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Pick of the Month

Pick of the Month

31st December 2016

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Here’s my grab-bag pick of the best illustration inspiring celebrity gossip, scandals, arts, entertainment, & just plain quirky stories & picture sexiness. A round-up for busy pervs. There’s pictures—reading optional.

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and sincerely wishing a happy start to the new year to all.

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Pick of the best stories & pics

Updated 2nd January 2017.

Story added: Bella & Dani Thorne, New Year bikini celebration

Then appeared with Kendall giving New Year nipple (celebrityoopsdigest

Kylie & Kendall Jenner, Instagram

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Rita Ora was LOVE’s advent Day 3 (celebexposuredigest

Rita Ora, LOVE advent Day 3

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Rita Ora gave sheer babydoll nipple out to dinner in LA (Pick of the Month, 31st October 2016)
Rita Ora, Vanity Fair Itália (Pick of the Month, 30th September 2016)

Emily Ratajkowski was LOVE’s advent Day 8 (celebexposuredigest

Emily Ratajkowski, LOVE advent Day 8

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Emily Ratajkowski topless in Cancun (Pick of the Month, 30th November 2016)

Bella Thorne gave Jingle Ball underboob (celebrityoopsdigest

Bella Thorne, BB&T Center Sunrise, Florida

Bella & Dani Thorne, New Year bikini celebration (celebexposuredigest

Bella Thorne, Snapchat

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Bella Thorne puffy nip peekage (Pick of the Month, 30th November 2016)

Mariah Carey slipped Hawaiian nip (celebrityoopsdigest

Mariah Carey, Hawaii

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Mariah Carey, Arena Ciudad de Mexico (Pick of the Month, 30th November 2016)
Mariah Carey, Complex (Pick of the Month, 30th September 2016)
Mariah Carey, non-mirage booty and cleavage (Pick of the Month, 30th June 2016)

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Erika Canella crowned Miss BumBum Brazil 2016 (Pick of the Month, 30th November 2016)

In the wake of the Rose McGowan sextape last month…

“Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams is thought to have been a victim of internet hackers after semi-naked pictures of her posing topless have emerged online.”

Don’t get your hopes too high for seeing Maisie tittie, she may be topless but…

.:: Read more ::. (Latest Picks 8th December 2016).


“Lucy Hale has responded after pictures were leaked from her phone, saying she ‘will not apologise for living my life’. In a post on Twitter the Pretty Little Liars star writes: ‘Once again, a woman in the public eye was violated, stolen from and her private life and body were exposed for anyone to see.’”

“Apologise?” Seriously? Who the fuck feels she needs to do that, I mean I could imagine some of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir but, really, do they read celebrity gossip and —very likely—scour for the “oops” pics too? But, for some, suggestive to some living in hope that the Fappening is back on….

.:: Read more ::. (Latest Picks 24th December 2016).

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Tongue teasers

Bella & Dani Thorne gave bump & grind grimey tongue action (celebritytonguedigest…

Bella Thorne, Snapchat

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Bella Thorne, tongue in his boxers (Pick of the Month, 31st October 2016)
Bella and Dani Thorne, bonding and festival tongue (Pick of the Month, 30th September 2016)

Christina Aguilera gave party tongue (celebritytonguedigest

Christina Aguilera, Instagram

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Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus gave The Voice pokeage (Pick of the Month, 29th February 2016)

Rita Ora gave tongue skills (celebritytonguedigest

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JoJo Levesque poked it for someone’s “David” (Pick of the Month, 30th November 2016)
JoJo poked it with flash (Pick of the Month, 30th September 2016)
JoJo poked it striking a pose (Pick of the Month, 31st August 2016)

Miley Cyrus gave The Voice season finals tongue (celebritytonguedigest

Miley Cyrus, The Voice finals

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Miley Cyrus more The Voice tongue (Pick of the Month, 30th November 2016)
Miley Cyrus, “ashtanga” pokeage (Pick of the Month, 31st October 2016)
Miley Cyrus gave eniggggmmmatic bday best wishes pokeage (Pick of the Month, 30th September 2016)

Charli XCX gave syndromic Stockholm tongue (celebritytonguedigest

Charli XCX, Snapchat

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.:: Top column 2 ::.
Charli XCX Merry XXmas
Wishing all a very merry XXXmas.

