Hope.

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Is Bing’s redesign about much more than a new logo? (Pick of the Week, 24th September)

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