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Barbara Windsor tells anyone who doesn’t wear a poppy to ‘sod off’

30th October 2015

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Note: This post has been moved from Latest Picks due to length of extended updates.

Barbara Windsor tells anyone who doesn’t wear a poppy to “sod off” (

Barbara Windsor
“Never one to be short of an opinion, Barbara Windsor has now left us in no doubt where she stands on Remembrance Day, telling anyone who doesn’t wear a poppy to ‘sod off’. Speaking about the importance of supporting the Armed Forces, the former EastEnders actress and national treasure asked Sky News on Thursday: ‘What would we do without them looking after us?’”

I honestly don’t know, but next time I have an issue with the “Britain’s Best” brigade shouting at those that don’t fit on the street and wishing the world to return to the sort of Carry-On involved in their dad’s day I’ll remember to give ’em a call so they can “look after us”.

Of course, it created something of a Twitter furore, with users accusing the actress of fishwifery McCarthyism:

“Windsor’s comments immediately sparked a Twitter furore, with users accusing the actress of McCarthyism, branding her a ‘gangster’s moll’ and remarking ‘the last cause I remember [her] getting so worked up about was getting Reggie Kray out of prison.’ Windsor was friends with the infamous East End gangster twins and had supported the campaign for Reggie’s release from prison over his deteriorating health.”

Neither of whom cared much for military service I recall, striking a NCO on their first day and then spending the rest of their time AWOL or in the cells (, Aug. 2010), but, presumably they looked after us on those East End streets too; indeed, you could leave your door unlocked, I hear, presumably saving them the bother of breaking in.

Some though gave a more balanced opinion on the issue:

Freedom to wear a poppy or not

Surely all eyes will be on Labour’s Comrade Corbyn, who has threatened to wear a white rather than a red one instead, which is as good a distraction as any for those keen to prove they have Lil’ England’s welfare at heart while attempting to take back any they might have to give from the treasury box empty apart from an I.O.U. from HSBC.

To wear or not? And if you don’t, does that really suggest you don’t have sympathy? Is it worn more for their remembrance or more for the status of your own in the community? And what, if like Corbyn, your pacifistic view cannot countenance war at all?

But, in the spirit of distraction for those pseudo-kippers who’s rhetoric is seemingly as far-right and fascist as anything those who fought against such in the second world war and intimidatingly tyrannical as the powers that were in the first who we wear a poppy to remember and who wish to shut the door and proclaim “sod off” to anyone who can’t sing every verse of the Dad’s Army theme tune…

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2nd November 2015

POPPYCOCK! David Cameron’s staff accused of “Photoshopping” poppy on to picture of PM week before Remembrance Day (

David Cameron’s staff accused of “Photoshopping” poppy on to picture of PM week before Remembrance Day
“‘Downing Street’ updated its Facebook page picture with the new image featuring Cameron adorning a red poppy, but critics slammed it as a ‘poor photoshop’. The photo, spotted by Dylan Morris, has since been deleted from the Prime Minister’s Facebook page and replaced with what looks to be a different, un-edited picture of him wearing a red poppy. One user commented on the swift change: ‘Good thing you changed it for an actual photo with a poppy, the previous Photoshop attempt was a disaster.’ Another remarked: ‘That was as fake as your promise not to axe tax credits!’”

Updated 11th May 2018

Sadly it has now been revealed that Babs has been diagnosed with a truly awful illness which, had I, and I’m sure I’m not alone had known at the time:

Barbara Windsor diagnosed with Alzheimer’s aged 80—EastEnders and Carry On legend’s husband Scott Mitchell shares heartbreaking news (

Barbara, 80, has been taking medication to help manage the degenerative brain disease, but in recent weeks her symptoms of memory loss and confusion have grown steadily worse.

Sadly she had been diagnosed in early 2014 but her husband had understandably kept it under wraps until now.

“So rather than me living in fear she might get confused or upset, they’ll know that if her behaviour seems strange, it’s due to Alzheimer’s and accept it for what it is.’

I can certainly empathise, my mother having passed away from Alzheimer’s.

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