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Ariana Grande iHeartRadio Music Festival pokies (Pick of the Month, 30th September 2016)

Charli XCX gave sideboob Xtra Factor in London (cheekypopdivadigest

Charli XCX, The Xtra Factor in London

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Charli XCX, ARIA Awards cheek (Pick of the Month, 30th November 2016)
Charli XCX, flash-filled performance (Pick of the Month, 31st October 2016)

Arts, culture, tech. & funnies

Wonder Woman, © Allstar/Warner Bros TV/Sportsphoto Ltd
Wonder Woman, © Allstar/Warner Bros TV/Sportsphoto Ltd
“The UN has dropped the superhero Wonder Woman as an ambassador for empowering girls and women after a brief stint that drew widespread criticism. The campaign around the comic book character, who turned 75 this autumn, lasted for less than two months. Among its key aims were challenging female stereotypes and fighting discrimination and violence against women and girls. But the appointment prompted an angry backlash from some quarters.”

But I believe they tried a less “sexualised appearance” in NBC’s 2011 reboot and is it really unusual that an “honorary ambassador” only lasts a few months regardless of whether you can see Wonder Woman cheeks when she leaps?

.:: Read more ::. (Latest Picks 14th December 2016).

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Redrawing women: Tackling sexism in comics (Latest picks 24th November 2016)

Proving that science fiction as ever, with the Westworld series and its nawty scenes and ideas of people paying to have sex with robots, does more to advance actual science than some without much imagination can imagine:

“Sex between married couples will increasingly be saved for special occasions as robots step in to satisfy everyday needs, experts have predicted. Use of artificial intelligence (AI) devices in the bedroom will be socially normal within 25 years, an international robotics conference has heard. Comparing sex robots to the rise of the ebook, Dr Trudy Barber, a pioneer in the impact of technology on sexual intercourse, said the machines would enable people to greater appreciate ‘the real thing’.”

Although it might be said many are “preferring” a Dyson to the “real thing” already, perhaps not by choice, but because it’s unlikely the “real thing” ever comes back after a visit to their often rather trollish, “wimmins fault” ManOChat bondage chatroom. But, recalling that profit drives the virtual world, is that robot sex—like pornography—can be sold whereas sex with another human for money—or the procuring of—in nations where technology sells well is usually unlawful as much a bring on the robort future push as anything else?

.:: Read more ::. (Latest Picks 20th December 2016).

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Man builds Scarlett Johansson robot (Latest picks 4th April 2016)
Helen Marten’s intricate sculptures win the Turner Prize, Image:  Assoc. Press
Image: Assoc. Press
“Her sculptures create swooping, almost rhythmic structures out of seemingly disconnected objects—suitcases, cotton buds, eggshells, coffee cups—that encapsulate the ephemera of modern life. At first glance it seems haphazard, but Marten’s intention is to create order from disorder: to piece together disconnected fragments into a more intelligible narrative. It’s this archeological approach to documenting an often-bewildering reality that presumably enthralled the judges of this year’s Turner Prize … It’s been a banner year for the 31-year-old sculptor from Macclesfield, England, who also won the Hepworth Prize for Sculpture in November.”

Indeed, bringing memories of when I tried my hand at collaging such detritus when I was much more dark, goth and edgy to predictably find little desire of anyone wishing to see, but…

.:: Read more ::. (Latest Picks 6th December 2016).

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“Robert Rauschenberg produced some of the most distinctive American art of the second half of the 20th Century. Yet he was the most restless of artists—moving from traditional painting to print-making and sculpture. He was one of the first people to explore the relationship between art and technology. Tate Modern is staging the first major retrospective since Rauschenberg died in 2008.

Years before Damien Hirst first successfully split the cow, Rauschenberg used a full-sized angora goat in his 1955 work Monogram. The goat had once graced a textile company in New York which specialised in mohair. Yet Rauschenberg spotted its artistic possibilities.”

And ushering in what has been the grotesquery norm in contemporary, Conceptualist art ever since, proving as it did for P.T Barnum, people’s curiosity for the odd, unsettling and damn right “unnatural” knows no end. And yet is there any more proof for the supposition that “he got there first” than that there is for there being no originality, only a new audience under the same ol’ sun.

.:: Read more ::. (Latest Picks 1st December 2016).

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And sadly, four iconic figures we lost at Christmas.

Actress and famous for being famous icon Zsa Zsa Gabor (Latest Picks 19th December 2016)…

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt (Latest Picks 24th December 2016)…

Rick Parfitt

Singer George Michael (Latest Picks 25th December 2016)…

George Michael, “Careless Whipser”

And Star Wars actress and forever princess Carrie Fisher (Latest Picks 23rd/27th December 2016)…

Carrie Fisher

… and her mother Debbie Reynolds a day later of a stroke and a broken heart.

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