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Latina Pick of the Week comes to an end

3rd July 2015

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Latina pick of the week

Latina Pick of the Week at the end of this (or start of next) shall be a final edition.

Although it has been great fun making Latina picks since… June 2012, family commitments at home have left me ever-shorter of time and something needs to go so that I can concentrate my efforts on further combining Latest Picks with Blog, fix a few things I’ve long been trying to get around too and, most importantly, for me at least, sketching pop divas.

I will also be putting The Latina Celeb Digest on Blogger on pretty permanent hiatus although it shall remain up as-is, and, for sure though, you will still be able to catch the exploits of J.Lo, SelGo, Sofia Vergara and other Latina divas in the regular Picks and the other Digests. For those that have enjoyed, followed, wrote and sent in, muchas gracias!

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