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Pick of the Month

Pick of the Month

30th November 2015

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Here’s my grab-bag pick of the best illustration inspiring celebrity gossip, scandals, arts, entertainment, & just plain quirky stories & picture sexiness. A round-up for busy pervs. There’s pictures—reading optional.

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and hell, for sure, as festival goers all too well know, it could have been filled with a lot worse.

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Pick of the best stories & pics

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Miley Cyrus gave topless FaceTime for Interview (Pick of the Month, 30th September 2015)

Kendall Jenner #FreedNipple for 40m followers (celebexposuredigest

Kendall Jenner, Moisés Arias photoshoot

And jet departure pokies (celebrityoopsdigest

Kendall Jenner, Essendon airport Melbourne, Australia

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Kendall Jenner gave see-thru nipples at Cinepolis Theater (Pick of the Month, 31st October 2015)
Kendall Jenner got the sheer mesh up for Vogue Japan (Pick of the Month, 30th September 2015)

Rita Ora gave Bambi Awards see-thru nipples (celebrityoopsdigest

Rita Ora, 67th annual Bambi Awards 2015

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Rita Ora slipped a big nip leaving Chris Brown concert (Pick of the Month, 30th September 2015)
Rita Ora gave bikini bum and boobage in Ibiza (Pick of the Month, 31st August 2015)

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Bella Thorne shared bikini booty (Pick of the Month, 31st October 2015)

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Ireland Baldwin gave peachy cheek (celebexposuredigest

Ireland Baldwin, Instagram

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Ireland Baldwin gave mesh see-thru nippleage at Coachella (Pick of the Month, 21st April 2014)

Nina Agdal let all know she can’t find her pants (celebexposuredigest

Nina Agdal, Instagram

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Nina Agdal got sportingly naked (Pick of the Month, 2nd May 2015)

Christina Milian gave downtown Snapchat cleavage (celebexposuredigest…

Christina Milian, Snapchat

And première Return of the Roar nip slip and see-thru nippleage (celebrityoopsdigest…

Christina Milian, Lion Guard—Return of the Roar première in Burbank

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Christina Milian was poppin’ Melrose pokeage (Latina Pick of the Month, 7th July 2015)
Christina Milian gave bikini beach butt in Miami (Latina Pick of the Week, 20th May 2015)

Tongue Teasers

Charli XCX poked it with bottle (celebritytonguedigest

Charli XCX, Instagram

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Charli XCX gave upskirt cheek (Pick of the Month, 31st October 2015)
Charli XCX gave bent over Lollapalooza (Pick of the Month, 31st August 2015)

Miley Cyrus gave Milky Milky Milk pokeage—with a strap-on (celebritytonguedigest

Miley Cyrus, Chicago’s Riviera Theatre

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Dani Thorne gave into the void tongue (celebritytonguedigest

Dani Thorne, Instagram

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Dani Thorne, ready for the weird tongue (Pick of the Month, 31st August 2015)

Vanessa & Stella Hudgens gave baby shower pokeage (celebritytonguedigest…

Vanessa Hudgens, Natalie Saidi baby shower

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Vanessa Hudgens gave “anything you can do” pokeage (Pick of the Week, 31st July 2015)

Kylie Jenner gave masquerade pokeage (celebritytonguedigest

Kylie Jenner, Instagram

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Joanna “JoJo” Levesque poked it for Galore (celebritytonguedigest

Joanna “JoJo” Levesque, Galore magazine

And “honey” on my face Snapchat (celebexposuredigest

Joanna “JoJo” Levesque, Snapchat

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JoJo gave that’s a wrap pokeage (Pick of the Month, 30th September 2015)
JoJo gave first session on the pole (Pick of the Month, 31st July 2015)
JoJo gave “Geeeaaaauuuxxxx” downblouse cleavage (Pick of the Week, 15th June 2015)

.:: Top column 2 ::.
SelGo—My Dilemma
Still frustrated by a lack of her progression being taken seriously and seemingly at last seeing what has worked for a long time for others, SelGo’s dilemma may still prove “Good For You”

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SelGo gave side and gapboob revival for the Today Show (Pick of the Month, 31st October 2015)
SelGo is topless on her Revival album’s cover art (Pick of the Month, 30th September 2015)

And with another of her 10 outfit changes, did her silver trim, silver gown with sheer bodice give pussy peekage? (celebrityoopsdigest

Jennifer Lopez, American Music Awards

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J.Lo shook booty for the iHeartRadio Music Festival (Pick of the Month, 30th September 2015)

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Demi Lovato gave spontaneous no make-up nude for Vanity Fair (Pick of the Month, [31st October 2015])

Parabéns, Suzy Cortez, Miss BumBum Brazil 2015! (latinacelebdigest

Suzy Cortez, Miss BumBum 2015

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Indianara Carvalho crowned Miss Bumbum Brazil 2014 (Latina Pick of the Week, 14th November 2014)

Oh! It was Charlie Sheen.

“The Hollywood megastar believed to be secretly battling HIV, now named as Charlie Sheen, had become a recluse in his own home—smoking crack cocaine and watching his old movies over and over to deal with the devastating diagnosis, Daily Mail Online can exclusively reveal.

“The actor became increasingly isolated from the outside world over the past two years, paying for porn stars to come and party with him at his own home and rarely venturing out, according to a source in the adult industry.”

And not surprisingly for anyone that has to pay people to visit and sit with him, he’s had to pay off a few blackmail attempts too.

But what do those no-longer porn “goddesses” now-they-are with-me he was happy to tout around and do much more than sit on his bandwagon during his Torpedoes of truth tour; did he let them know, what have they to say?

Bree Olson, Limited Edition
Bree Olson, Limited Edition

.:: Read more ::. (Latest Picks 17th November 2015).

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Porn Star Pick: Bree Olson (Latest picks 20th June 2015)

Arts, culture tech. & funnies

With Playboy USA dropping the nude like a now hot potato last month (Pick of the Month 31st Oct. 2015)…

“The much-publicised and oft-anticipated demise of the ‘lads mag’ may have finally arrived as FHM and Zoo announced they were to halt print and digital editions by the end of the year. But have we finally seen the back of the lads’ magazine and the culture it represented? And what is the alternative?”

A victory for feminists or the digitalisation of porn just allowing lumbersexuals to retain their social justice warrior status by not having to pick a covered-up copy off a top shelf at Tesco?

.:: Read more ::. (Latest Picks 18th November 2015).

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Lawyers warn over lads mag sales (Pick of the Week 3rd June 2013)
“By now you’ve probably become acquainted with the latest viral trend, the #CondomChallenge, but doctors are warning the craze has the potential to be dangerous. The challenge, which is particularly popular among teenagers, involves filling a condom with water, then dropping it over another person’s head.”

For God’s sake why you might ask; as with the ALS challenge there must surely be a good cause behind dropping a heavy water filled balloon onto someone’s head so that even the most ardent social justice warrior can chuckle mightily at their potential suffocation.

.:: Read more ::. (Latest Picks 26th November 2015).

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And of course, most regrettably…

#PrayForParis. Shootings and explosions left at least 128 dead in Paris.


.:: Read more ::. (Latest Picks 14th November 2015).

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Illustrations, paintings, and cartoons featuring caricatured celebrities are intended purely as parody and fantasised depictions often relating to a particular news story, and often parodying said story and the media and pop cultural representation of said celebrity as much as anything else. Who am I really satirising? Read more.

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