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Terry Richardson banned from working with Vogue and other leading mags

25th October 2017

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Note: This post has been moved from Latest picks due to length of extended updates.

Seemingly suggesting the Harvey Weinstein and Amazon Studios chief Roy Price allegations (13th Oct. 2017) have prompted action where it had not been took before rather than just the “should’ve done” some have ashamedly offered:

Exclusive: Terry Richardson banned from working with Vogue and other leading mags, leaked email shows (

Miley Cyrus and Terry Richardson
Mily Cyrus photoshoot by Terry Richardson, September 2013 (
“Terry Richardson, the fashion photographer, has been barred from working with some of the world’s bestselling magazines, The Daily Telegraph can reveal. An email circulated within the media group Condé Nast International on Monday and seen by this newspaper announced that the company would no longer work with him.”

Condé Nast International—which publishes Vogue, GQ, and Glamour and more—saying it would no longer work with him, with immediate effect, and major fashion brands Valentino and Bulgari announced they will no longer work with him too shortly after, with others likely to follow; interestingly Condé Nast US, a separate entity, had already severed ties with Richardson some years ago with him not shooting for American Vogue since 2010 (

Cheeky chappie Terry of course well known for his glasses and often sexually explicit shoots with fashion, pop, and actings female finest, but has long been dogged by allegations of exploitation and abuse, which he has always denied, but which the overt parody porn often featuring his in his own mighty “Uncle” Terry Tallywhacker stuck in orifice of whichever famous or semi-famous consort in his Terryworld and Kibosh books, coined expressions such as “tampon tea” (, Mar. 2010), and the long list of the famous that refuse to work with him again leave those aiming to defend grasping to say the least.

A brief history of Terry Richardson being the absolute worst (, Aug. 2014).

As for the reasoning blacklisting action was finally took it seems an extension of that which some had already took:

Terry Richardson: Harper’s Bazaar editor Justine Picardie found images “troubling” (

“Justine Picardie, editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar, says she refused to work with photographer Terry Richardson when she took over at the magazine … She said she found his ‘overtly sexualised’ images to be “troubling”. … Picardie took up her role in 2012, and made the decision then not to commission Richardson.”

Updated 29th October 2017

But he has certainly worked with a lot of famous names that seemingly have not had issue with him or his “overtly sexualised” imagery.

Rita Ora defends decision to work with Terry Richardson (

Rita Ora, Lui magazine
“Rita, 26, teamed up with him for a provocative photoshoot for French magazine Lui in 2016 and has claimed she wasn’t aware of the allegations against him at the time and didn’t experience anything untoward.”

Telling The Guardian that she “loved his collection of photography” and his book with Lady Gaga and that the shoot or the nature of it was “totally my suggestion”. It does have to be said though that by February 2016 seemingly everyone else was aware of those alleged allegations as they had appeared much in the tabloid and more serious press and in social media.

Regardless of believing allegations unfounded, if she was not at least informed of them then there may be a question or two for her manager with regards his research if:

“‘If I was aware of any of the accusations against Terry I would, of course, have rethought my decision.’ In the pictures from the shoot, Rita was seen playing the piano completely naked and posing in sexy underwear.”

With a representative for Richardson again addressing the backlash stating that “He is an artist who has been known for his sexually explicit work”.

But repeated exposure of “Uncle” Terry’s Tallywhacker seems to suggest he may feel the whole world is his “explicit” studio—perhaps leaving you wondering whether he made it wear his spectacles too as is that signature of his—and gives tabloids opportunity in the wake of the Weinstein scandal to again scowl “disssgusting” at how industry figures have turned a blind eye, before finding some more pap captured TOWIE nip slip copy:

Disgraced photographer Terry Richardson “unzipped his trousers and exposed himself to a British stylist in a busy restaurant as high-profile fashion figures stood by and failed to act” (

“[British stylist] Tamara Cincik claims the 52-year-old pulled out his penis and put it on the table of a Paris eatery, where scores of designers, photographers and magazine editors were celebrating one of his exhibitions opening, in 1999.”

Updated 14th January 2018

And it’s not just Terry, it perhaps will be a “surprise” to one or two, but probably not more:

Vogue and GQ suspend photographers Mario Testino and Bruce Weber over models’ sex claims (

“Anna Wintour, artistic director of Conde Nast, which publishes Vogue and GQ, said their magazines would not work with the photographers for the ‘foreseeable future’ following the claims. Thirteen male assistants and models claim Testino, who shot the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s official engagement photos and received an honorary OBE in 2014, subjected them to sexual advances.”

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