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19th December 2014

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Here’s my grab-bag pick of the best illustration inspiring celebrity gossip, scandals, arts, entertainment, & just plain quirky stories & picture sexiness. A round-up for busy pervs. There’s pictures—reading optional.

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and that “Kim Kardashian trumps James Deen when it comes to womens favorite ‘porn stars” only really worries “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham.

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Pick of the best stories & pics—from the last month or so

Merry XXXmas!

Please note: As you may be aware, presently due to family commitments and commissioned work I have had to make Picks of the Week Picks of the Month or so intermittently since August. So here’s an extra big bumper edition picks from the last month or so for the festive season.

Updated 30th December 2014.
Updated 28th December 2014.
Updated 24th December 2014.
Updated 20th December 2014.

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Jingle Ball round-up

Who also shook her furry pom pom in New York for Z100 (…

Charli XCX, Z100 Jingle Ball in New York

The Annual Jingle Ball Poll: Who festively Jingled Balls best for 2014 for you?

I will add as more they jingle ball, but, as always, if there’s someone I’ve missed who you think should be on there, get in touch.

Ariana Grande 22%
Rita Ora 22%
Iggy Azalea 15%
Charli XCX 13%
Taylor Swift 13%
Demi Lovato 8%
Jessie J 5%
Other 2%

This poll has now been archived.

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To Ariana Grande’s face (cheekypopdivadigest…

Ariana Grande, Victoria’s Secret show 2014

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Adriana Lima gave Fantasy Bra fantasies for Victoria’s Secret in Dubai (Latina Pick of the Week, 27th December 2013)

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Bai Ling slipped a Movie meets Media tittie (celebrityoopsdigest

Bai Ling, Movie meets Media event at the Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg

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Colorfully kooky Bai Ling tongue at LAX (, 14th October)

And her Santa on for Roja (

Claudia Romani, Roja

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Chelsea Handler gave ass for Instagram ass (celebrityoopsdigest

Chelsea Handler, Instagram

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And absolutely loves her new, reduced boobs after seventh breast operation (

“Katie is wearing a sweater in the picture but it is clear her chest is much smaller since her surgery and she wrote: ‘Absolute love my new boobs… So now I can shoot my new calendar with new boobs.’”
Katie Price, Kissable Fierce

For sure, but with the reduction meaning a reduced squirting range she kept them covered for the launch of her new Kissable Fierce fragrance.

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Stella Hudgens gave Disneyland teacups (celebexposuredigest

Stella Hudgens, Instagram

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Tongue teasers

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Stella & Vanessa Hudgens gave sistersister tongue (Pick of the Week, 26th November)

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Dani Thorne gave showntoscale tongue (celebritytonguedigest

Dani Thorne, Instagram

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Miley Cyrus gave Moschino party pokeage (celebritytonguedigest

Miley Cyrus, Jeremy Scott and Moschino Party in Miami

I’m awfully sorry to say it, but I can’t help but feel I know what Dame Edna Everage looked like as a young ’un now.

Dame Edna Everage

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Miley Cyrus got her puppies out for V (Pick of the Week, 17th September)
“Deyn went from working in a Rossendale chip shop during her teens to becoming the most in demand model in the world: the Cara Delevingne of the Noughties. She was on every red carpet, every guest list, in every ad campaign and then suddenly… nothing.”

For sure, I was—am—a huge fan, much as I am of her successor, fashions queen of eyebrows and British Fashion Awards Model of the Year Miss Delevingne; yep, it’s that attraction to and affinity with the quirky in me.

“Deyn outgrew modelling, she was desperate to use her brain and become a ‘three dimensional’ person. She exhales before explaining, ‘I’d done it for so long, 12 years is a long time. I was exploring different ways to be creative and keep my life more exciting and challenging.’”

You know, I think I can sorta empathise, and for sure, wish her all the best with that.

