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Polls archive
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Why not take your vote in a topical poll. In addition to being interactive fun they are also the preferred method used here for discouraging scraper and rogue SEO bots from running the arse off search, with the search function being only available after a vote in at least one poll has been made.

It sure beats a Captcha and the search function can be used at will after with privacy assured, with only the inaccessible log file data stored by any website being used to assess a vote has previously been made.

The polls below are currently active and open for voting.



Vanessa Hudgens playing with her bushy pussy

With pornified picks of pop culture now on hiatus (Latest Picks 6th Sept. 2020) and thankfully time beginning to be available again to sketch, the absence of those Picks perhaps makes the subject of as good a poll as any.

Which celeb would be your pick? Your Vote.




Coronavirus lockdown plays to introverts strengths. Do you consider yourself more an introvert or extrovert Your Vote (11th May 2020).



Kendall Jenner in the sun with her legs raised with the caption “??? July 9, 2019”

Which female celeb is most likely to be caught #ButtholeSunning? Your Vote (Latest Picks 2nd December 2019).

The polls below are now archived and further voting prohibited.


Spice Girls

Which Spice Girl would you most liked to have had sex with? Your Vote (Blog 25th March 2019).


Naked Attraction, image: © Channel 4

Would you appear on a show like Naked Attraction, but a version appealing to your own sense of self and demographic? Your Vote (Latest Picks 5th January 2019).



Naked viewers examining works at el desnudo, manifiesto y libertad exhibition, image: Central European News

If you were to go to an art museum or gallery nude what would be the appropriate movement or style? Your Vote (Latest Picks 11th November 2018).


Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj

Stilettos at Dawn—Cardi B vs Nicki Minaj, who will win a deadly shoe throwing duel? Your Vote (Blog 9th September 2018).


World Naked Bike Ride 2018 in London, image: Charlotte Ikonen

For the cause, for a dare, or just for the hell of it, would you take part in a naked bike ride? Your Vote:
(Latest Picks 9th June 2018).


Mark Zuckerberg: “I don’t, didn’t and will not know. You got the wrong guy, I’m MySpace Tom.”

Has the Facebook data harvesting scandal changed your opinion of social media? Your Vote (Blog 18th March 2018).



Cryptocurrencies—speculative bubble, Ponzi scheme scam, or really the digital future of currency? Your Vote (Blog 31st January 2018).







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