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5th February 2014

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Here’s my grab-bag pick of the best illustration inspiring celebrity gossip, scandals, arts, entertainment, & just plain quirky stories & picture sexiness. A round-up for busy pervs. There’s pictures—reading optional.

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and wonders how that clause was worded to require LiLo’s ginger minge to be thoroughly frisked everytime she leaves set.

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Last week’s best stories & pics

Miley Cyrus, Love magazine

Miley Cyrus lounged naked in bed and talked porn for W (

“Miley said she believes men watch ‘too much porn … those girls don’t exist. They’re not real girls. And that’s like us watching romance movies. That’s girl porn, because, like, those guys do not exist.’”

Because “those girls don’t exist” except in Charlie Sheen’s house, hotel bathroom or emergency room (Pick of the Week 5th Aug. 2013).

Hmmm, since that VMAs performance Miley’s antics have certainly seemily blurred the line, and is it really the case that women just watch romcoms while men watch porn, or just what society would have you believe?

It’s not just men who watch porn—over half of women regularly watch sexy movies—and a daring 40% admit to making their own (, Nov. 2013).

“More frequently thought of as a naughty pleasure for men … porn has traditionally been a taboo subject for women. However it seems that behind closed doors more women than expected are indulging in pornography”

Sure, the context and P.O.V. of what is enjoyable in porn may differ but I guess there’s a bit of that porn star that Miley claims doesn’t exist wishing to express themself in all of us—male or female.

Miley Cyrus, W magazine

Here’s Miley peeking areola for W (…

Miley Cyrus, W magazine

And an all-out topless “Pillow Tweets” for W too (

Updated 13th February 2014.
Kendall Jenner, Rita Ora, Vanessa Hudgens & more! Catch more celebrities giving Pillow Tweets for W magazine in Pick of the Week 12th February.
Updated 12th June 2015.
Links updated.

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Selena Gomez gave out and about no bra pokage candids (

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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan will be collecting her paycheck for latest movie from convicted cocaine smugglers (

“…it’s inconceivable that she'd bail out of the film…”

Which is aptly titled Inconceivable. No shit, Sherlock, post-rehab or not, I wouldn’t wanna end up dissolved in a 50-gallon drum either! (

Lindsay Lohan, TCA Winter Press Tour in Pasadena

Here’s LiLo at the TCA Winter Press Tour in Pasadena (

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Courtney Stodden, Los Angeles candids

Courtney Stodden took her bikini beach balls out in Los Angeles (

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Courtney Stodden struggled to contain her bowling beach balls (Pick of the Week, 17th December 2013)
LeAnn Rimes bikini beach vacation candids in Mexico

LeAnn Rimes gave bikini crack-shot in Mexico (celebrityoopsdigest

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LeAnn Rimes slipped a nip (Pick of the Week, 17th December 2012)
Kelly Brook Miami candids

Kelly Brook gave big boobage and bootage in Miami (

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Kelly Brook gave a snowman an icicle boner for XXXmas Love (Pick of the Week, 8th December 2013)
Dakota Johnson, Fifty Shades of Grey set candids in Vancouver

Dakota Johnson Fifty Shades of Grey set candids in Vancouver (

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Cara Delevingne blue tongue for Love

Cara Delevingne gave blue tongue for Love (celebritytonguedigest

“Bushy-browed face pulling model minx Cara Delevingne gave a peek at the blue tongue for Love magazine on Instagram.”
Updated 16th February 2014.
You can catch the full photoshoot here: Cara Delevingne gave blue tongue for Drew Jarrett’s photoshoot for Love (

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.:: Top column 2 ::.
Miley Cyrus—Fierce Tits and Tongue
Miley Cyrus grew up to be all fierce tits and tongue. Who knew!
Behati Prinsloo, Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret keep the temperature up for Valentine’s Day with Adriana Lima, Behati Prinsloo & Candice Swanepoel (

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Arts, culture, tech. & funnies


Porn star Christy Mack’s Lego contest bricked when threatened with legal action (

“The 22-year-old had tweeted: ‘Whoever builds me the best Lego creation to put in my house gets a b*** j**.‘”

Despite some mighty high phallic skyscrapers being erected by “Lego enthusiasts” Christy had to swing the wrecking ball, tweeting:

“The BJ competition is off due to lawyers not liking my Twitter content. I think it’s because they didn't win the competition.”

