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Fappening 2.0: Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson pictures leak

15th March 2017

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Amanda Seyfried Emma Watson
Celeb piccie CSI

In what can surely only now be seen as a slow motion nu-Fappening, private pics of 31-year-old actress Amanda Seyfried and 26-year-old Emma Watson and more have leaked.

Those of Amanda Seyfried include full nudes and giving a blowie. Seemingly the source is hacked account of ex hubby Justin Long—a part of which is depicted in Seyfried’s mouth causing much debate on some forum regarding whether he lives up to that name with the shrinking, folding of legs and personal growth from 8 through to 12" being the vitriol accompanying such inevitably blows.

Those of Emma Watson are much more restrained—as you might expect—with those of her without question—and their are lots—being in a variety of outfits for the same stylist of which a slightly see-thru piccie leaked last year causing her to sic her Horse n’ Hound lawyers (Latest Picks 24th Sept. 2016).

But some bath time nude videos are presented too which without a clear head shot is anybodies guess but likely from the bottom of face expression that is visible likely dubious at best although the celeb piccie CSI is well under way with regards necklace and bracelet that may or may not and GPS meta data.

And of course, it will be Em that gets most of the attention here just weeks after all the fuss regards giving nip for Vanity Fair—something perhaps Amanda and Long’s willy can perhaps be thankful—and seemingly expands Em’s filmography:

…since Lord of the Rings

Who knew; perhaps she was a diminutive masked Black Rider, or a disguised hobbit.

Of course, sea-change and lawyer involvement during and post original Fappening will require you to be taking The Road to with Bing, furtive Googling or whispered quack to make DuckDuckGo yourself to find but, seriously, that will take far, far less time than the most eager Mean Girls Seyfried fan to bust a nut or cane waving Em lovin’ elderly to pump it to rise on his medical cushion.

Amanda Seyfried—70s Bush
No bondage for Emma Watson

.:: Update ::.

Fears Emma Watson victim of nude photo hack as rumours circle online (

“There are fears Emma Watson has been subjected to a nude photo leak, as rumours have spread online about the possibility that her private photographs have been hacked. Many on Twitter and on Reddit have said there are pictures of the actress on the ‘dark web’—an encrypted network that allows users to exchange often illegal information and services without identifying themselves. Others have said the photographs are on 4chan, a message board in which the anonymous posts delete themselves shortly after being submitted.”
Emma Watson still bound to Fifty Shades of Grey rumours
Emma Watson still bound to Fifty Shades of Grey rumours

Indeed, I hear the secret of cold fusion is hiding on the “dark web” too, along with all the cash up front Albanian hit men for hire who look like they will do an excruciating Turkish muscle massage first I mean (, Latest Picks 18th May 2016). Perhaps those hid on the “dark web” are more rude or at least positively identifying in those that are not her still actually dressed; I believe they—or porno Pikachu and alt-right Pepe at least—are keen to say on there, “verified tits or GTFO”.

What makes me laugh those is the pretence bordering on eye-on-lawyer denial the Telegraph is holding to that there only “maybe” leaked pics when, had it been not so famous Emma in Chelmsford they would likely have included a snap, albeit with nipple blur and, seriously, on most celeb forums and image posts little else is trending and most threads are already approaching page double figures with all packing up the collected images and vids for download on whatever Cloud download service is their affiliate ad and membership commission revenue preference overnight:

“Posters on a Reddit thread about the reported hack have claimed to have seen the pictures, as well as those of the actress Amanda Seyfried. ”

Indeed, seemingly as why she found it so hard to escape the unsubstantiated rumour that she would be in Fifty Shades of Grey is the very conflicted idea that she is both “aristocratic good girl” that doesn’t do that “sort of thing”—or would at least be shocked by it—while fantasising about her doing just that, in as an often extreme manner possible.

More leaked today are include English actress Rhona Mitra, American figure skater and actress Analeigh Tipto, and Playboy Playmate Alyssa Arce, and American comedian Iliza Shlesinger.

Too soon yet for phisher grumbles on thoughts that it would “make me more money” (, Pick of the Week 17th Sept. 2014) and no word yet how long it will take to catch the phisher “king” this time nor how fast lawyers will be moving with cease and deist letters to sites showing with enough Page Rank to “spear fish” themself to conclude they can put the naked Genie back in the bottle on the internet: “Fappening” hacker who stole nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and countless other celebrities jailed for 18 months (Latest picks 16th March 2016)

Updated 16th March 2017

Emma Watson taking legal action after private photo hack (

“Emma Watson is taking legal action after private photos of the star were allegedly stolen and leaked online. ‘Photos from a clothes fitting Emma had with a stylist a couple of years ago have been stolen,’ her publicist said. ‘They are not nude photographs. Lawyers have been instructed and we are not commenting further.’ Reports suggest that the pictures have been shared on the so-called ‘dark web’—an encrypted network not easily accessible by the average user.”

Indeed, being the mysterious encrypted “dark web” seemingly now encompassing Reddit, 4chan, and indeed most celeb picture post sites and forums, not to mention being liberally shared with—dare I say lots of telling of what is being done over them—in text-based image share ManOChats no encryption is needed to keep most away from.

Updated 17th March 2017

Now including more Rose McGowan sex, American model and actress and daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright Dylan Penn (masturbating and squirting no less), model known for her relationship with Robin Thicke April Love Geary, American actress and model Kristanna Loken, American actress Alexa Nikolas, American actress, voice actress, comedian, singer-songwriter and artist Kate Micucci, former Miss Great Britain and finalist on Love Island Sophie Gradon, American International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Bikini Pro athlete and IFBB Bikini olympian Alyssa Germeroth, American actress Jillian Murray, and Russian model and TV presenter Victoria Yakubovskaya.

