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Asia Argento accused of sexually assaulting and paying off actor who played her son (Page 2 of 2)

20th August 2018

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Updated 5th September 2018


Asia Argento says Jimmy Bennett—who had sex with her when he was 17 years old—is lucky she didn’t file charges that HE sexually assaulted and then extorted her.

Now saying “The horny kid jumped me… I had sex with him it felt weird” and that she was “frozen” when he was on top of her despite her earlier insistence that “I have never had any sexual relationship with Bennett” which it seems has now become a matter of semantics with the “sexual” part seemingly occurring but not within a “relationship”, with it being a one-time only encounter according to her lawyer Mark Jay Heller, and claim that it was an attempt to extort both her and boyfriend Anthony Bourdain.

And with TMZ choosing to remind of her #MeToo history with regards Bennett’s claim:

The attack [in the text messages from Argento through her lawyer to TMZ] against Bennett is odd … because Argento has spoken out against shaming alleged victims in sexual assault cases.

Updated 6th September 2018

Leading to:

Asia Argento: Accuser Jimmy Bennett will file sexual assault police report (

Asia Argento has just poked the bear, because we’ve learned Jimmy Bennett—who was 17 when he had sex with her—is going to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. to file a sexual assault claim against her and cooperate with the investigation.

Presumably “poked the bear” not aiming to affirm those patriarchal sentiments the #MeToo Movement would undoubtedly finger as being part of the problem that allow chaps to suggest a particular provocative “she” deserves it of course.

Updated 1st October 2018

Asia Argento reveals on Italian TV that the worst thing to come from Jimmy Bennett’s sexual assault allegations was being labeled a pedophile—as she claims Rose McGowan is ‘hungry for money’ despite the actress’ apology (

Asia Argento and Jimmy Bennett on Italian news show Non è l’Arena, image: AP
Image: AP

A week after Bennett had appeared on the same Italian news show Non è l’Arena saying she had violated him and saving her “harshest words” for Rain Dove, 29-year-old American model, actor, activist and non-gendered pronouns relationship partner since July of her close friend Rose McGowan before she pushed her under the #MeToo bus.

“I am not guilty and I would like to go back to the X Factor to do my job,” Argento said as she defended herself on Sunday.

And saving her “harshest words” for Rain Dove, 29-year-old female American model, actor, activist and non-gendered pronouns relationship partner since July of her close friend Rose McGowan before she pushed her under the #MeToo bus.

This week McGowan apologized for claiming Dove had told her that Argento had been receiving nude pictures from Bennett since he was 12 years old.

Citizen Rose now saying she realised a statement on her association with Argento she released in late August “contained a number of facts that were not correct”:

“The most serious of these was that I said that the unsolicited nude text messages Asia received from Jimmy Bennett had been sent since Jimmy was 12 years old.”

Which she now explained she had “misunderstood the messages that Asia exchanged with my partner Rain Dove,” which she now understand “made clear” that the inappropriate text messages shared were only after they met up again when he was 17 and that “I deeply regret” not correcting the mistake earlier. Certainly a little too late and flimsy an apology for Argento:

Earlier this month Dove, 28, retracted her statements but McGowan doubled down on her own, riding out the deadline laid down by Argento after which she vowed to take legal action against her former friend.

With Argento saying the “matter is far from over” with her “seeking advice over criminal proceedings against Rain Dove for deception for financial gain”.

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