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Harvey Weinstein scandal: Amazon Studios chief Roy Price suspended amid Harvey Weinstein allegations (Page 12 of 12)

13th October 2017

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Updated 13th November 2018

Paz de la Huerta sues Harvey Weinstein for sexual assault (Latest Picks 13th November 2018).

Paz de la Huerta is suing Harvey Weinstein for 2 alleged sexual assaults she says went down in 2010.

Updated 24th December 2018

And seemingly not at all getting what he’d hoped in a stocking for Christmas:

Kevin Spacey faces criminal charge over alleged sexual assault of teenager (

Kevin Spacey, “Let Me Be Frank”
Kevin Spacey is facing a charge of indecent assault and battery in relation to alleged sexual misconduct at a restaurant in Nantucket, Massachusetts, in July 2016, officials said Monday.

The charge involving the teenage son of a former TV news anchor in Boston that first surfaced in the media in November 2017 with allegations Spacey had got rather touchy and feely down her son’s pants at a restaurant.

And Spacey’s response to it today seemingly being with some warning and pre-planning, being a recorded video monologue titled “Let Me Be Frank” (GoogleTube) in character as now deceased character President Frank Underwood from House of Cards—as no doubt he’d rather be at the moment—in a Santa Claus-pattern kitchen apron tragically opening with the words “I know what you want” before saying that he has already shared his “deepest, darkest secrets” and that “You trusted me even though you knew you shouldn’t“ while advising all that “You wouldn’t rush to judgement without facts, would you?” Indeed, rhetorical question perhaps better phrased by someone other than a Machiavellian character who rose to his position through treachery, deception and murder.

Updated 26th December 2018

It did not take long for his peers to respond on Boxing Day with their “judgement”, with or without “facts” on social media’s kangaroo court, Twitter:

Celebrities mock Kevin Spacey as they respond to his bizarre video after sexual assault charges (

Ellen Barkin: “Kevin Spacey is sending a very disturbing message as he chastises his audience”

Updated 27th December 2018

Kevin Spacey’s alleged indecent assault incident might have been filmed by the victim (

At least according to the Agence France-Presse (AFP) news agency:

AFP claim to have obtained court filings from the case, which reportedly state that the victim, aged 18 at the time, filmed part of the incident and sent them to his girlfriend via Snapchat.

Perhaps his girlfriend was a Spacey fan too, and what could delight her more than mailing her video of the quinquagenarian actor pulling her boyfriends pud, or perhaps that was just an effect of alcohol if the whole business of a starstruck teenager allowing him to lend a hand was not result of coerced intoxication too:

Spacey, 59, is said to have bought [former TV news anchor Heather Unruh’s] son alcohol at the bar before groping him. The victim was 18 at the time and the drinking age in Massachusetts is 21.

Updated 7th January 2019

And with actual court appearance today regarding, Spacey’s defense unsurprisingly revolving around that video:

Kevin Spacey in court to face charges of groping teenager (

During Monday’s hearing, his lawyer Alan Jackson successfully argued the alleged victim must not delete material from his phone.

And with a not guilty plea entered during the 10 minutes spent in court in the Massachusetts being pulled over for speeding leaving the airport arriving back in Virginia (, presumably attempting avoid the media circus no doubt awaiting at any corner he may have stopped.

Updated 10th January 2019

And flicking channel from #LostInSpacey back to embarrassing drama involving a fat bearded mogul inviting excited women to watch him pull one off in the shower:

Judge again dismisses Ashley Judd’s harassment claim against Harvey Weinstein (

Ashley Judd
For the second time, a Los Angeles federal judge has dismissed Ashley Judd’s claim that Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed her during a hotel room meeting in the mid-1990s.

50-year-old actress and activist Judd being one of the first to speak out against Weinstein on the record, alleging he tried to get her to give him a massage and invited her to watch him take a shower, but with it ruled last year in September that she could not claim sexual harassment because she did not have a professional relationship with Weinstein.

Her lawyers this time arguing that a legislative amendment to California Legislature to explicitly include directors and producers among professionals covered by the law should apply retroactively. However, it was ruled that she could precede with a claim for defamation and retaliation with Weinstein blacklisting her with a smear campaign for her refusal resulting in her and Mira Sorvino missed out on roles in Pete Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy (, Dec. 2017).

Sadly, the comment section on the article is full of chaps suggesting with full macho intimidation vigor that Weinstein “ didn’t force this loon onto the casting couch” or “instead of going after Weinstein with a frivolous lawsuit, she should go after the plastic surgeon who messed up her face” with “The Truth” handles suggestive of either #MAGA Trump support, cut off nose to spite Lil’ English gammon-face (Latest Picks 7th Nov. 2018) no-deal Brexiteers or St. Petersburg troll (, Feb. 2018) factory proscribing to “Dulles Doctrine” knowing exactly what disaffected chaps with shrinking sense of entitlement wish to hear.

“Instead of going after Weinstein with a frivolous lawsuit, she should go after the plastic surgeon who messed up her face.”

Weinstein of course still preparing defense for five other not-so “frivolous lawsuit” accusations of sexual assault and rape involving two women which have only left him on $1m bail (24th May 2018).

Updated 6th July 2019

And back to Spacey:

Kevin Spacey questioned over UK sex assault allegations (

With Inspector Knacker seemingly taking advantage of the duty free and paying him a visit back in May with Spacey voluntarily submitted to the interview:

Scotland Yard said a man who they refused to identify was voluntarily interviewed under caution in America by officers from the Metropolitan police complex case team about claims made by six alleged victims.

Updated 18th July 2019

And back to allegedly having been touchy and feely down pants in Nantucket at the top of the page that resulted in that “Let me be Frank” monologue:

Kevin Spacey: prosecutors drop case accusing actor of groping teen (

Prosecutors dropped a case Wednesday accusing Kevin Spacey of groping a young man at a resort island bar in 2016, after the accuser refused to testify about a missing cellphone the defense says contains information supporting the actor’s claims of innocence.

As noted mid-page that court filings from the case having reportedly stated that the victim had filmed part of the incident and sent them to his girlfriend via Snapchat, with the accuser having been ordered to take the stand earlier this month after saying he had lost said cellphone with Spacey’s defense saying that recovering deleted text messages would help Spacey’s case.

The man denied deleting messages or manipulating screenshots of conversations he provided to investigators. But when he was pressed by the defense about whether he knew that altering evidence is a crime, he invoked his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination, and the judge said his testimony would be stricken from the record.

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