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Pick of the Week

21st April 2014

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Here’s my grab-bag pick of the best illustration inspiring celebrity gossip, scandals, arts, entertainment, & just plain quirky stories & picture sexiness. A round-up for busy pervs. There’s pictures—reading optional.

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and “can I see your…” well, now you know why you keep getting ads for Specsavers.

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Pick of the best stories & pics

Scarlett Johansson, Under the Skin

Scarlett Johansson showed what’s under the clothes in Under the Skin (

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Coachella festival roundup

Kendall Jenner, Coachella

Kendall Jenner was cheeky in shorts (…

Paris Hilton, Coachella

Paris Hilton in a leather bustier (, link updated)…

Vanessa Hudgens, Coachella

Vanessa Hudgens flashed flesh—and hair chalk (celebrityoopsdigest…

Vanessa Hudgens, Coachella

And showed some awesomely toned tummy

Victoria Justice, Coachella

Victoria Justice extremely cute in hotpants and tummy-baring lacy camisole vest

Phoebe Price, Coachella

Flame-haired American TV personality Phoebe Price took her massive freckled mau maus

Eiza González, Coachella

And From Dusk till Dawn: The Series neck biter Eiza González gave lolas en piernas sensuales hotness (latinacelebdigest

Updated 26th April 2014.
Ireland Baldwin, Coachella

Ireland Baldwin gave mesh see-thru nippleage (

Info: Ireland Baldwin (
Updated 21st April 2014.
Victoria Justice added.

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Selena Gomez, Coachella

Selena Gomez poked it out after firing her parents (Latina Pick of the Week 16th April)…

Sarah Hyland, Aerie and Filter Magazine annual Coachella kick-off party

And Modern Family cutie Sarah Hyland gave dancing tongue at the Aerie and Filter Magazine annual Coachella kick-off party (Pick of the Week 15th April).

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Stars came out to Palm Springs for Coachella 2013 (Pick of the Week, 23rd April 2013)
Kourtney Kardashian, swimsuit candids in Vegas

Kourtney Kardashian gave swimsuit candids in Vegas (…

Kourtney Kardashian, bikini candids in Los Cabos

And bumper bikini candids in Los Cabos, Mexico celebrating her 35th birthday (celebrityoopsdigest

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Jessie J

Jessie J claimed her “bisexuality was a phase” (

“Back at the beginning of her chart-storming career, Jessie said that she dated both girls and guys, with many assuming that the Domino singer was a lesbian rather than bisexual.”

I guess RiRi’s rejection really hit hard! (Pick of the Week, 1st April 2013)

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Jessie J was having bikini fun in the sun girl time in Brazil (Pick of the Week, 24th September 2013)
Jessie J had shaved her head for Comic Relief (Pick of the Week, 19th March 2013)
Rita Ora, 2014 MTV Movie Awards

Rita Ora gave mega tongue and cleavage at the MTV Movie Awards (celebritytonguedigest…

Rita Ora, 1Oak Nightclub

And 1Oak Nightclub.

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Rita Ora gave Pillow Tweets for W (Pick of the Week, 12th February)
Kat Graham, Los Angeles

The Vampire Diaries’ Kat Graham showed cheek in denim cut off shorts with “suspenders” (celebrityoopsdigest

Info: Katerina Graham (

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Kat Graham in leather shorts (Pick of the Week, 1st October 2012)
LeAnn Rimes, Ventura

LeAnn Rimes gave Ventura crack-shot (celebrityoopsdigest

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LeAnn Rimes gave bikini crack-shot in Mexico (Pick of the Week, 5th February)
LeAnn Rimes slipped a nip (Pick of the Week, 17th December 2012)
Edita Vilkeviciute, St. Barts

Lithuanian model Edita Vilkevičiütė gave a bushy full frontal in St. Barts (

Info: Edita Vilkevičiütė (
Heidi Klum, topless in Mexico

Heidi Klum got her baps out in Mexico (celebrityoopsdigest

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Oops! Heidi Klum slipped a nip in the Bahamas (Pick of the Week, 2nd April)
Heidi Klum burnt her bum, want’s you to see (Pick of the Week, 15th July 2013)

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Happy Easter
Happy Easter and thank you for visting, and a ’specially big thanks to the regulars and members who send stories, take part in the polls and maintain their own message boards and those that give this site link love—and of course, those that have commissioned sketches so far this year.
Micaela Schaefer, Easter themed naked photoshoot at Brandenburger Tor Gate

German model, actress & singer Micaela Schaefer gave a fluffy Easter themed naked photoshoot at Brandenburger Tor Gate (celebrityoopsdigest

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Helen Flanagan, The Sun

Helen Flanagan bunnied up for The Current Bun (

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Arts, culture, tech. & funnies


Did Apple’s maps spy the Loch Ness Monster? (

“This shadowy form measuring around 100ft long and seemingly with two giant flippers powering it through the waters of Loch Ness was photographed by a satellite.”

