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Latina pick of the week

Latina Pick of the Week

1st July 2014

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Here’s my pick of the best sexy latina entertainment stories and pictures from the last seven days or so. So if you are a fan of Brazilian booty, Mexican tetas, Chicano chocha & everything else that is latina lovely, dip in!

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Pick of the best stories & pics

Mariana “La Barbie” Juarez, Televisa Deportes

Female WBC boxing champ Mariana “La Barbie” Juarez got her World Cup on for Televisa Deportes (

Sadly, it could not help Mexico defeat The Netherlands, and I certainly would not have liked to have had my kidneys in front of her when Klaas-Jan Huntelaar put that last-minute penalty in..


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Andrea Calle, South Beach

Spanish language MMA reporter Andrea Calle in pantalones cortos botín caliente had all begging for the clinch in South Beach (


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Eiza González, Instagram

Eiza González’s tight buns were top of the world! (…

Eiza González (

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Eiza González flashed leg and cleavage in West Hollywood (Latina Pick of the Week, 14th June)
Jennifer Lopez, iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party

Oops! Jennifer Lopez split her stockings in the butt area at iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party (

Selena Gomez

And wants Selena Gomez to play her in biopic (

“The 44-year-old singer, actress and ‘American Idol’ judge got her big break when she starred as the late Tejano singer in the 1997 biopic ‘Selena.’ Ironically, 21-year-old Gomez, also a Texas native, is named after the late singer.”

Indeed, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez—The Queen of Tejano music—was tragically murdered at the age of 23 by the former president of her fan club in 1995 and George W. Bush, governor of Texas at the time, declared her birthday “Selena Day” in Texas in her honour.

Selena Quintanilla

Sadly for the memory of the much loved young singer who The Albany, NY Times Union named one of the “100 Coolest Americans in History” with Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson “alive” again with one, long has been talk about a Selena Quintanilla hologram ( but it seems the first Latin one is far from becoming a reality:

“[Abraham Quintanilla] told AP that the prices are ridiculous—he heard it’s up to three million dollars per 30 seconds!!”
Selena Quintanilla (

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Latin America and the Caribbean is world’s most violent region

Why is Latin America and the Caribbean so violent? The evolution of criminal violence in Latin America and the Caribbean (

“The role of organized crime in this spike in violence is understudied and often misunderstood. In cities such Ciudad Juarez, where homicides went up an astounding 1,000 percent in five years between 2006 and 2010, the generally accepted story was that the violence was the result of a ‘war’ between the Juarez Cartel and the Sinaloa Cartel, two powerful international DTOs. However, the violence was happening on numerous levels, which of course included the battle between these large criminal groups, but also included the fights amongst the smaller criminal organizations, squabbles between government officials and the increased sense of impunity that pervaded following the rise in murders.”

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10 ways soccer and organized crime mix in Latin America (Latina Pick of the Week, 14th June)

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