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Pick of the Month

Pick of the Month

30th September 2016

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Here’s my grab-bag pick of the best illustration inspiring celebrity gossip, scandals, arts, entertainment, & just plain quirky stories & picture sexiness. A round-up for busy pervs. There’s pictures—reading optional.

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and the attraction of the MILF for the younger and yet experienced is well known to help Autumnal acorns fall, but revised attraction for as many grandpa celeb watchin’ baby boomers who used to be in to Miley but now comment “she’s a giver!“ more to MILFs while rippin’ turpitude hole in a Kardashian clearly demonstrates why Britain Brexited and America may well elect a seemingly “strong” yet still elderly wind-filled ginger syrup to make an aging nation great again.

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Pick of the best stories & pics

Kendall Jenner was perkily see-thru for Vogue España (celebexposuredigest…

Kendall Jenner, Vogue España

While Kim Kardashian West see-thru in NYC (celebrityoopsdigest…

Kim Kardashian West, NYC

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Bella Hadid gave Fashion Week see-thru for Marc Jacobs (celebrityoopsdigest…

Bella Hadid, Marc Jacobs Spring 2017 NYFW Show

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Bella Hadid gave St. Barts booty (Pick of the Month, 31st July 2016)
Gigi Hadid gave Cara Delevingne GBUS butt (Pick of the Month, 31st July 2016)

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Lady Gaga, nipples in NYC (Pick of the Month, 31st August 2016)

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Rita Ora was candidly caught topless in Miami (Pick of the Month, 30th June 2016)
Rita Ora gave “country-life” tongue (Pick of the Month, 31st March 2016)

Ariana Grande gave 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival pokies (cheekypopdivadigest

Ariana Grande, 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival

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Sarah Hyland gave pre-Emmy party pokies and upskirt (celebrityoopsdigest

Sarah Hyland, pre-Emmy party

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Sarah Hyland making her pointe for Beauty Coach (Pick of the Month, 30th June 2016)
Sarah Hyland, golf cart ruckus tongue (Pick of the Month, 31st May 2016)
Sarah Hyland poked it for post-Easter snow (Pick of the Month, 30th April 2016)

Kimberley Garner gave St. Tropez cheek (celebrityoopsdigest

Kimberley Garner, St. Tropez

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Charli XCX—“Weekend Expansion”
Charli XCX—“Weekend Expansion”: Indeed, and what expansion ( the weekend seemingly brings.
Charli XCX, Instagram
Charli XCX, Instagram

Tongue teasers

Charli XCX poked it in Ibiza (celebritytonguedigest…

Charli XCX, Instagram

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Dani Thorne gives tongue, but not food (celebritytonguedigest…

Dani Thorne, Instagram

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Victoria Justice shared tongue fun with Barbara Palvin (celebritytonguedigest…

Victoria Justice, Instagram

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Miley Cyrus gave eniggggmmmatic bday best wishes pokeage (celebritytonguedigest

Miley Cyrus, Instagram

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Maitland Ward gave Batman Day tongue (celebritytonguedigest

Maitland Ward, Batman Day

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.:: Top column 2 ::.
Kylie Jenner—Tentacle Trope
For sure, you can’t avoid them in internet pop culture, even if Japan did apologise. Tentacle Trope (Wikipedia).

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Maitland Ward costume assortment tittie and pussy (Pick of the Month, 30th June 2016)

Mariah Carey shared bubbly times (cheekypopdivadigest…

Mariah Carey, Instagram

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Mariah Carey, non-mirage booty and cleavage (Pick of the Month, 30th June 2016)
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Mariah Carey, Swedish cheek (Pick of the Month, 30th April 2016)

Seemingly the failure of “The Fappening” to achieve the real money-making intentions because none would touch stolen or at least private pics for publication with the ten foot pole some were holding waiting for the next Avril Lavigne leak, equally decided they would not pay for access either have not hit home for some hackers, or opportunists with access:

Emma Watson: Take down semi-nude pics or else! (

You perhaps know the ones that are not click-baiting semi-nude but in a quite conservative, Horse & Hound lady-like outfit but with no bra and light making her cream thin long sleeved top rather see-thru.

“Emma Watson got justice by siccing her legal team on a site that posted racy pics of her in a see-through top without a bra. Emma’s lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to the website, Celeb Jihad—which somehow acquired private photos of Emma in a sheer top. The outfit exposed her breasts and nipples. Her legal team put it in pretty simple terms—Emma owns the pics and the copyright on them, so Celeb Jihad was breaking the law by posting them. According to the letter, the photos were taken by Emma’s stylist, who then gave Emma all rights.”

