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Mac Miller’s death was the breaking point for Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s relationship (Page 2 of 2)

15th October 2018

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Updated 17th December 2018

But despite Pete knowing that the “breakup is for the best” and Ariana’s break up song declaring “I’m so fucking grateful for my ex” the can’t put that banana back in your lunch box—or doughnut back on the counter having licked in Ariana’s case (Latest Picks 9th Jul. 2015)—idiomatic nature of social media lends weight to the suggestion that cutting all ties with an ex is best for healing after a breakup:

PETE DAVIDSON REFUSED TO SEE ARIANA … after apparent suicide threat (

Having perhaps made a somewhat inappropriate “i really don’t want to be on this earth anymore” post after seemingly engaging in Twitter feud between “Champagne blackface Papi” Drake (, May 2018) and Ye, the artist formally known as Kanye West, with Ariana then replying with a caring “I’m downstairs and I’m not going anywhere if you need anyone or anything” while having to apologise to Ye after accusations she used him, his meltdown and Drake’s Champagne or Papi to “promote a song” ( she has just released. You know, a lil’‘ time away from social media might do them all some good.

Sources connected to Pete and NBC tell us, Pete alerted his security to hold his ex-fiancee at bay when she arrived at the building. We’re told Pete knew Ariana was on her way, because she was calling friends after he posted what looked like a suicide note. Ariana told friends she was rushing over to NBC, and they dropped a dime on her and gave Pete the heads-up.

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