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Jeffery Epstein’s sex slave describes in deposition released hours before his suicide how Prince Andrew licked her feet in the bath (Page 2 of 2)

11th August 2019

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Updated 31st May 2020

Prince Andrew ‘will never resume official duties’ after stepping back over Epstein links (

Seemingly with the Firm deciding to permanently keep him in the attic with “no plans to review” his position.

Despite his stepping back, Prince Andrew retained his military commands, including his role as colonel of the Grenadier Guards.

However, his indefinite removal from public life may now add to pressure on the prince to give up his military commands and allow other members of the royal family to take over the roles.

With Wombat Wills and Cath’s young tyke George seemingly being needed to grow up fast and get in khaki considering Ginger Hazza has already given up his position as Captain General of the Royal Marines (updated 16th Nov. 2019) and is now allegedly something of a “lost soul” (, May 2020), who despite the undoubtedly vast acreage for exercise of the couple’s quarantine domain stateside, is looking for some virtual physical activity having discovered that Megs has pinched his balls.

Updated 8th June 2020

But some it seems not prepared to just let remain locked up in the family attic:

Jeffrey Epstein: US prosecutors ‘officially request Prince Andrew be made available for questioning’ (

US prosecutors have officially requested that Prince Andrew be made available for questioning as a witness in an inquiry into the sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, according to reports.

The Department of Justice is understood to have filed a mutual legal assistance (MLA) request to the Home Office, according to reports by The Sun as well as US broadcasters.

But with the Duke again insisting that he has offered to assist and accusing the DoJ of breaking its own confidentiality rules and issuing “inaccurate” statements:

Prince Andrew accuses US of ‘misleading statements’ in Epstein inquiry (

The duke’s combative statement, issued through his lawyers, suggested that the misleading statements were an attempt to “seek publicity”.

With presumably a DOJ song and dance skit on social media on its way to capitalise on that publicity.

Updated 2nd July 2020

Having kept a low profile with monthly changes of location to give investigators the slip:

Ghislaine Maxwell arrested by FBI and accused of ‘setting trap’ for Epstein victims (

Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite and close friend of the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested at a luxury hideaway in a small town in New Hampshire early on Thursday, the FBI announced, before charging her in relation to sex crimes, conspiracy and perjury.

The 58-year-old was given a court hearing with a remote video link from custody later in the day and perhaps leaving Andy still being unable to sweat is his attic wondering if her loyalty to her former “friends” is strong enough to avoid any pushing under bus should any deal for her cooperation be offered to mitigate sentence.

Updated 3rd July 2020

And while Andy’s lawyers continue to deny claims he is “deliberately evading” authorities who have invited him to provide a statement (, Ghislaine Maxwell’s “closest confidantes” insist it will not be Andrew she will pushing under a bus:

Exclusive: Ghislaine Maxwell ‘won’t sell Prince Andrew out’ (

Ghislaine Maxwell and Kevin Spacey on the Queen’s thrones, image: The Daily Telegraph via article
Image: The Daily Telegraph via article

And accompanying a photo of Maxwell and the somewhat disgraced Kevin Spacey sitting on the Queens thrones at Buckingham Palace as guests of Prince Andrew.

Ghislaine Maxwell will “never” offer any information about the Duke of York as part of a plea deal, one of her closest confidantes has revealed.

And at least perhaps because they too had been somewhat intimate:

In an exclusive interview, former New York stockbroker Ms Goldman [who has been friends with Ms Maxwell for several years] sensationally claims that Ms Maxwell had a “fling” with the Queen’s son, with whom she has remained close friends, last meeting at Buckingham Palace in July 2019.

And suggesting that she may have more to say on those she presumably didn’t, in the form of former US president Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton and the current elected belligerent tangerine “furious” about the “underwhelming” crowd that recently turned up for his self-demonstrated unaided consumption of water and idiomatic navigation of slippery slopes the day after Juneteenth in Tulsa (, Jun. 2020).

Updated 14th July 2020

Ghislaine Maxwell pleads not guilty in trafficking case (

A court sketch of Ghislaine Maxwell appearing via videolink, image: Jane Rosenberg/Reuters via the Guardian article
Image: Jane Rosenberg/Reuters via the Guardian article
Ghislaine Maxwell appeared in Manhattan federal court via video feed on Tuesday, to plead not guilty regarding her alleged involvement in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking of minor girls.

And with her trial tentatively set for July 2021 was deemed a flight risk and denied bail, the judge saying “the risks are simply too great” (, meaning she will be spending the intervening time at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center, the same “hellhole” facility where Epstein ended his life:

‘Predator’ Ghislaine Maxwell will spend next year in hellhole jail after being denied bail (

Maxwell has reportedly been made to wear a paper gown and sleep on a bare mattress to prevent her from hanging herself as Jeffrey Epstein did in August 2019 while awaiting child sex trafficking charges.

Updated 2nd August 2020

Although winning an appeal keeping some “highly intrusive” court papers sealed, a transcript from a “slew” of newly-unsealed court documents from Giuffre’s 2015 lawsuit against Maxwell allowing The Current Bun to tie things in with topical Black Lives Matter protests by showing there was procurement discrimination too:

BRIT IN JAIL Ghislaine Maxwell latest news: Jeffrey Epstein and alleged madam ‘told victim not to recruit black girls for sex’ (

The billionaire paedophile and alleged madam reportedly told Prince Andrew's accuser Virginia Giuffre they didn't want black girls to be recruited for their sex massages.

Updated 4th August 2020

And while Andrew continues to maintain his willingness to help with investigation, albeit from the attic of the Royal Lodge:

Woman claims to have seen Prince Andrew at London nightclub with Virginia Giuffre (

Prince Andrew previously denied Ms Giuffre's claim he was at the Mayfair establishment with her on the night in question in 2001, saying he was at home after visiting a Pizza Express in Woking with his daughter Beatrice.

However, US lawyer Lisa Bloom said another woman has come forward to support Ms Giuffre's version of events.

Ms Bloom said Shukri Walker recalls seeing Andrew at the club with Ms Giuffre - then known as Virginia Roberts - and disgraced American financier Epstein's girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell.

And alledgedly accidentally stepped on his foot while the duke was performing that pelvic-smashing dancing while profusely sweating at Tramp rather than tucking into an American Hot in Woking.

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