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Harvey Weinstein scandal: Amazon Studios chief Roy Price suspended amid Harvey Weinstein allegations (Page 6 of 12)

13th October 2017

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Updated 11th November 2017

Right… who’s next?

George Takei, photo: Sean Fujiwara, for USA Today
George Takei, photo: Sean Fujiwara, for USA Today

“Star Trek” actor George Takei denies sexually assaulting former model in 1981 (

“Scott R. Brunton told The Hollywood Reporter in a report filed Friday that he was groped by Takei, now 80, at the actor’s Los Angeles condominium.”

With it happening “a long time ago, but that I havn’t forgotten it” with it seemingly being as much a betrayal in that who he though was a friend thought him “just another piece of meat”.

“Brunton said he met Takei, who came out as a gay man in 2005, when he was a 23-year-old waiter and aspiring model/actor.”

But after claiming that he had broken up with his boyfriend and the two shortly ending up at Takei’s condo:

“After a second drink, Brunton said he began ‘feeling very disoriented and dizzy’ and eventually ‘passed out’ in a beanbag chair. The next thing I remember I was coming to and he had my pants down around my ankles and he was groping my crotch and trying to get my underwear off and feeling me up at the same time, trying to get his hands down my underwear….”

But regained the composure to be able to say “no, I don’t want this” and leave.

Although similar in statement to the alleged claim against Kevin Spacey by Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp to which Spacey held his hands up to despite lack of remembering, Takei’s reply has been rather different:

George Takei: “I am as shocked and bewildered at these claims as you must feel reading them”

Updated 12th November 2017

And on it goes, without a showbiz venue bathroom or even stationary cupboard left to wank in without intrusive allegations poking producer in exposed cheek.

And doubtless causing—everybody having, and indeed being welcome to their opinion and attention voicing it may give—poor vox pop wannabe socialist, and more red than pink backing bear dancer Belgian Morris to again raise a squeal about his life in abused servitude to un-socialist masters while fat chap in conspiracy alt-dungarees condemns it all as tabloid fearmongering, that it has always gone on, that it always will, and that isn’t a story while taking opportunity to write about it from his own “I this, I that” perspective in his blog too:

Gal Gadot, image: WireImage
Gal Gadot, image: WireImage
Rebel Wilson

Gary Goddard “unequivocally” denies molestation claim by Anthony Edwards ( Assoc.).

“Producer Gary Goddard has denied ‘unequivocally’ a claim by Top Gun star Anthony Edwards of sexual misconduct. The actor accused Goddard of ‘molesting him’ him when he was a child in a post on online writers forum Medium.”

Gal Gadot doesn’t want to work with Ratner on another “Wonder Woman” (

Seemingly using her “super powers to stand up for women in Hollywood” according to opening line.

“A month after canceling to appear at a dinner to honor Brett Ratner, Gal Gadot still has a lot to say about the famed director and the accusations mounting against him.”


Rebel Wilson accuses unnamed “male star” of harassment ( Assoc.).

“The Australian-born actress, 37, accused an unnamed “male star” who she said was in a “position of power” of asking her to go in a room with him and to penetrate him with her finger while his friends filmed the incident on their phones.”

The Pitch Perfect also claiming to have had a separate “hotel room encounter” with “top director” but that “nothing happened” after his missus called and told him off for sleeping with actresses.

Updated 20th December 2017

“It’s about female empowerment!” Rebel Wilson reveals Pitch Perfect 3 is antidote to “sexual assault allegations in Hollywood”… as she talks jobless fears and love of “fat Amy” character (

Indeed, that’s a lotta headline.

Rebel Wilson on Lorraine
“Opening up about the recent Hollywood scandals, which saw director Harvey Weinstein accused of sexual harassment by several high profile women, she described it as an antidote.”

Which, despite those Pitch Perfect films being worthy “antidote” for much, such a statement may be in danger of being seen as nothing more than a placebo and opportune attempt to get bums on seats in that despite it being “directed by a female” and featuring “ten girls in an ensemble from very different backgrounds” Weinstein was not a director or actor but rather the producer, the money men, deal makers, and the real alpha dogs of making.

Every man (or woman) is responsible for his (her) own soul… again

Meanwhile, with reminiscence of 2014’s The Fappening’s subreddit closing down headline imperative (Pick of the Week 17th Sept. 2017), attempts to instigate soul searching for caricaturist of celebrity boob fall rather flat considering the relative tameness in relation to what you are likely to encounter with a wrong turn at Albuquerque on The Road to with Bing or more likely intentionally furtive Google Images search, and fact that I don’t get Bella Thorne to really pose for me when drawing parody of her attempt to show just how naked a girl feels without accessories.

Indeed, as I often find myself asking in relation to, what did you expect to see in relation to what you searched for to find yourself here with the “I was just looking for story about scooters” or “just searching for a caricaturists take on the Weinstein scandal” being exactly what everyone else besides Belgian Maurice’s SJW sock puppet socialists in capitalist servitude or conspiracy dungaree “It’s fearmongering!” all-caps commenting curious alt-doodahs would think of that while trying to shake it off their shoe.

Updated 19th November 2017

And with it now being retitled “Hollywood sexual harassment scandal” with Weinstein’s willy waving providing the jizz sticking the daily tabloid indignation together:

Cobra, © Warner Bros.
© Warner Bros.

Sylvester Stallone denies sexually assaulting 16-year-old fan (

“The Mail Online has published what it says is a police report dating from 1986, which detailed the allegations. The young woman did not press charges, the report said, because she was ‘humiliated and ashamed’, as well as being ‘scared’. No action was taken.”

