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Fappening 4.0 or 2.1? Miley Cyrus, Suki Waterhouse and more pictures leak (Page 2 of 4)

12th April 2017

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Updated 18th April 2017

And, not quite over yet—although when it is and another batch of Maltese weather girls is released a few weeks later it will be due to be undoubted titled Fappening 5 unless they do a “Micro$oft” and jump straigh to 10—out today are nude but covered photoshoot outtakes of Walking Dead actress Emily Kinney, seemingly all being fans of said suspension of disbelief zombie apocalypse series, presumably putting mighty great erection in hactavism’s conspiracy dungarees.

Updated 19th April 2017

And today of American actress Alison Brie, although with censored titties presumably touting for trade or payment by self-declared “fappening hacker” now identifying s “dude” in much the same manner—and indeed a similar font—those supposed Demi Lovoto nudes offered for sale but rejected by any publication which could be sued which nothing ever came of (Pick of the Week 8th Apr. 2014), perhaps reminding some that one of the original sad-faced disappointment expressed with Fappening 1.0 was a lack of (Bit)coin made.

Updated 20th April 2017

Today gave possible nude bathroom selfies of very pregnant Dutch actress and singer Carrice Van Houten.

Updated 21st April 2017

And today an covered nude outtake of Demi Lovato in that spontaneous nude shoot for Vanity Fair (The Celeb Exposure Digest, 3rd Oct. 2015) that, baring in mind it still doesn’t not show any more than seen in said shoot shows more than the Demi Instagram-esque leak in Fappening 2.0.—4.0 or 8 if you can’t a few bursts of New Zealand news readers you might have missed—and fully nude and diddling selfies of Norwegian fitness model, personal trainer and Miss Universe Norway 2014 contestant based in London Maiken Skoie Brustad.

Updated 22nd April 2017

And, still rollin’ and probably Fappening 22.0 on Reddit and 4chan now, we have Victoria Justice’s sister Maidison Reed again nude—including getting a vaginal waxing and closeup of a tampon in—and alleged censored preview—liked those so far unreleased of Alison Bree—petite Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams.

Can we really believe some have fell for the same phishing scam more than once, or that those of repeated leaked stars are leftovers from last time?

Updated 24th April 2017

A possible nude leak—that no one has hinted they had even though it would likely be burning a hole in their y-fronts—of Modern Family’s voluptuous Ariel Winter. Hard to tell, but, like said, if someone I’m not sure they could or would have held that back so long and uncensored unlike those supposedly of Alison Bree and Maisie Williams being held back for some sort of trade or Bitcoin offer.

And Alana Mamaeva, Russian football WAG (Wives and Girlfriend) of of FC Krasnodar midfielder Pavel Mamaev. As to whether it is actually related to the supposed Fappening Phishing those, or is more a case of attempted blackmail hacking like that of German Eurovision star Lena Meyer-Landrut (20th February 2017):

HACKED OFF Russian football Wag has naked picture stolen and published online in blackmail plot by hackers (

“THE WAG of a Russian football star has had a naked photo stolen and uploaded to the internet by computer hackers. Alana Mamaeva, the wife of FC Krasnodar midfielder Pavel Mamaev, has been left deeply distressed by the incident. Mrs Mamaeva had her account was hacked in January—and ever since those behind it have been trying to blackmail their victim. The leaked photo shows the mother of two standing totally naked in front of a mirror with only her hand to cover her modesty. The vicious hackers have claimed they have even more intimate pictures of the Wag—and proof that she once used to work as an escort.”

“Claimed” and actually released seeming as their was more than one in front of a mirror.

It does seem some “elder” moderators on celeb pic share forum are getting the hump with it those with threads locked after while waiting for another name not involved in gymnastics or relating to Polish soap opera they devolved into “I’m still hoping for Selena or more Demi” and, invariably “I’m still hoping for Britney, her body is really fit again and I wanna see her bumhole!”

Updated 4th May 2017

And, after a few weeks, it’s time to release a few more for which those ad revenue collecting hands will be clapping more seal-like than Nicole Kidman at the Oscars (Latest Picks 27th Feb. 2017).