Not sure you can remember Agyness? Agyness Deyn nude pictures are One Giant Leap (, May 2008)

Agyness Deyn nude pictures are One Giant Leap

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.:: Top column 2 ::.
Seriously, who knew tornados blew that far south!
Regardless, it seems I shall have to re-work with even greater euphemism a few painted caricatures of an increasingly mainstream porn phenomenon.
Sex and censorship: why new introduced UK porn laws are “ridiculous”

Kourtney Kardashian was nude and pregnant for DuJour (celebexposuredigest

Kourtney Kardashian, DuJour magazine

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Kourtney Kardashian gave swimsuit candids in Vegas (Pick of the Week, 21st April)

Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss was crowned Miss World (

“South Africa this is for you,” Strauss said. “I think I will brace myself for what’s about to happen. It’s a huge responsibility.”
Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss crowned Miss World

Congratulations, Rolene. Pageants of this nature have had to wrestle to keep their relevancy over the years and promote seemingly more “modern” values:

“While beauty remains central to the event, the women taking part are chiefly judged on their talents and involvement in good causes.”

For sure, and I’ve never had any issue with involement with good causes being done with cleavage too. But is the real issue with them somewhat deeper ingrained in society or our psyche than serious consideration of whether the winning contestant is a medical student can mask?

“This year’s event has been rocked by the murder of Miss Honduras, 19-year-old Maria Jose Alvarado, who was shot dead along with her sister last month. Police in Honduras accuse her sister’s boyfriend of shooting them after seeing his partner dancing with another man at a party.”

A sad situation to be sure.

“Strauss and other contestants will travel to the crime-plagued central American nation to build a school named in the sisters’ honour.”
Updated 23rd December 2014.
“… pageants are ‘a discriminatory and sexist practice’, that ‘reinforce the idea that women must be valued and rewarded exclusively by their physical appearance, based on stereotypes’ [and] also condemned for being ‘acts of symbolic and institutional violence against women and children’”

Likely explaining why 19-year-old Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado’s sister’s boyfriend felt the need to gun them both down after feeling his “ownership” had been challenged. Saying that however, the extreme disciplinary nature of such pageants in Latin America can be cause for some concern:

But reflection upon the seeming fact that “obsession with beauty” is the only practical way for some to escape the endemic “violence and poverty” that can grip some of those nations can, despite the seeming sordid nature of the competition, make a moral relativist out of a saint.

“The move comes after Julia Morley, the chairwoman of the Miss World pageant, announced the swimsuit round is to be removed from the competition 63 years after it was first introduced.”

Indeed, and with society eager for more word and number puzzle Countdown-like competitions, replacing it with an extra conundrum round instead. Fingers on those buzzers, ladies.

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Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez crowned Miss USA 2014 (Pick of the Week, 13th June)

Arts, culture, tech. & funnies

No XXX please, we’re British
“One of the main arguments against the new law is that many of the restrictions seem to target female-centred pornography……”

For sure, if it is true that women are as into Gorean bondage as imagined.

“Online pornography produced and sold in the UK will be banned from containing at least ten sexual acts including female ejaculation, ‘aggressive’ whipping or spanking, full bondage and restraint and ‘verbal abuse’.”

Bondage did indeed place much higher for women searching for porn than men in PornHubs recent poll, but they may also be troubled by the ban on “female ejaculation”—formally called peeing—which, according to PornHub, placed even higher in their searches. (Indeed, I know that there is an argument that female ejaculation is different from peeing, but I’m fairly sure what is witnessed in most titles in a huge rather enjoyable squirted gush is a sanitised euphemism for the latter.

The top types of porn women and men are most commonly watching

It is yet unclear if this makes said acts illegal to view, as with those deemed “extreme pornography” by the S63 of the CJIA 2008 which made the holding on your hard drive of the the portrayal of any act liable to result in serious injury illegal and allowed farmyard animals to munch hay without interfearance, or whether the intention is to just prohibit production in the UK—a catch-22 as saving is deemed production with regards to the way extreme pornography is prosecuted.

“The law only applies to porn produced and sold in the UK, and not to international films, which can still be easily accessed online. They are also ‘some of the most severe content restrictions in Europe’, according to Backlash, a campaign group that defends freedom of sexual expression. It argues that the measures will have a significant impact on the UK adult film industry, leaving it unable to remain competitive.”

Perhaps in this case a blind eye is still to be turned for that viewed or already sitting in your stash in a way it is no longer for things that are fist-sized gaping.

My favourite quote on the affair comes from The Guardian’s Suzanne Moore (

“I well understand the feminist case against much pornography. Women are objectified, gagging, nothing more than a body of holes to be nailed. Porn should be better. I don’t mean scented candles and Michael Bublé, I mean stuff that portrays female desire in all its myriad forms. If you are in the business of marketing fantasy, it’s just possible that women’s fantasies are as diverse as mens.”

