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Pick of the Week

30th April 2014

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Here’s my grab-bag pick of the best illustration inspiring celebrity gossip, scandals, arts, entertainment, & just plain quirky stories & picture sexiness. A round-up for busy pervs. There’s pictures—reading optional.

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and here’s betting it was with a Romainian porn star!

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Pick of the best stories & pics

Rihanna, Lui magazine

Rihanna was nude for Lui! (celebrityoopsdigest…

Rihanna, Toronto Raptors Vs Brooklyn Nets game in New York

And RiRi’s big brown pointer sisters were on show for Toronto Raptors Vs Brooklyn Nets.

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Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen is “very comfortable with nudity” (

That‘s a big ’ol relief as I’m very comfortable with Taylor Momsen’s nudity too!

“It just has to have a purpose, it has to have an artistic meaning behind it … otherwise I find it cheap.”

Hmmm. Leaving us to ponder what was the deep diving purpose of The Black Arrow! (Pick of the Week, 19th Feb.)

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Taylor Momsen sat on the throne for Maxim (Pick of the Week, 17th October 2013)
Lea Michele nip slip

Oops! Glee’s Lea Michele slipped a music video nip (

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Glee’s Naya Rivera gave Women in Hollywood cleavage (Latina Pick of the Week, 2nd November 2013)
Selena Gomez, cheek in L.A.

Oops! Selena Gomez gave lashings of leg and a lil’ cheek in L.A. (celebrityoopsdigest

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SelGo poked it out at Coachella and fired her parents (Latina Pick of the Week, 16th April)
Demi Lovato, São Paulo, Brazil

Demi Lovato’s baps in a bra were helping promote her new single (celebrityoopsdigest

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Demi Lovato Jingled Balls for Y100 in Miami (Pick of the Week, 26th December 2013)
Iggy Azalea, The New Classic Tour, Toronto

Iggy Azalea gave The New Classic bouncing booty in Toronto (cheekypopdivadigest

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Iggy Azalea gave at Wild Jam in San Jose (Pick of the Week, 26th December 2013)
Emma Stone, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 première New York

Emma Stone’s bra-less chilly nipples had Spidey’s spider sense tingling (celebrityoopsdigest

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Emma Stone “Nearly Naked” for Revlon (Pick of the Week, 10th December 2012)
Cara Delevingne, Instagram

Brit model minx Cara Delevingne gave a see-thru bottoms up on Instagram (celebrityoopsdigest

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Taylor Swift went shopping with Cara Delevingne (Pick of the Week, 15th April)
Rita Ora, PAPER + DKNY 17th Annual Beautiful People Party New York

Rita Ora gave Beautiful People tongue (celebritytonguedigest

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Dani Thorne, Nasty Gal fashion photoshoot

Dani Thorne—modelling older sis of Bella—gave Nasty Gal tongue (celebritytonguedigest

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Dani Thorne gave tongue on Instagram (Pick of the Week, 23rd March)
Anna Ewers, Venice Beach

Oops! German fashion model Anna Ewers was caught topless during photoshoot wardrobe change (

Info: Anna E. (

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Heidi Klum got her baps out in Mexico (Pick of the Week, 21st April)

.:: Top column 2 ::.
Lily Allen, el accidente?
Keen to mock the sexualised acts of others, must one ask, Lily Allen, el accidente?
Lily Allen, at a… London club

Lily Allen did Beyoncé for err… chaps (

“Lily decided to dress up like Beyoncé in drag for a cover during her performance at the London club night.”

Ouch! That’s not so nice, DailyMail! But with Lily’s pokeage at other performers sexualised acts some have suggested she’s warming tea for her comeback album in a kettle calling the pot black (see recent/related stories).

Hey ho though! She did slip a tit a few days later: Lily Allen suffers nip-slip in bizarre flamingo-pink crop top and glitter jogging pants as she launches new album.

Lily Allen, tit slip at Shepherds Bush Empire
“As she belted out one of her new hits, Lily’s chiffon number appeared to ride up exposing her left nipple to the crowd.”

Yep, I’ll update with the uncensored piccies when they appear—or you can send them if you get them before me.

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Arts, culture, tech. & funnies

Lizzy Vaid, Devon

“I’ll be voting Ukip because they’re the only party listening to what people want.” Ukip aide calls police over explicit photos (

“A Ukip aide who faced criticism after appearing in the party’s publicity posters posing as a ‘voter’ called in police after intimate sexual images of her were given to a newspaper.”

Well, I certainly won’t be voting Ukip, but any female aides with the inclination are welcome to send me such and I promise not to publish them too.

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Self-portrait created by Andy Warhol and recently retrieved from an Amiga computer floppy disk

The Guardian’s Jonathan Jones concludes Andy Warhol’ss Amiga art confirms him as a true hero for our digital age (

“… a forgotten hoard of Warhol artworks has been rescued from old Amiga disks by students who ingeniously hacked into the defunct software.”

Still, his prediction that everyone would be “famous for 15 minutes and that, as a consequence, fame would melt into banality” seems to have lent more to Twitter than anything done with a Wacom. I’ve certainly ducked mine.

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Lady Gaga wants to be the next Andy Warhol (Pick of the Week, 27th August 2013)
A graffiti artwork by street artist Banksy

Banksy works on view ahead of sale (

“The Sincura Group, who removed the work and organised the exhibition and auction, said it only removed work after being approached by building owners.”

One of these days, I’ll pass the Tesco Direct in Tilbury and it will be a bling monument once they have removed and sold that Chad from the side wall (

With the now pretty much wholesale wall-pulling and selling of anything he touched, some have wondered “how does Banksy make money?” (

A graffiti artwork by street artist Banksy
“Obviously the most high profile are his pictures painted on walls, that does wonders for his image and keeps him talked about, he doesn’t make money from doing that but he’s made a lot of money selling unique pieces which sometimes are spray painted onto canvas or cardboard. He does editions of prints.”

Depending on which Sherlock you ask it seems likely his rumoured middle-class upbringing (, 2008) has ensured he’s never been too short of a few bob either.

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Banksy listening in near GCHQ (Pick of the Week, 21st April)
A Zimbabwean craftsman poses with a hand-made replica of an AK-47 gun. Photograph: Ralph Ziman

“Dangerous yet beautiful”: exhibition explores South Africa’s fascination with the AK-47 (

“The AK-47 especially has this almost mythical status, perhaps due to its role in the liberation struggle. We are fascinated with them, and I wanted to provoke a conversation, a debate, about that.”

Trivia: The designation “AK-47” is often ubiquitously used for later versions of Kalashnikov rifle family too, such as the AKM upgrade introduced in 1959 and the AK-74 using the smaller the 5.45×39mm cartridge in 1974.

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