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The Simpsons predicted Disney’s takeover of Fox years ago

15th December 2017

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Note: This post has been moved from Latest Picks due to length of extended updates.

How The Simpsons predicted Disney’s takeover of Fox years ago (

The Simpsons

As it did with Orange Don’s bombshell—or more not so Back to the Future overcompensating, droopy alt-wizbang at best—election (, updated 14th Nov. 2016) when white, disaffected America donned conspiracy dungarees deciding the opposite was surely trying to force their progressive feminist or even vegan agenda onto them:

Now, The Simpsons have predicted their own future. On Thursday, the news broke that Disney is purchasing 20th Century Fox, which has been home to the show for the last 28 seasons. The Simpsons predicted this way back in 1998 in an episode titled, “When You Dish Upon A Star.” In the episode, director Ron Howard comes to pitch producer Brian Glazer on an idea.

With the scene taking place in the Fox studio lot where a sign reveals that the company is now “A Division of Walt Disney Co.” A joke of course, but that’s sorta what octogenarian empire builder Rupe thinks of entrainment aside from the tabloid news and sport he is renowned for and to which he is downsizing; or is that what the man who’s venture into the digital future with social media with MySpace led him to sell it for $545m less than he paid for it (, Jun. 2011) is to an entertainment world streaming change?

Five reasons why the Murdochs are selling Fox to Disney (

The media industry is changing. The sale means Fox is left with content believed to be more resistant to the threat from online ads and streaming—and which are dear to Rupert Murdoch’s heart. At the same time, Fox sheds parts of its business that have suffered from revenue declines in recent years.

Seemingly Disney is well aware that streaming is the future, as is Rupe perhaps recognizing he’s no longer young enough to run in that race.

Disney wants Fox’s business to create a larger suite of movies, television shows, and sports, as it invests in its own online streaming platforms to compete with Netflix and Amazon. The deal gives Fox shareholders—which include the Murdoch family—a roughly 25% stake in Disney, so they win too if the gamble succeeds.

Both already having interests in digital broadcasters Vice and Hulu, which will now be majority controlled by Disney when the deal closes.

Updated 13th June 2018

But it may yet be pulled out of the mighty jaws of the Mouse by a the worlds largest broadcasting and cable television and media conglomerate:

Comcast bids for Murdoch’s Fox assets in Disney challenge (

Comcast said it has offered $65bn (£48.6bn) in cash for assets that include Fox’s film and television studios and international businesses.

Comcast’s second bid for which Fox favoured Disney last time, but this time cash rather than stock and potentially setting up a bidding war with Disney with Fox stating it would “carefully review and consider” who will get to add Fox’s long list of franchises (including Alien vs. Predator and X-Men) to those already owned (Disney of course already own Star Wars and Marvel, and Comcast Jurassic Park).

19th July 2018

And its a takedown to submission for House Mouse:

Disney wins: Comcast drops its bid for 21st Century Fox (

“I’d like to congratulate Bob Iger and the team at Disney and commend the Murdoch family and Fox for creating such a desirable and respected company,” Comcast chief Brian Roberts said in a statement.

Updated 22nd September 2018

But good news for Comcast chief Brian Roberts with regards the future of Sky, which has been hanging in the balance for more than eight years.

Sky: Comcast outbids Fox with £30bn bid for broadcaster (

Van with Comcast Sky logo

Certainly a “a great day for Comcast” as what is actually now Disney/Fox had looked set to take over the 61% of Sky it does not already own with a £24.5bn bid until the US cable giant topped it in blind auction with a £26bn bid.

Brian Roberts, chairman and chief executive of Comcast, said: “Sky is a wonderful company with a great platform, tremendous brand, and accomplished management team.”

And that the acquisition would allow Comcast to “quickly, efficiently and meaningfully increase our customer base and expand internationally” before the end of October 2018, with Sky’s popular Game of Thrones leading that expansion charge with its climatic series in April 2019.

Updated 26th September 2018

And looks set to take the whole of Sky with no further dogfights:

Rupert Murdoch’s Sky reign to end as Fox sells all shares to Comcast (

…there were suggestions that Fox could still choose to retain its minority stake in Sky, possibly to frustrate Comcast’s efforts. But on Wednesday the company announced it would instead cash in its shares and take about £12bn from Comcast for its 39% stake in the company.

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