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Latina pick of the week

Latina Pick of the Week

6th March 2014

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Here’s my pick of the best sexy latina entertainment stories and pictures from the last seven days or so. So if you are a fan of Brazilian booty, Mexican tetas, Chicano chocha & everything else that is latina lovely, dip in!

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and yeah, somebody was copping a feel when those lights went out (

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Pick of the best stories & pics

Topless dancers perform during a street parade of Banda da Rua do Mercado

It was Carnival time!

Brazilian Carnival 2014

Carnival Parade Sambadrome in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Meet the sexiest Brazilian samba dancers from Sao Paulo carnival 2014 (

“Dancers from local samba schools put on a spectacular parade through the huge Sambadrome arena as up to 30,000 revellers looked on.”
Banda da Rua do Mercado topless dancers

Topless Brazilian dancers thrill crowds at the world-famous Rio carnival (video).

“Wearing only body paint, sequins and smiles gorgeous dancers unveil to perform at the wild Rio de Janeiro street carnival in Brazil.”
Brazilian dancer Jessica Gomes

Samba sans silicone: Rio Carnival school goes natural (

“In salute to a bygone era, Mocidade wanted Carnival dancers without the globular breasts and ‘bumbum,’ or buttocks, that now dominate the annual spectacle, a week-long party meant to purge sin before the Catholic season of Lent.”
Topless at Rio de Janeiro street carnival

Brazilian Women Go Naked In At Rio De Janeiro Street Carnival (

“Rio de Janeiro Street carnival in Brazil got a lot of women going topless and using paints to cover their N*pples.”
Updated 8th March 2014.
Rio Carnival
“Carnival got under way across Brazil interspersed with simmering antigovernment protests and alongside preparations in 12 cities for the upcoming soccer World Cup.”
Rio Carnival
“Naked samba dancers from across the city showed their best while dancing and singing on their amazing colorful giant floats, which took months to design and build.”
Info: Brazilian Carnival (

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Niurka Marcos, Playboy Mexico

Niurka Marcos se desnuda para la revista Playboy (, Spanish language. English translation).

“The Cuban actress and singer who lives in Mexico posed a second time for publication. Niurka appears in the March issue.”
Info: Niurka Marcos (

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Niurka Marcos will join Qué Rico Mambo (Latina Pick of the Week, 25th September 2012)
Selena Gomez at the Oscars party

Selena Gomez wasn’t falling for Justin Bieber’s Oscars ass-kissing this time, apparently (

“Selena scoffed at Biebs’ Instagram photo of her at an Oscars party with the caption, ‘Most elegant princess in the world.’ Sorry J.B. … we’re told she laughed out loud when she saw it, saying it was stupid and childish.”

A spell in rehab has that effect: Selena Gomez holed up for a short stay in rehab—too much partying or Justin Bieber? (Latina Pick of the Week 7th Feb.). I guess he just had to jizz over the piccie like the rest who were eagerly queuing in dreamland to get their lips on her her princess’ ass.

Selena Gomez at the Oscars party

Here’s those pics of Selena Gomez at Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Hollywood (

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Andrea Calle, Miami

Spanish language MMA reporter Andrea Calle gave a booty’tastic workout in Miami (, thanks El Fapper).

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