It certainly looks mysterious—if it is not a boat wake as they spy no boat—but the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club’s excitement concluding it is “likely to be the elusive beast” must be tempered considering they said that about the wake poor old Mrs MacSporran from Tobermory rendered when swimming in those waterlogged oversized bloomers.

Charlie Sheen on the hunt for Nessy and other bandwagons people can jump on

Their claim of Nessie “going missing for 18 months” is easier to explain: Charlie Sheen flies in to Scotland on Loch Ness Monster hunt (, July 2013).

Apple jumped on its back whatever it was: Apple’s maps trump Google’s as hopefuls hunt for legendary “Loch Ness Monster” (

“Apple’s overhead imagery is provided by satellite firm DigitalGlobe, though it is not immediately clear what Apple or DigitalGlobe have done to make the combined solution more suitable for those combing for cryptids.”

Indeed, but when they figure it out, one wonders if, were he still alive, Saintly Steve would be keen to “loch” it into the Apple ecosystem (Pick of the Week, 8th Apr.).

Updated 3rd May 2014.
Oh, suprise! Now sonar pings Nessie (, thank you The Sister).
“Critics have dismissed the myth, noting how sightings usually occur before the summer season starts, when up to 100,000 tourists flock to the picturesque loch.”
Listening in: Mural near GCHQ

Banksy listening in near GCHQ (

“A recently painted mural near GCHQ depicting secret agents listening in on a phone box could be a new Banksy, residents believe.”

The M.O. seems to fit considering “workmen” shenanigans were caught on CCTV two days later: Was Banksy caught on camera?

“The video appears to show the cheeky pair dressed as workmen. The footage was captured by Bristol’s Broad Plain and Riverside Youth Project, which has recently announced it plans to sell Banksy’s 'Mobile Lovers' piece….”

Updated 21st February 2015.

Banksy “Spy Booth” mural in Cheltenham gets listed protection (

“The mural, located about three miles from government listening post GCHQ, has been a source of controversy ever since it appeared. It has been daubed with white paint, sprayed with silver and red graffiti, had people trying to steal it and businesses and communities fighting over ownership. Now with listed building consent, both the mural and the building’s satellite dish will be protected from unauthorised alteration or removal.”

A concern because his “No Ball Games” was ripped from a Poundland wall and put up for auction (see related stories).

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Drab facades turned into into eye-popping murals (Pick of the Week, 22nd January)
Google spy

Google spies on your emails to serve targeted ads (

Google’s updated terms of service added a paragraph stating that “our automated systems analyze your content (including emails) to provide you personally relevant product features, such as customized search results, tailored advertising, and spam and malware detection. This analysis occurs as the content is sent, received, and when it is stored.”
Google Glass “cotten”

Perhaps assisting the hype—if it was needed—to sell out the “cotten” Google Glass on its one-day-only offering (

“Limited rollouts are a good way for Google to test the demand for its much hyped wearable product. Previously, the only people who could get Glass were developers or people who applied for the device through Google contests.”

Apparently the red and even the black didn’t get as many takers showing that, as far as tech. is concerned we’ve come full circle and your next PC will probably have an all-the-rage stylish beige box.

Perhaps while reading instructions for wearers on how not to be a “Glasshole” (, Feb.) media publishers had a few choice words for Google that didn’t rely on a puckered portmanteau: Major media publisher admits it is “afraid of Google” (

“Axel Springer, one of Europe’s largest media publishers, is afraid of the power that Google has accumulated, and worries that the search giant is becoming a ‘superstate’ immune from regulation… [referring] to a case where a change to Google’s algorithm led to a drop in traffic to an Axel Springer subsidiary of 70 percent.”

Dare I say, fear of those surreptitious search algorithms likely applies to a lot of people relying on ad revenue for running their own sites too.

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Google Glass update lets you snap photos with a wink (Pick of the Week, 26th December 2013)

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