Seemingly leading said stylist to perhaps still consider use by Photoshopping out the nipples leading to the which came first Photoshop or nipples chicken and egg reminiscent of an earlier episode with a not-quite-so lady-like and more frequent flasher.

James Matthews, Pippa Middleton
Eric Bristow, Darts—The Crafty Cockney Way

And, stop the press! An even more posh Brit darlin’ Pippa MiddleTon more renowned for her Royal bottom by monarchy-missing media States-side has been hacked, and by a “Crafty Cockney” no less, making some wonder indeed what does dart master Eric Bristow MBE do with his time these days?

.:: Read more ::. (Latest Picks 24th September 2016).

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Arts, culture, tech. & funnies

“A giant male tortoise with an extremely high sex drive has helped bring his species back from the brink of extinction on the Galapagos Islands. The randy reptile, a 100-year-old Chelonoidis hoodensis tortoise called Diego, has fathered 800 offspring—nearly 40 per cent of the growing tortoise population during his lifetime. … Diego has ‘a mysterious, globe-trotting background to go with his reputation as a Casanova,’ it adds. The tortoise was found in a San Diego zoo and was brought back to the islands in 1976 to take part in a captive breeding programme. ‘We don’t know exactly how or when he arrived in the United States. He must have been taken from Espanola [an island in the Galapagos] sometime between 1900 and 1959 by a scientific expedition’.”

And seemingly with an eagerly inquisitive tortoise todger more reminscient of others necks, going where the last hope of other sub-species’ poor ol’ seemingly undestandably Lonesome George’s did not.

But an overly dominating downside of his breeding capacity raises question of whether indeed, unbridled aggression for mating rights is a necessity or is just as likely a floppy naturalistic fallacy appealing to some who usually end up spending the majority of their own lonesome time trolling ladies on Twitter or in Gorean “ManGoChat” bondage chatrooms.

.:: Read more ::. (Latest Picks 15th September 2016).

“Emperor of the Flies”, 1948 by Wifredo Lam, Private collection © SDO Wifredo Lam
“Emperor of the Flies”, 1948 by Wifredo Lam, Private collection © SDO Wifredo Lam
“Lam had been studying and practising art in Europe since the 1920s. His paintings on the eve of the second world war were starting to get recognition—not leastbecause Picasso encouraged him and helped him to get exhibitions. It must have seemed a crushing blow to have to flee France and return to Cuba just when his career was advancing. After all, who ever heard of great art coming from Cuba? … If Lam had stayed in Europe he might have stayed a mediocrity. Instead, he was forced to go back to Cuba, where his godmother had been a Santería priestess. … Yet there’s a big difference between Lam’s dream jungle and the New York art that would evolve into abstract expressionism. And it’s not the difference you might expect. Lam’s Cuban perspective is very similar to the US art of his time in many ways. Yet the abstract expressionists (apart from Willem de Kooning) shied away from sex. Their preferred psychologist was Jung, not Freud. By contrast, Lam’s paintings throb with sex. Bulbous breasts and buttocks bulge in his fevered imagination. He paints a hothouse of desire.”

For sure, Surrealism and its psychoanalytic dream-laden double entendre was full of depictive repressed and not-so-represed sexuality, but perhaps we should be relieved though that the anti-figurative aesthetic of Jackson Pollock et al. of the Abstract Expressionists—sans Kooning’s grotesques—“shied away from sex”…

Jack the Dripper, “White Stain #1”

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Fernando Orellana, His Study of Life exhibition (Latest picks 27th August 2016)

“Phallic” Fourth Plinth splits opinion after being unveiled by London Mayor Sadiq Khan (

“As David Shrigley’s seven-metre sculpture Really Good was unveiled [on Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth] on Thursday, critics drew their own conclusions on the work—apparently split into two distinct camps. While many have applauded the ‘thumbs up’ sculpture as depicting a charming and positive message, others branded it ugly and phallic.”
“Really Good”, Fourth Plinth Trafalgar Square

I must say that does look more than a little like a hand pullin’ on a long but skinny something else; welcome to London!

For those that may be tempted to sample the tourist attraction that is London, and indeed, a large part of our economy, Trafalgar Square is a public square in the City of Westminster, Central London, the name commemorating the Battle of Trafalgar, a British naval victory in the Napoleonic Wars with France and Spain with Nelson himself—or a statue of—(Nelson’s Column, seen in the right of the photo above artist Mr Shrigley) at its center with those other plinths around it. “Really Good?”; perhaps “That’s Really Good!”, Nelson Gripping His Victory Column might have been a more apt title, and so thankful I am that our sexualised society is obviously if Freudian slipishly not limited merely to pop culture.

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