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Harvey Weinstein scandal: Amazon Studios chief Roy Price suspended amid Harvey Weinstein allegations (Page 5 of 12)

13th October 2017

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Meanwhile, back in Blighty, re-exposure of Chris Evans’ ginger shower ritual, with the Beeb covering his modesty for him:

Chris Evans
Jo Brand, image: Max Mumby via Getty Images
Jo Brand, image: Max Mumby via Getty Images

BBC accused of refusing to investigate historic Chris Evans sexual harassment allegations (

“The BBC has been accused of refusing to investigate allegations aimed at Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans, the corporation’s highest-paid star. … The woman in [an email reportedly sent to the Director-General of the BBC Lord Hall] claims Evans ‘exposed himself to me daily’ and would ‘walk in naked following his morning ritual of taking a bath… and sometimes touch himself.’”

But some—or in particular one, and perhaps rightly so—did not see the funny side of the whole sordid business:

Jo Brand praised for taking all-male “Have I Got News For You” panel to task over sexual harassment jokes (

“[Comedienne] Jo Brand has received widespread praise after taking last night’s Have I Got News For You guests to task over why sexual harassment should be taken seriously. ”

After Private Eye editor Ian Hislop suggested “Some of this isn’t high-level crime, is it? Compared to say, Putin or Trump.”.

“Brand cut in: ‘If I could only say that as the only representative of the female gender here today, I know it’s not high level but it doesn’t have to be high level for women to feel under siege in somewhere like the House of Commons.’”

Continuing that “And actually for women, if you’re constantly being harassed even in a small way, that builds up and that wears you down” before sarcastically joking “Sorry, I thought I was on Question Time for a minute”.

Updated 5th November 2017

Huge Harvey Weinstein effigy burnt

Inevitably, it being Guy Fawkes Night—or the days approaching it being, as with Halloween, a single day for a festival just no longer enough—when Lil’ England celebrates three traitors planning to blow up the House of Lords being hung, drawn and quartered, in a more palatable fashion of them being burnt at the stake:

Huge Harvey Weinstein effigy burnt at town’s Bonfire Night (

“An effigy of Harvey Weinstein was burnt at a British towns annual bonfire event on Saturday (November 4).”

Updated 10th November 2017—Opinion soapbox for everybody

And on and on it goes, but while the daily news stories are starting to flag, it now leaves room for all to have their say from every conceivable position—which you may note, I’ve been careful to avoid the use of “I think”, “I say”, aware that “I” do not hold the full collection of facts, nor is it picks modus operandi, examining what the media and vox pop through stories comments section has to say.

But of that vox pop on this divisive social issues forming a background to this scandal… with a lil’ artistic license.

Marxist-Leninist pink-but-wishing-he-was-more-red backing bear dancer Belgian Maurice

Marxist-Leninist pink-but-wishing-he-was-more-red SJW backing bear dancer Belgian Maurice, not seen for some time, returning to assert in his ad-revenue funded socialist blog that he’s not the only one that despite the fearmongoring is forced to keep silent, but sip from the celebrity feeding tube and write about it too nonetheless, giving unreciprocated angry link love here with much “I this” and “I that” while working in presumed servitude to predatory un-socialist masters. (You can use search to follow Maurice’s ongoing intrepid politico-paparazzi adventures).

Milo Yiannopoulos: “Rape culture and Harry Potter, boith fantasy”
Milo Yiannopoulos, alt-right troll & former senior editor for Breitburk News wanting to see more alt-Emma Watson too.
Drudge Report feedback loop
The firm virtues of alt-conservative news aggregation setting the world to rights on Reddit.

While the inevitable defense from those in conspiracy theory alt-right dungarees in Moose ’n’ Buck’s ever busy text-based Gorean ManOChat virtual truck stop basement ( is made while pulling them self off over the "stop bashing guys” of affirmed leftist but alt-right hijacking friendly dissident feminist Camille Paglia (GoogleTube) and not Emma Watson for once, but their opinion, like that of their orange president is not needing any confusing external influence to make up self-serving mind or indeed supercharge their angry ALL-CAPS.

While the more Nietzsche quote reading intellectual-alt—when not pulling one off over porno-Pikachu on 4Chan—seemingly sense and grope for opportunity to extoll and bounce up and down on the firm virtues of alt-conservative news aggregation to set the world to rights (

Needless to say, the vox pop opinion of sour wannabe socialist SJWs or spurned alt-whatevers is about as useful on this, and indeed anything considering the weight of self-defining agenda baggage they need to haul, as supercilious servitude to a PG rated Fifty Shades of Grey Cardigan and with the fearmongering capacity of a truckload of chihauhuas.

But it is indicative perhaps that the attention of the whole sordid affair is fast in danger of becoming an opinion soapbox for those who feel they could use the attention to diss whomever they have a grievance with for whatever position favoured, or ideology hijacking it with some alt Return of Little Kings defending naturalistic fallacy (Wikipedia).

And to continue the wanking which seems the producer hallmark of this whole scandalous affair:

Louis C.K. confesses … my accusers were all telling the truth (

“[Mexican-American comedian, actor, director, and producer] Louis C.K. has just addressed claims by 5 women that he either asked to expose himself, masturbated in front of them, or did so over the phone. He acknowledges the women were all telling the truth, and goes on to explain his conduct and the error of his ways.”

Remorsefully admitting that “asking them to look at your dick isn’t a question, it’s a predicament for them”.

Who’s pilloried guilt or denial?

Savile: Did TV bosses turn a blind eye?
Indeed, but where they alone in their inability to see what with hindsight was so obviously creepy.

With so many “monsters”, the number growing each day and seemingly suggesting that there’s likely one pulling one off in front of those caught in a power “predicament” in every showbiz venue bathroom, it is likely, alas, it could be in danger of the same “witch hunt” apathetic backlash as happened to Knacker Yard’s Yewtree (Wikipedia).

In Yewtree’s case, was the need to round up and pillorise every entertainer from the 1970s and 80s ostensibly cathartic to make amends for police, those that heard the rumors—and there were many—and indeed audience watching Saturday evening TV turning a blind eye for so long to what with hindsight was so obviously creepy, in form of an eccentric old chap in a string vest holding a phallic cigar making Tarzenesque groaning noises and gestures with uncomfortable looking kids sitting on his knee.

In the case of Yewtree, at least some got some semblance of justice, as late—too late—as it may have been through the courts, something that in the media kangaroo court in the case of Weinstein et al. is unlikely to happen.

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Next page: Star Trek’s George Takei accused of putting his unwanted hands in underwear; Producer Gary Goddard accused by Top Gun star Anthony Edwards; Gal Gadot doesn’t want to work on another Wonder Woman with Brett Ratner who with music mogul Russell Simmons is accused of similar assault to which they were investigated by police in 2001; Rebel Wilson accuses unnamed male star of fingering her for phone filming audience; Sylvester Stallone accused of assault, and The Snowman theme singing Songs of Praise presenter Aled Jones having harassment and indiscretions probed.

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