Indeed, “who?” you may say to anyone wishing to assert knowledgeably again that this is targeted spear fishing—utilizing e-mails to target users in a specific individual or company?

Apple admits guessed iCloud security questions WERE to blame for hacked naked celebrity pictures but insists users photos are safe and its systems have not been compromised (, 2nd Sept. 2014).

“After more than 40 hours of investigation, we have discovered that certain celebrity accounts were compromised by a very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions, a practice that has become all too common on the Internet.”

For sure, but for some of these names, it was hard enough to find their entry on Wikipedia to find out who they are so unless phisher king has an encyclopaedic knowledge of world wide minor entertainment and sports stars perhaps indicative of some larger phishing net cast for a lot longer and wider and its only because you are not famous meaning your nudie bits are not being shared more publicly unless you care you pay to have removed on some “isanyoneup” like site? (, Pick of the Week 30th Jan. 2014)

“[Craig] Brittain … founded the now-defunct site in 2011. He boasted that his site offered ‘a higher level of hatred’ than its ‘competitors’ and who posted photos of over 1,000 people. He … paid up to $100 (£60) for photos and charged up to $500 to people wanting to have them removed.”

Amanda Seyfried threatening legal action too, but with happier news to perhaps divert attention:

“We ELOPED!” Pregnant Amanda Seyfried’s partner Thomas Sadoski reveals the couple have married in secret as she puts nude photo hack behind her (

“The surprise announcement comes after Amanda threatened legal action over nude photographs of her that were leaked online, including initimate [sic.] pictures of her with ex-boyfriend Justin Long.”

Meanwhile, keep drip-dropping they do, although taking The Road to with Bing or rather Wikipedia is perhaps required more than just to locate the leaks in question: American actresses Trieste Kelly Dunn, Katie Cassidy, Dutch-Italian media personality Laura Ponticorvo, American model and business professional & Zac Efron’s GF Sami Miro.

Updated 18th March 2017

And the drip drop leaks to do wonders for not particularly hidden offering sites ad revenue today while lawyers and those pretending they can try and stop spread look for them on the “deep or dark web” are American actress and model Lili Simmons, English Page 3 and glamour model Lacey Banghard, and English-born WWE Diva Paige and all in intercourse, BJ or anal toy leaked flagrante delicto, including cumming over the NXT Women’s Championship belt in WWE’s Paige’s case, which will probably have her sent to whatever version of theatrical Coventry on the WWE site.

Updated 19th March 2017

Today we have American WWE diva’s Maria and Kaitlyn and a single Demi Lovoto teasing cleavage but not quite those nudes that were once ported for sale (Pick of the Week 8th Apr. 2014), and sites—index, those not or the “deep” or “dark” web and easily findable on search engine of choice—offering apology for slow access due to demand but still believing birthday, Christmas and indeed the best of hacker-Halloweens came at once the last week for ad revenue profits.

And seemingly after the initial offering proving more an illicit gift for those who penchant is theatrical wrestling to go with the rest of their Reality TV, WWE diva Summer Rae later in the day too.

Updated 20th March 2017

Bare bum Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie and American actress and comedian Natasha Leggero.

Updated 21st March 2017

Instagram Model and actress Elizabeth Ruiz involved with a sex scandel with NFL player Von Miller, WWE’s Victoria/TNA’s Tara, and American actress Lake Bell. No sign of any of the American wrestlers on Hulk Hogan sex tape inspired canopy bed (, Latest Picks 19th Mar. 2016) as yet.

And American model, actress and professional wrestler—WWE ring name Melina—again joining the Fappening tag team later in the day.

Poll: Fappening 2.0; can it really be a case of targeted “spear phishing” against the famous when so many of the leaks required a Wiki look-up or enthusiastic celebrity knowledge of American theatrical wrestlin’?

Will ladies of tennis and Maltese weather girls be next, or does it seem more likely a dragnet spread a lot wider à la notorious revenge porn profitable (Pick of the Week 30th Jan. 2014) or SnapChat’s own The Snapperning (Pick of the Week 21st Oct. 2014) to which both it has to said it bares some similarity, your lack of fame being only reason we not hearing of yours with even aunt Effie’s on Granny porn forum somewhere?

The naked truth about iCloud safety: Just because some celebrities got hacked, that doesn’t mean I’m at risk too, right? Wrong (, Sept. 2014).

“An entire 4chan offshoot exists for the soul purpose of stealing nudie pics using anyone’s Apple ID they can get their hands on. The pervs have refined the process down to a science so easy any horny 14-year-old could do it.”
Wide cast net 57%
Targeted spear 43%

This poll has now been archived.

Updates/Follow Ups

12th April 2017

Fappening 4 or 2.1? (12th April 2017).

alt-Fappening 2.1
“As with the initial release a few big names, some not quite so big, and lot more, shall we say if you are not a particular fan of requiring some Wiki look up as was the case with last month … outtakes and privates of Miley Cyrus’ privates although nothing that has not been seen better in legitimately released shoot; British actress, model and accessories entrepreneur Suki Waterhouse, fully nude and displaying a gobsmackingly awesome sized clitoris; American film and television actresses Rosario Dawson, Kate Hudson, AJ Michalka…”

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