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Ravijour True love tester smart bra

Ravijour True love tester smart bra unveiled (

“It would then pop open automatically once it is satisfied that your heart rates says that you are in love.”

Hang on though: that “a built in signal reads the woman’s heart-rate signal” and the bra’s clasp is opened if an algorithm detects that “True Love Rate exceeds a certain value” seems to equate that excitement equals love. That seems to suggest adrenalin-pumping rides on a big dipper should provide ample opportunity for bra poppage!

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Microsoft designed a smart bra to combat emotional eating (Pick of the Week, 17th December 2013)
Electro-stimulating Arcana Wand

Is the electro-stimulating Arcana Wand the new sex toy trend? (

“With a smooth head and flexible neck, users can target stimulation to various erogenous zones and experiment with five levels of electro and vibration intensities.”

Whoa there though! When I think electricity I think convulsions and pubic hair standing on end.

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Sex-toy XXXmas tree turned off Milan city officials (Pick of the Week, 17th December 2013)
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Barrier Protection Bill tests it luck again in CA Assembly

Condom Barrier Protection Bill tests its luck again in CA Assembly (

“As expected, one section of the bill reads, ‘This section shall not be construed to require condoms, barriers, or other personal protective equipment to be visible in the final product of an adult film.’”

Meaning condoms used during production could be digitally removed from a finished movie. Even with use, I guess this could be intrepreted as a fail for those feeling the bill should promote safe sex via condom use.

As you will know if you’ve been following this story, Measure B was passed in LA County but California lawmakers rejected the bill for mandatory condom use in porn state-wide late last year (, Sep 2013).

Film makers had tried to use condoms on set in the late 1990s but scrapped the policy after sales suffered but it is often contended that that condoms—not testing—are the only way to stop the spread of HIV in the industry.

Updated 16th December 2014.
“In upholding the Los Angeles County Ordinance, the three-judge panel rejected the claim by the adult entertainment industry that having actors use condoms would interfere with a film’s fantasy element, by subjecting viewers to real-word concerns like pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.”

Only encouraging more studios to roll wagon for Nevada? Porn production moves to Las Vegas after California condom law (, Jan.).

Updated 10th November 2014.
“… to hire contractors to gather signatures for a statewide ballot measure that would force anyone shooting explicit adult content in the state to use not only condoms, but as the CalOSHA regulation currently reads, latex gloves, dental dams, goggles and face shields as well.”

Oh, nice! That certainly might appeal to some fetishists.

The barrier protection bill of course is up and down more than a performer waiting for shooting to start.

You can keep up with the what did’s opposed to the what may’s on the Wiki entry: Measure B, County of Los Angeles Safer Sex In the Adult Film Industry Act (Wikipedia).

What’s your view; should condom use in porn be mandatory to protect performers and promote a safe sex attitude or does it put a latex blinder on the visual sexual fantasy that porn is?

No 59%
Yes 41%

This poll has now been archived.

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Ben Heine blends photography and pencil sketches

Belgian artist Ben Heine blends photography and pencil sketches to create amazing scenes (

“I find a location, then do the drawings, then take a photo. I like to stretch people’s imaginations.”

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Drab facades turned into into eye-popping murals (Pick of the Week, 22nd January)
PandaX project

China’s PandaX project will hunt for dark matter underground (

“Deep under China’s Sichuan province, below 2.4 kilometres of marble, physicists have built an observatory that will hunt for the Universe’s missing mass.”

Well, it’s gotta be somewhere. Immigration weary Australians will have a concerned ear to the ground for digging and Asian cussin’ (

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