Leaked today we have British-American actress, model, and fashion designer Sienna Miller naked, but wearing a disturbing High-Rise co-star James Purefoy (Mark Antony in HBO’s Rome) video overlay mask; American comedian Iliza Shlesinger; and from WWE diva dorm, nude selfies of Charlotte Flair and WWE’s Victoria/TNA’s Tara nude and giving BJ.

And although many forum moderators got mighty fed up with endless wilful supposition that either SelGo peeing or Britney’s bumhole would be next, allows some to hype and conclude with as much anticipation as rhetorical question mark:

There’s a Fappening 5.0 coming?

Indeed, unless some start to conclude that those phones and tablets are not quite as secure as some OS evangelists had swore, or assistants, dressers and boyfriends—and teens on Snapchat not wishing their “look and my cool shoes, that’s all I’m wearing” and granny WhatsApp not wishing to be on teen and granny porn forum that night—finally conclude after 3+ years that emails coming in asking them to verify their account with username and password might not be legit, as many others have heard.

Updated 5th May 2017

American model and actress Kelly Rohrbach nude and diddling and MMA fighter Jessamyn Duke, tattooed “beach enthusiast” Ashley Lamb, Canadian fashion model Danielle Knudson, New Zealand actress Jessica Lee Rose who found fame and launched the potential of video ad revenue on GoogleTube as “amateur” vlogger lonelygirl15 (Latest Picks 19th Jun. 2016) who was neither amateur or 15 in full sexual BJ and anal escapades joining for fap 5.0/2.2/surely FapXP for those seeking more opportunity than the arbitrary increment provides.

Updated 6th May 2017

And today you can get in the ring and furiously Fap quickly before she gets you on the floor and in an arm lock with MMA fighters Angela Magana, and real life and deservedly open and proud girlfriends presumably sharing nude selfies with who they though was just one another rather than pot luck with seemingly random strangers on iCloud, Tecia Torres and Raquel Pennington. Canadian actress Carly Pope too, video diddling.

Updated 7th May 2017

And American fashion and swimsuit model Annie McGinty’s Cloud anything but private today.

Updated 8th May 2017

And Tammy Lynn Sytch aka “Sunny”,wrestling manager, occasional wrestler and pornographic actress, with a full bio write up on many featuring sites and forums; I guess theatrical wrestlin’ I guess those on 4chan and Redditt really like wrestlin’, with it likely an alt-microcosm of the larger, realer but world in which a company may have its heads in the sand about the abuse of alleged flaws—for which their are apparently whole 4chan subgroups devoted to—in their cloud. And yet, people will continue to use it regardless.

Updated 10th May 2017

American actress Jacqueline Dunford.

Updated 11th May 2017

Reality tv star, singer, and Belgian DJ Adixia, American yoga instructor and ex-pro. wrestler Serena Deeb, and British glamour model Lucy Collett.

Updated 12th May 2017

British soap-opera actress Kirsty-Leigh Porter, American fashion model Anna Herrin and model and “Instagram sensation” Caroline Vreeland—the granddaughter of legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland—, British Reality TV personality Luisa Zissman, and American actress Michelle Antrobus.

Updated 19th May 2017

Iranian-American Guardians of the Galaxy actress Mikaela Hoover. Is it Fappening 6.0 yet?

Updated 20th May 2017

American Professional offroad racer and Playboy Miss Jun. 2010 Katie Vernola.

Updated 21st May 2017

A diddling in bed video of American film and TV actress Abigail Spencer.

Updated 22nd May 2017

Videos and diddling pics of American figure skater, actress, and fashion model Analeigh Tipton; Playboy Playboy Playmate of the Month for July 2013 Alyssa Arcé.

Updated 29th May 2017

And, a week later, the next drop… is it Fappening 6, 7, or 9 now? 55-year-old Scottish weather presenter Carol Kirkwood doing the very graphic deed, American actress, model and singer Cierra Ramirez, and fitness and lifestyle blogger Chanel Brown.

Updated 30th May 2017

40-year-old former Hear’Say singer and Coronation Street acress Kym Marsh—but only 1 censored nude.

Updated 8th June 2017

Nudes of 46-year-old British soap opera Eastenders actress Tamzin Outhwaite, non nude of American fashion model Elizabeth Turner and Kym Marsh’s uncensored nudes.

Pussy flash

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