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Latina pick of the week

Latina Pick of the Week

14th June 2014

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Here’s my pick of the best sexy latina entertainment stories and pictures from the last seven days or so. So if you are a fan of Brazilian booty, Mexican tetas, Chicano chocha & everything else that is latina lovely, dip in!

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and after Mexico’s 1 - 0 win over Cameroon yesterday, perhaps England need give mágico a punt too! (

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Pick of the best stories & pics

Camilla Gimenez

With the World Cup upon us Brazilian model Camilla Gimenez showed off her national pride (

Fernanda Uesler, Miami

Brazilian model Fernanda Uesler is bikini booty ready in Miami too (


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Jennifer Lopez, FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony

Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and Claudia Leitte performed at the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony (

“… although those inside the stadium were able to enjoy, the experience of many at home was hampered for those watching on TV worldwide by appalling sound quality.”

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Andrea Calle, Miami

Spanish language MMA reporter Andrea Calle was giving knee to balls in Miami (


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Eiza González shopping in West Hollywood

Eiza González flashed leg and cleavage in West Hollywood (

Eiza González (

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Andrea García, Los 40 Principales

Mexican telenovela actress and conductora Andrea García gave tanga for Los 40 Principales (

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Zuleyka Rivera, H para Hombres

Puerto Rican beauty queen and actress Zuleyka Rivera stripped and got acrobatic for June’s H para Hombres (


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Laura Carmine era caliente in May’s H para Hombres (Latina Pick of the Week, 14th May)

¡Ay dios mio! A Belinda sex tape? (

“It’s being said that someone is currently shopping around a XXX video starring Belinda and her ex-boyfriend…”

Yes please! As you may know, I’m rather keen on nuestra Beli, who after all, caused all that fuss when the Mexican actress/popstrel flashed her boobies on webcam back in 2009 with her boyfriend then.


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A mural by street artist Paulo Ito showing a starving young boy being served a football to eat

As the World Cup football festivities begin The Guardian’s Jonathan Jones peeks at Rio’s street art and a different picture it paints (

“Amid the sporting hysteria, poverty not only goes on, but the lives of the marginalised have arguably been made worse. According to the mural, soccer is the opium of the masses, the bread and circuses of today’s Brazil: let them eat football!”
Pablo Escobar
80s Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar was closely tied to his favorite team, Atletico Nacional.

10 ways soccer and organized crime mix in Latin America (

“Either out of a desire for prestige, as a way to launder illicit cash or simply to get a cut of the action, professional soccer has also attracted some of the most infamous drug kingpins in the region, a process that has corrupted players, managers and officials.”

How a good soccer team gives criminals space to operate

“… the Heredia Jaguars in the Peten province—which are owned by the Mendoza clan, an infamous family that has made its fortune via contraband, drug smuggling and government corruption—have been virtually unbeaten since 2010.”
BOPE insignia

BOPE, Rio’s Special Operations Police Battalion. Their motto is “Knife in the Skull.” Their logo, emblazoned on the sides of their black armored vehicles and every officer’s uniform, proudly displays the bloodcurdling image—a skull with a dagger through its forehead, a pistol piercing each cheek.

Gangs reassert themselves in Rio’s “pacified” favelas

“Most of Vila Kennedy’s criminals had in fact already disappeared or been caught before BOPE’s entry—as is standard in the pacification process, the date of the military occupation was pre-announced, and police carried out a week of operations in the lead-up. Clashes between police and criminals during this time left six people dead, including one minor, and five injured, said Rio’s Security Secretariat. A total of 80 people were detained, and dozens of weapons, including grenades, automatic rifles and pistols, were seized.”

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