Glad to say they are, and as in your face about it:

“A large crowd of activists dressed in fetish and bondage gear has gathered outside Parliament for a mass face-sitting demonstration to protest against new porn laws.”

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Music video age ratings trialled in the UK (Pick of the Week 21st October)

Turner Prize won by Irish-born video artist Duncan Campbell (

“The judges said his work, which includes African art and iconic images from the Troubles in Northern Ireland, was ‘topical and compelling’.”
Duncan Campbell, “For Others”

But critics were not so kind. (Are they ever?)

“And to make the point, this year’s prize should have been withheld, cancelled due to general indifference”

Although that sounds more a reflection on the Turner Prize itself than on that to which it was awarded. Indeed, I seem to recall the same “art critics have begun to question the relevance of the Turner Prize” statement the year before, and indeed, the year before and….

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Surprise Turner Prize 2012 win for Elizabeth Price (Pick of the Week, 10th December 2012)

Is Google Glass doomed? (

“In the past few months, industy commentators have been asking whether the device that helped to kickstart the wearable technology revolution has a future.”
Is Google Glass doomed?

I believe the elephant in the room seen, or rather not, is the lack of porn, currently forbidden by the optical device, which everyone googles the internet for but maintain they have only a fleeting interest in when discussing.

I still maintain interest in said wearable tech will pick up when copious amounts of amateur erotica shot by it is abundant—much in the same way sales of home camcorders took off when rumour abounded about the sex tapes your friends and neighbours had made. Soon enough, I predict, a celebrity in need of a sex tape shall realise the POV potential of its novelty and, for sure, my inbox is always open.

Updated 13th August 2015.

Google Glass is back! But now it’s for businesses (

“Google has quietly resurrected its wearable computer, Glass, as an enterprise-focused device aimed at industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and energy. The unannounced relaunch … could be followed a year later by a new consumer version. But for now, the device is aimed exclusively at business customers who gain immediate value from having a head-mounted display, and bypass many of the issues experienced by consumer users, particularly the privacy concerns sparked by wearing a head-mounted camera in public places.”

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Google Glass update lets you snap photos with a wink (Pick of the Week, 26th December 2013)

Kim Dotcom will bring his Internet Party to the US in 2015 (

“The political party, which failed to gain a seat in New Zealand’s most recent elections, stands on a platform of internet freedom, free university education and the decriminalization of cannabis.”
Kim Dotcom, The Internet Party

And if he can’t get a big enough seat there he can always try standing with Darth Vader in the Ukraine (Pick of the Week 8th Apr.)

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Kim Dotcom soft launched music service Baboom (Pick of the Week, 30th January)
“[Paul Rosolie] donned a special suit to let a 25-foot 400-pound snake eat him in a dangerous performance set to air on Discovery Channel this Sunday. Overall, Rosolie was so confident in the suit’s design that he was more worried about the snake’s safety than his own.”

And certainly has more to fear now from the backlash from animal rights activists who believe the anaconda may be tortured by being forced to eat and regurgitate him.

Crikey! When did Discovery Channel get so sensationalist? (

“Rosolie … wouldn’t elaborate on what actually happened once the snake tried to swallow him whole.”

There is a theory that it is impossible for any living snake of known size to do so due to the width of a grown mans shoulders which make it impossible for even its separating jaws due to a meal generally being consumed head first. But there have been reports of a case in Burma where supposedly a man was swallowed feet-first, contrary to normal behavior, but perhaps the easiest way for a snake to actually swallow a human.

So, did it actually manage to swallow him or not?

Well, no, not quite.

“The female anaconda—one of the world’s most fearsome creatures—pounced on its 5ft 9ins victim, latching on to his head, before constricting his arms and body … [and] as Mr Rosolie felt his arm ‘start to break’ under the snake’s grip, he ordered his team of fellow naturalists, doctors and vets to save him—with just the top of his head in the animal’s jaws.”

As you might well do, I dare say.

“Within minutes of the show, named ‘Eaten Alive’, being broadcast, people across America were taking to social networking sites to express their disappointment at the highly-anticipated footage.”

I dare say there was a lot of #LetItBreakYourFuckingArms going on there on Twitter.

Updated 28th December 2014.
Eaten Alive, Discovery Channel

Updated 24th July 2017.

Video link updated.

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