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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex to step back as senior royals (Page 2 of 3)

9th January 2020

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Updated 20th April 2020

And just before the texts Megs sent to her father are revealed in court papers ( in her ongoing legal action against Associated Newspapers, the publisher of the Mail on Sunday, which she claims were edited to portray her “negatively” and that her father was taken advantage of as a vulnerable individual:

Prince Harry and Meghan tell tabloids: No more co-operation (

Further enhancing their exclusivity initiated by decision to withdraw from the Royal Rota system (page 1).

In a letter to editors of all the Sun, Mirror, Mail and Express titles and websites, a representative said the pair had taken the step due to “distorted, false or invasive” stories.

Harry and Meghan said they refused to “offer themselves up as currency for an economy of click bait and distortion”.

With the couples PR team no longer answering calls from said tabloids asking to confirm whether claims are true or not, resulting in the Current Bun including “polite” Piers Morgan’s latest coronavirus celeb denigrating paroxysm with the decision making him “want to vomit” with “the world is in a war at the moment with a killer virus that is destroying lives” ( The letter did not mention whether said team would still put comedic Russian trolls posing as Greta Thunberg through to Hazza to discuss climate change and Orange Don’s “blood on his hands” regarding (, Mar. 2020).

And having earlier in the month decided upon a replacement for their lost SussexRoyal brand:

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry unveil name of new brand after royal exit (

On Monday [the 6th Apr.], they said they will set up a new charitable organisation called Archewell.

It comes after they were forced to given up their SussexRoyal brand.

The couple told the Daily Telegraph they have filed extensive trademark requests in the US.

The name inspired by their young son’s name and with the Star, although not specifically mentioned or sent a letter, with the same publisher as the Mirror and Express—Reach plc—formally Trinity Mirror—likely they will likely have to report all the more in future on what was said by the pair inevitably about themselves to more more respectable broadsheets.

Updated 20th June 2020

But the protests over the death in police custody of George Floyd that has swept both the US and the UK have reportedly given Meghan a renewed meaning in life, while likely still leaving Hazza feeling like a ginger square peg in an L.A. round hole:

EXCLUSIVE: Meghan Markle tells friends her instinct to leave the UK ‘all makes sense’ now because she was ‘destined’ to help fight systemic racism in US—and she hasn’t ruled out a career in politics (

Meghan Markle's instinct to leave the United Kingdom and move to California all makes sense to her now, as she believes she was 'destined' to help fight systemic racism in the United States, a close friend exclusively told

The Duchess feels that her 'gnawing urgency to uproot from England' was fate so she could be at the 'forefront' of the movement, the insider explained.

With said “close friend” you could likely do without adding: “Meghan said her work as a leader is more important than ever right now and that she’s been speaking with Oprah and other community leaders on how she can be part of the solution.”

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