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Smallville actress Allison Mack arrested in New York sex cult case

21st April 2018

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Updated 7th May 2019

And with Raniere’s trial starting today:

Alleged NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere just wanted to create a ‘secret society of women,’ his attorney says (

Although allegedly a sisterhood “secret society of women” with unforbidden forest of bush who’d tell him he’s Gandhi as he’s about to blow his self help load.

In their opening arguments, attorneys on both sides painted a widely different picture of Raniere, who has been charged with sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, racketeering, and conspiracy to commit forced labor.

With Raniere’s attorney called his client a “good man” with “good intentions,” who simply taught women how to be vulnerable and presumably know their current place.

The prosecutor focused much of her opening argument on DOS—a subgroup of NXIVM—which purported to be a women’s empowerment group. Instead, Hajjar said, Raniere recruited the women to the group to serve as his slaves, where he controlled many aspects of their lives, including their schedules, diets, and whom they spoke to.

And as expected with more juicy details being told:

The DOS slaves also had to have sex with Raniere, Hajjar said, including Nicole, an actor in her thirties.

Raniere allegedly blindfolded and tied Nicole to the table while another person Nicole did not know came in to the room and performed oral sex on her.

The other person turned out to be Camilla, the young girl from Mexico, Hajjar said.

And with seemingly five women of the inner circle of the “pyramid scheme” sex cult lined up to testify against him ( with perhaps Smallville star Mack being one (

Updated 8th May 2019

A former member of alleged cult NXIVM testified in horrifying detail about becoming a sex slave (

Raniere listening to witness testimony, image: Jane Rosenburg/Reuters
Raniere listening to witness testimony, image: Jane Rosenburg/Reuters

“Sylvie”, a runner in training having been introduced to NXIVM through Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman with Raniere offering to coach her and invited to join the sub group join DOS by Monica Duran to help her lead a “more fulfilled life and become a stronger person”, but with the condition that she hand over “collateral” in order to learn more about it:

She testified that Duran suggested Sylvie write a letter addressed to her parents saying she was a prostitute, as well as hand over naked photos of herself.

Once Sylive provided the sensitive material she said Duran told her she was now her slave.

And was then given “assignments” she needed to complete by her new master, one of which was “to seduce Keith” resulting in her having to send Keith nude snaps after he told her “You’re going to have to do better than that” in response to her “You look hot in your glasses” text message attempted flirtation.

Sylvie continued to send naked photos of herself for a few months, she said, until one day her father called her and suggested she get her own cloud-based storage account, telling her, “I found your medical pictures.”

Resulting in her asking if she could stop sending nudies only to be told “the next thing would be in person” which then led to Raniere performing oral sex on her on dirty sheets at his house and making a “life commitment” to her master Duran with a dog collar being placed around her neck at a ceremony and tasked with recruiting new slaves.

Updated 14th May 2019

Nxivm trial: alleged sex cult leader tried to ‘break’ female followers, says witness (

Several female members of an alleged New York sex cult, including the actor Allison Mack, became dangerously thin after following near-starvation diets at the direction of the group’s leader, a 12-year veteran of the group testified in court on Monday.

“12-year veteran” being film-maker Mark Vicente, a key prosecution witness and the the group’s unofficial videographer, who said that he told Raniere that Mack seemed “broken” to which Raniere replied “I’m trying to break her.” with said “near-stavation diets” being just a few hundred calories a day as penance for making mistakes.

Updated 18th May 2019

Nxivm trial hears of debauchery and cruelty within alleged ‘sex cult’ (

Lauren Salzman, image: AP via Times Union article
Lauren Salzman, image: AP via Times Union article.
A top “slave master” in the alleged sex cult Nxivm said in testimony on Friday she herself was sexually and psychologically enslaved by Keith Raniere, the sole defendant in a sex-trafficking trial that has produced a rolling tableau of alleged debauchery and cruelty.

Top “slave master” being “first-line master” slave recruiter Lauren Salzman who said that Raniere was known to followers as “Vanguard” and sometimes “Grandmaster”.

“He was my mentor,” she said. “My teacher. We had a romantic relationship. A physical and sexual relationship.”

Although seemingly punishing her after a 2011 vollyball game when, in his view, she had “straddled” a male player ( after which he called off plans for the two to have a child and over the course of their 17-year relationship involved Grandmaster Raniere taking closeup photographs of her genitalia with fishermans beard he had encouraged her to grow down there, as well as “forcing her into threesomes with other alleged slaves”, including Smallville star Allison Mack.

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