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Harvey Weinstein to surrender to police, Morgan Freeman apologises after sex harassment claims (Page 4 of 5)

24th May 2018

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Updated 21st February 2020

The Harvey Weinstein jurors want to rehear key testimonies involving Annabella Sciorra’s rape allegation (

As the third day of deliberations came to a close Thursday, the jury requested to rehear the cross-examination “and everything afterwards” in Sciorra’s testimony. The testimony will be read out to them in court Friday morning.

They also requested a list of people that Sciorra spoke to about the alleged rape. The judge told them that as the list wasn’t received into evidence, they could not see it.

Updated 22nd February 2020

The Harvey Weinstein jurors indicated they are deadlocked on the most serious charges (

The jury sent a note to the court asking if they could be hung on one or both counts of predatory sexual assault, but unanimous on the lesser charges that include first- and third-degree rape and criminal sexual act in the first degree.

But with the judge telling them it was common for a jury to have difficulty reaching a unanimous verdict and to believe one cannot be reached but that eventually most duries do and so asking them to resume their deliberations:

“Any verdict you return on any count, whether guilty or not guilty, must be unanimous,” Judge James Burke told the jury. “If you’ve not reached a unanimous agreement on a particular count, you cannot return a verdict on that count.”

Updated 24th February 2020

Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of rape and sexual assault and has been thrown in jail (

Courtroom sketch of Harvey Weinstein being handcuffed, image: Jane Rosenberg/Reuters via BuzzFeed article
Image: Jane Rosenberg/Reuters via BuzzFeed article
A jury on Monday found Harvey Weinstein guilty of raping a woman and sexually assaulting another woman, and he has been jailed pending his March 11 sentencing. He was acquitted of the two most serious charges of predatory sexual assault that carried a possible life sentence.

With due to the structure of the five charges it only being possible to convict him of two at the most.

The jury convicted Weinstein of criminal sexual act in the first degree for forcibly performing oral sex on Haley and of third-degree rape in relation to Mann’s rape allegations.

The charge of criminal sexual act carrying a sentence of 5 to 25 years and third-degree rape—sexual intercourse with another person in circumstances making them incapable of consent—a sentence of probation to 4 years, but has been acquitted of the most serious charges against him of predatory sexual assault and first-degree rape, and, with bail revoked, while now led off to jail to await sentencing still faces those charges in Los Angeles of rape and sexual assault announced on the opening day of the trial (Page 2).

Rapist Harvey Weinstein is rushed to hospital ‘suffering chest pains’ in the ambulance that was transferring him from court to Rikers Island—after shouting out ‘I’m innocent’ as he was convicted (

The disgraced Hollywood producer, 67, was said to have been redirected to Bellevue Hospital Center after suffering chest pains. A rep later confirmed he was suffering from high blood pressure and having heart palpitations.

Judge James Burke had initially ordered Weinstein to be taken to Rikers Island prison immediately, until his sentencing on March 11.

Although according to his lawyers he accepted the verdict “like a man” and plans to immediately appeal the jury’s findings (

Hollywood is reacting to Harvey Weinstein being found guilty of rape and sexual assault (

Actor Mira Sorvino, who accused him of sexual harassment, tweeted, “The beginning of #justice. More to come, my sisters. #weinsteinguilty.”

And, of course, Citizen Rose had her say:

‘I hope the handcuffs are tight’: Reaction to Weinstein’s guilty verdict (

The actress Rose McGowan has said Harvey Weinstein will finally know how it feels to have “power wrapped around his neck” after he was convicted of rape and sexual assault.

Updated 11th March 2020

And after having spent the weeks since trial in the hospital rather than in a cell at Rikers Island and adding a “prison consultant” to his entourage (

Harvey Weinstein has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual assault (

A court sketch of Harvey Weinstein being pushed in a wheelchair at his sentencing, image: via Sky News article

Pushed in handcuffed to a wheelchair and the sentence much nearer the maximum of 29 years than the requested minimum of five, and unrepentant, still hoping to have his actions excused by co-opting men as a whole with use of “we” as being of that of a men of their time:

The 67-year-old also told the court in New York that he had fond memories of his accusers, and that men facing allegations as a result of the #MeToo movement are accused of “things that none of us understood”.

And attempted to shield his former wives from criticisms regards how they could not have known:

He said his wives during different periods of his life had no knowledge of his actions, and that he went to “extraordinary lengths to hide my extramarital affairs”.

Harvey Weinstein’s prison sentence was celebrated by women in Hollywood (

The Silence Breakers, a group of women [including Ashley Judd, Rosanna Arquette, and Rose McGowan] who have accused Weinstein of sexual assault and harassment, released a statement saying Weinstein’s legacy “will always be that he’s a convicted rapist.”

“He is going to jail—but no amount of jail time will repair the lives he ruined, the careers he destroyed, or the damage he has caused,” the group said.

Updated 14th March 2020

And after his defense team had argued his poor health was a reason for a more lenient sentence with even the minimum five years being a de facto life sentence:

HARVEY SCARE: Harvey Weinstein suffered ‘heart attack & had surgery’ after getting 23-year prison sentence in rape & sex assault case (

A source told The Sun that Weinstein appeared to have suffered a blood clot in the stent he had put in last week.

As a result, he began to experience symptoms of a heart attack.

As well as dangerously high blood pressure and was rushed to Bellevue Hospital for an emergency angioplasty, with said Current Bun source later saying the clot had been cleared and that he was recovering and a spokesperson for Weinstein he will be be treated at Bellevue for “ongoing heart problems” and “a complication related to his back surgery.”

Updated 17th March 2020

Harvey Weinstein back at Rikers Island jail after release from hospital (

“Weinstein went back to Rikers yesterday. He was deemed OK to travel and his physical state was better than when he first got to Bellevue,” [his spokesman, Juda Engelmayer] said Wednesday morning.

Updated 18th March 2020

Harvey Weinstein assigned to a maximum security prison in upstate New York (

The former producer has been assigned to the Wende Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison in Alden, New York, an official with the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision told CNN.

The jail, which is just east of Buffalo, New York, houses more than 950 inmates, including Mark David Chapman, who was convicted of murdering musician John Lennon.

And according to a Department of Corrections and Community Supervision release, is expected to stay at Wende for an undetermined period of time while authorities determine which facility meets his “security, medical, mental health and other needs”.

Updated 22nd March 2020

Which just got worse:

Coronavirus: Harvey Weinstein tests positive in prison, reports say (

He was moved to the prison from Rikers Island in New York City on Wednesday. The [Niagara Gazette] reported that it was believed he had contracted Covid-19 before being transferred.

Updated 10th April 2020

And while now free of coronavirus symptoms ( those West coast charges await:

Harvey Weinstein faces new sexual assault charge in Los Angeles (

The LA district attorney’s office, which filed its original case in January, announced on Friday that Weinstein was facing a new felony charge of sexual battery by restraint, stemming from an incident at a Beverly Hills hotel on 11 May 2010.

Weinstein “did willfully and unlawfully touch an intimate part of [the victim], while said person was unlawfully restrained by … Weinstein and an accomplice’, a complaint alleged. The woman was held against her will “for the purpose of sexual arousal, sexual gratification, and sexual abuse”.

With it said he faces another possible 28-year sentence from the charges but with it unclear how that will affect his current sentence.

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