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Firefox 29.0.1: Blank sender and subject in Outlook on MSN portal?

17th May 2014

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Firefox… Chromed?
Oh no! Either the three sticks has become the universal icon for customise/open menu or… Firefox 29.0.01 Chromed! ;s
Updated 24th May 2014.

The Firefox auto update rolled around to version 29.0.1 at the start of the week and—apart from the “three sticks” “Hamburger” (, 16th Feb. 2015) icon seemingly becoming the universal icon for customise/open menu giving it a Chromish gleam—one issue that seems to have raised much comment is an issue with email messages appearing blank in Outlook (formally known as Hotmail) inbox displaying a blank sender and subject entry when viewed on the MSN portal.

The messages sender and subject are present and visible in the Outlook inbox page itself if opened but not in the inbox on the front page or customised My MSN page.

Are they secrets?
Are they secrets?

Frustrating, but fortunatly easy to fix: you simply need to clear your Firefox browser cache by going to Tools->Options->Advanced->Network tab and click the Clear Now button in the Cached Web Content and Offline Web Content and User Data sections.

Strangly, having Firefox clear cache when closing via the Privacy options did not resolve the issue, perhaps because I do not clear cookies or browsing history, so do try clearing manually. You may need to read/mark as read and remove any messages currently in inbox first, as was the case on one system on our home network.

I have also encountered the issue seemingly compounded with another on one system where composing and repying to messages seemed to freeze. This was solved when the popular addon Adblock Plus was disabled for MSN’s Strangly again, this was not required on other systems where Adblock Plus continued to filter with no reply/compose issues, but if you have this issue it is worth a try.

Cara Delevingne

So yep, so there you are. Likely a—prehaps compound—problem that would have sorted itself at some point, but now you are free to keep on sending me via Outlook as much Cara Delevingne tongue as you like without the wait. :)

Updated 6th October 2014.

It seems this may be an MSN rather than a Mozilla problem, with Hotmail rolling over to Outlook. MSN are currently re-doing their portal and will be phasing out the customised My MSN page.

Try new MSN
MyMSN being phased out.
The new MSN portal. Email messages display.
Make the most of the new MSN
Make the most of the new MSN. It can be customised.
Updated 24th May 2014.
It seems it is a recurring problem, one at least which has been brought to Mozilla’s attention: My MSN does not display Outlook mail headings on Firefox. 5 messages are listed, access works but headings not displayed (

I shall update with any relevent solutions or information.


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