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Latina pick of the week

Latina Pick of the Week

16th January 2015

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Here’s my pick of the best sexy latina entertainment stories and pictures from the last seven days or so. So if you are a fan of Brazilian booty, Mexican tetas, Chicano chocha & everything else that is latina lovely, dip in!

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Pick of the best stories & pics

Updated 23rd January 2015.

Link updated.

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Belinda mostró su maravilloso culo for December’s H para Hombres (Latina Pick of the Week, 20th December 2014)

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Recent/related stories:

Kat Torres modelagem bunda bonita & getting her Santa on for 138 Water (Latina Pick of the Week, 20th December 2014)
Kat Torres waved bottle in lingerie for 138 Water in Los Angeles (Latina Pick of the Week, 28th November 2014)

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Michelle Lewin, Miami

Bikini culote in Miami (…

Michelle Lewin, Twitter

And maravillosa Twitter pokeage (


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Andrea Calle provoked NHB fancy tickling on South Beach (Latina Pick of the Week, 23rd July 2014)
Andrea Calle was giving knee to balls in Miami (Latina Pick of the Week, 14th June 2014)

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Ana Braga still giving Miami blonde ambition (Latina Pick of the Week, 28th November 2014)
Ana Braga peitos grande e bundas were out at Miami Beach (Latina Pick of the Week, 24th August 2014)

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Aída Yéspica gave see-thru tetas candids at Cannes (Latina Pick of the Week, 22nd May 2014)

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Cláudia Alende gave #junglefight bunda grande e enorme decote (Latina Pick of the Week, 20th December 2014)
Parabéns! Indianara Carvalho crowned Miss Bumbum Brazil 2014 (Latina Pick of the Week, 28th November 2014)
Cláudia Alende shared Miss BumBum Brazil finalist bom bunda grande (Latina Pick of the Week, 14th November 2014)
Cláudia Alende #BrokeTheInternet with nude full frontal too (Pick of the Week, 13th November 2014)
Sabrina Sabrok upsized her enormes tetas again

Argentine punk/metal singer, television host and adult model Sabrina Sabrok upsized her enormes tetas again (, Spanish language).

“Although the main idea was to reduce the size of her breasts, Sabrina Sabrok underwent a surgical procedure to increase her bust again.”

A reduction that turned into an augmentation; an easy mistake to make. You may recall the erratic Sabrina had their vastness reduced in June 2013, but it seems rather than a change of disproportionately busty hidden heart, she’s just deferring reduction for a future time—in a one step forward, three back and up and up fashion:

“I’m reducing my breasts a lot, but I’m going to take my time, I want to change, I’m making many changes in my life, I’m in psychological therapy, my thinking has changed, for self-improvement and all that matters, I am more happy.”

Videos and photo sets of her again vastly augmented breasts are exclusively available for purchase on her website:

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Sabrina Sabrok posed her enormes chichis for Playboy (Latina Pick of the Week, 9th April 2014)
Sabrina Sabrok shrunk her enormous tatas (Latina Pick of the Week, 14th November 2013)
No pants subway ride 2015, Mexico City

No pants subway ride 2015: Mexico City too (video,

“Metro riders turned out in Mexico City on Sunday in no pants as part of the annual ‘No Pants Subway Ride’.”

More no pants subway riding worldwide in Pick of the Week 14th Jan.

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It’s No pants subway ride 2015 (Pick of the Week, 14th January)
Latin America, homicide rates 2014

Latin America: Most violent countries 2014 (

“Latin America is considered the world’s most violent region, and 2014 did little to change that. While some countries showed marked improvement in reducing violence last year, others saw the further deterioration of an already fragile security situation.”

Updated 6th February 2015.

Salvador, Brazil

What makes Salvador Brazil’s most violent city (

“One explanation for this uptick in violence is that security gains in the south and a growing domestic crack cocaine market in the north pushed the First Capital Command (Primeiro Comando da Capital—PCC), Brazil’s premier criminal group, to expand its influence northwards. This has been a particularly intense phenomenon in Salvador, where the PCC’s alliance with a local gang is fueling a violent war over control of the city.”

Updated 1st February 2015.

The World’s 50 Most Violent Cities, by Country/Region

The World’s 50 Most Violent Cities, by Country/Region (

“After El Salvador negotiated a truce between its most violent gangs, its capital, San Salvador, went from the 20th most violent city in the world (in 2011) to the 44th, in 2012. After the gang truce fell apart, the city now has a higher homicide rate than it did the year before the truce—it's currently the 13th most violent in the world.”

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#YaMeCanse. You’re fed up? Mexico is Fed Up—Iguala mass kidnapping (Latina Pick of the Week, 14th November 2014)
US Police corrupted by Mexico’s cartels along the border (Latina Pick of the Week, 10th November 2014)

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