Putting it after the re-beating of the first 3 in franchise of Rocky IV and about the time of the release of Cobra, within which Stallone himself was “humiliated and ashamed” of the “This is where the law ends and I start.” dialog.

Updated 20th November 2017

Ex-wife model and actress Brigitte comes to the Italian Stallions defense:

Stallone and Nielson, image: Getty
Stallone and Nielson, image: Getty

Ex-Wife Brigitte Nielsen: sexual assault story is a lie (

“Nielsen tells TMZ, ‘During the summer of 1986 we were newlyweds. I was inseparable with Sylvester when ‘Over the Top’ was being shot in Las Vegas. The story claims that at approximately 8:30 in the evening during the shoot of the movie the person claims she was in our suite at the Hilton Hotel.’”

Insisting “This incident did not occur. Most of the day, I would watch him film, then we’d have dinner and go to our room. No other person was in the room with him, but me.”.

Updated 20th December 2017

Sylvester Stallone accuser lied … now I want her prosecuted!!! (

“Stallone’s attorney, Marty Singer, tells us he believes the woman recently filed a false police report with Santa Monica PD. Singer says this all started more than a month ago when a media outlet, not TMZ, informed him the woman was alleging Stallone raped her in 1990 in his Santa Monica office.”

Which Rocky or Rambo denies, with his ex wife Brigitte leaping spreadeagled forward to… well, assuming its the same allegation which which seemingly the timeline suggests not; did I miss a second allegation?

“He admits he had spent 3 days with her during a 1987 movie shoot in Israel. He was single, she was not a minor and he says there was never a rape. He also denies he saw her at all in 1990.”

With some perhaps choice words or not from Brigitte to whom he was newlywed in that summer of ’86 but divorced from in in summer ’87.

“Sources with direct knowledge tell us the media outlet that contacted Singer refused to publish the woman’s story due to a lack of corroborating evidence, and because…”

Of a lot of holes that were not filled and that “she had not filed a police report—not in 1990, and not at any time since then.”

Brett Ratner, Marty Singer, image: Michael Kovac/Getty Images
Brett Ratner, Marty Singer (right), image: Michael Kovac/Getty Images

And that’s the feared celeb lawyer Marty Singer representing, whom we last heard of here threatening to sue Google over the 2014 Fappening (, Oct. 2014) and defending Charlie Sheen’s “goddess” and dental nurse indiscretions (, Oct. 2014).

Hollywood’s master of denial: meet Marty Singer, the lawyer who makes celebrity problems go away (, Nov. 2017).

Updated 21st December 2017

Indeed, it is a second allegation, and one which is seemingly not going away quite as easily as Rocky and“Slugger” Singer would like:

SLY SEX PROBE Sylvester Stallone, 71, investigated by police over claims he raped a woman in his Santa Monica office 27 years ago (

“Santa Monica Police Department said that an accuser came forward last month to alleging that an incident took place in his office in the city in the 1990s. The Rocky star, 71, has previously denied allegations he and a bodyguard sexually assaulted a 16-year-old fan in Las Vegas in the previous decade.”

This allegation falling outside of California’s statute of limitations but a spokesman for Santa Monica cop shop saying a “thorough investigation” would be made before popping it on the desk of the district attorney so he can decide too that bugger all can be done.

Russell Simmons & Brett Ratner, image: Kevin Mazur/VF13, Getty Images
Russel Simmons & Brett Ratner, image: Kevin Mazur/VF13, Getty Images
Songs of Praise presenters Pam Rhodes, Aled Jones, Diane-Louise Jordan, image: BBC
Songs of Praise presenters Pam Rhodes, Aled Jones, Diane-Louise Jordan, image: BBC

Russell Simmons accused of sexually assaulting teen as Brett Ratner watched (

“Music mogul Russell Simmons has been accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl in 1991 as movie producer Brett Ratner allegedly watched and did nothing to help.”

With both investigated by the Beverly Hills Police Department for a similar incident in 2001, with at least eight other women accusing Ratner of sexual assault.

And to have Sir Harry Secombe turning in his grave with doleful groan rather than the comic operatic baritone he delivered on BBC’s Songs of Praise:

Songs of Praise star Aled Jones taken off air by BBC after sexual harassment claim (

“Songs of Praise host Aled Jones has been taken off the air after being accused of sexual harassment. The Walking in the Air ex-choirboy star, 46, faces an allegation from a female colleague of sending messages and having inappropriate contact.”

Yes, that Alad Jones famed for singing the theme from The Snowman in the 1980s, now a married father of two who has “voluntarily decided to stay away from the BBC while the matter is probed”.

Updated 4th December 2017

BBC axes Aled Jones from Christmas episodes of Songs of Praise after sexual harassment allegations (

Also thrown under the bus from the Hairy Bikers Home for Christmas show which, for those not in Blighty, is not as “bear” with holy round it as it might sound. But also maintains his denial:

“His spokesman said: ‘While he accepts that his behaviour over a decade ago was occasionally juvenile, as was that of others, he never intended to harass or distress and he strongly denies any inappropriate contact.”

No “inappropriate contact” and presumably no career dependent invite to watch him shower.

Updated 23rd January 2018

BACK ON THE BEEB: Aled Jones allowed back on the BBC after apologising to alleged sexual harassment victim (

“The former angelic choirboy today issued a grovelling apology for his behaviour as the Beeb agreed to reinstate him on its shows. He claimed he had been devastated that his past actions had caused distress to others and vowed never to repeat them.”

Seemingly proving a lad is a lad and reminding we are still all damn sinners whether warbling “Be Still for the Presence of the Lord” or not.

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