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Fappening 4.0 or 2.1? Miley Cyrus, Suki Waterhouse and more pictures leak (Page 4 of 4)

12th April 2017

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Updated 20th—21st August 2017

Miley Cyrus—Trashy Tongue
Miley Cyrus—Trashy Tongue

A major leaks day today with more nudes of Miley Cyrus including with a girlfriend/gal pal model Stella Maxwell and taking an outdoor “leak” herself.

Nicole Scherzinger partial nip and headless ass and pussy.

Kristen Stewart in various states of undress with girlfriend Alicia Cargile.

Pics and videos Brit Coronation Street soap opera star Faye Brookes.

American actress Addison Timlin in flagrante delicto.

Uncensored Katharine McPhee titties.

Pussy closeups, nude selfies and video of American World Cup alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn,.

An assortment of nudes from Albanian swimsuit and lingerie model Tika Camaj, fitness and lifestyle blogger Chanel Coco Brown, British TV presenter, model and Miss Universe Great Britain Amy Willerton, American models Alexa Jane and Alyssa Prieto and Canadian soccer player Kaylyn Kyle in flagrante delicto in pics and video presumably with significant other.

Nude selfies of American TV host and beauty queen Stevi Perry, wrestlin’ diva dorm gives WWE’s Ruby Riot, Maxine and—together in the shower—Amber O’Neal and April Hunter, Michelle Morin (?), leaked photoshoot nudes of models Marissa Branch and Elle Evans, shower nudes of British glamour model Lucy Collett and Canadian actress Brooke D’Orsay, model and former Miss Northern Ireland contestant Sasha Gale, American model Krystal Gable, Gabriella Schilling (?), and hairstylist, makeup artists Valerie and Ashley Pac, UK Sky Sports presenter Bianca Westwood, Ashley Collins (?), Audra Miller (?) and Australian actress and model Maria Czarnik.

Each and every one diligently spear phished with fake admin emails rather than an exploit exploited that probably has your aunt Effie’s on granny porn forum too no doubt; indeed, is it Fappening 55 yet?

Updated 22nd August 2017

Today brought Canadian wrestlers Seleziya Sparx and Laura Dennis, American TNA wrestlers Tanea Brooks and Brooke Adams, American actress Brit Sheridan, and makeup artist and YouTuber Hannah Martin.

Updated 23rd August 2017

And, with Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell lawyering up over the last few days leaks (Latest picks 23rd Aug. 2017), today brought nude selfies of Canadian wrestler Allie.

Updated 24th August 2017

And today brought 50 Shades of Grey’s Dakota Johnson along with American actress Addison Timlin topless in the sun with friends and nude in the shower together.

Updated 12th September 2017

After a couple of weeks hiatus, American pop cultural satirical musician Allie Goertz in a series of topless and pussy exposing selfies.

Updated 24th September 2017

Another couple of weeks hiatus “spearfishes” well known—in Denmark at least—actress Laura Bach giving a blowie and other private nawtiness.

Updated 27th September 2017

And deftly “spearfished” today by chap who didn’t have to ask DuckDuck to Go for info too are nudies of Belarusian actress, journalist and TV presenter Dana Borisova.

Updated 30th September 2017

And today gave topless bedroom and bath selfies of English lingerie, glamour model, and Page 3 girl Rhian Sugden.

Updated 4th November 2017

And back with more expertly phished rather than iCloud Picture Roll backups expoliting (, Sept. 2014) girls of theatrical wrestlin’ diva dorm, in the form of new—well, newly released but still seemingly a few years old—WWE Paige selfies and chats snapshots of her her bumhole and chat about having a load sprayed on her face, nude selfies of WWE’s JoJo Offerman and Maria Kanellis, as well as 39-year-old American model and actress Amber Nichole Miller.

Updated 14th November 2017

And assuming this is still the same Fappening 69, today gives nude and semi nude selfies of Norwegian handball player Nora Mork likely at some point in last few years and obviously spearphished by by a hacker fan or angry, rejected not-fan with a #MAGA alt-boner for Norwegian handball.

Updated 16th November 2017

And today brought Swedish singer and songwriter who found fame winning the 2008 season of the talent show Talang, the Swedish version of Got Talent, at the age of 10, and a leaked nude photoshoot of Russian DJ, music producer and singer Nina Kravi. Perhaps not hard to imagine the cries of “Who?” when proposing payment or even picture swap for real deal as opposed to uncensored tease versions before shrugging shoulders and just dumping them to all after just an equally unknown female Mongolian shot putters brown eye was offered for trade.

Updated 17th November 2017

And today brings Swedish hair and makeup tutorial TheRealKimJ YouTuber and radio host Kim Johansson in topless selfies.

And I think it’s time to call an end on the updates until a new Fappening story comes out of some featuring some more familiar celebrities.

.:: End of updates ::.

Poll: Fappening 2.0; can it really be a case of targeted “spear phishing” against the famous when so many of the leaks required a Wiki look-up or enthusiastic celebrity knowledge of American theatrical wrestlin’?

Will ladies of tennis and Maltese weather girls be next, or does it seem more likely a dragnet spread a lot wider à la notorious revenge porn profitable (Pick of the Week 30th Jan. 2014) or SnapChat’s own The Snapperning (Pick of the Week 21st Oct. 2014) to which both it has to said it bares some similarity, your lack of fame being only reason we not hearing of yours with even aunt Effie’s on Granny porn forum somewhere?

The naked truth about iCloud safety: Just because some celebrities got hacked, that doesn’t mean I’m at risk too, right? Wrong (, Sept. 2014).

“An entire 4chan offshoot exists for the soul purpose of stealing nudie pics using anyone’s Apple ID they can get their hands on. The pervs have refined the process down to a science so easy any horny 14-year-old could do it.”
Wide cast net 57%
Targeted spear 43%

This poll has now been archived.

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