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Polls Archive

Polls archive
Pick of the Month polls.

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Spice Girls

Which Spice Girl would you most liked to have had sex with? Your Vote (Blog 25th March 2019).


Naked Attraction, image: © Channel 4

Would you appear on a show like Naked Attraction, but a version appealing to your own sense of self and demographic? Your Vote (Latest Picks 5th January 2019).



Naked viewers examining works at el desnudo, manifiesto y libertad exhibition, image: Central European News

If you were to go to an art museum or gallery nude what would be the appropriate movement or style? Your Vote (Latest Picks 11th November 2018).

The polls below are now archived and further voting prohibited.


Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj

Stilettos at Dawn—Cardi B vs Nicki Minaj, who will win a deadly shoe throwing duel? Your Vote (Blog 9th September 2018).


World Naked Bike Ride 2018 in London, image: Charlotte Ikonen

For the cause, for a dare, or just for the hell of it, would you take part in a naked bike ride? Your Vote:
(Latest Picks 9th June 2018).


Mark Zuckerberg: “I don’t, didn’t and will not know. You got the wrong guy, I’m MySpace Tom.”

Has the Facebook data harvesting scandal changed your opinion of social media? Your Vote (Blog 18th March 2018).



Cryptocurrencies—speculative bubble, Ponzi scheme scam, or really the digital future of currency? Your Vote (Blog 31st January 2018).



Apple vs Android

Has the iPhone slowdown scandal put you off off your Apple—at least until Steve Jobs is resurrected—or allowed you to give the Android war cry which used to be accompanied by pestering your mum and uncle that they really should dump familiar Windows for Rumbunktous Linux. Your Vote (Latest Picks 29th December 2017).


Without consent…

Should Sleeping Beauty—indeed, any fairy tales—be banned for having—along with allegorical dragons, witches, and true love—allusionary antiquated social mores better understood—and often smirked at—by adults than children? Your Vote (Latest Picks 23rd November 2017).


Emma Watson

Fappening 2.0; can it really be a case of targeted “spear phishing” against the famous when so many of the leaks required a Wiki look-up or enthusiastic celebrity knowledge of American theatrical wrestlin’?
Will ladies of tennis and Maltese weather girls be next, or does it seem more likely a dragnet spread a lot wider, your lack of fame being only reason we not hearing of yours with even aunt Effie’s on Granny porn forum somewhere? Your Vote (Pick of the Month 31st January 2017).


SelGo vs Bella

Much was made about bad blood between SelGo and model Bella Hadid about who is doing what with The Weeknd. And so, with no particular detail, contest, rational, props, location or conditions of #winning specified—all of which are product of your imagination—SelGo vs Bella; who’d be the boss? Your Vote (Pick of the Month 31st January 2017).






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