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Blog Update Archive

Blog updates archive
Diddling away with blog updates.

I reserve the right to edit or change anything, and I mean anything I draw or write at the drop of a hat, without hesitation. And that’s that—take it or leave it, matey!

Just kidding—some forums unfortunately take that sort of thing very seriously, but that sort of thing is really not my bag. I do mark changes other than typos or grammatical corrections (which are intoxicatingly common enough) with an “Updated on xxx” section, very briefly outlining changes made. Usually updates are because of a correction or addition suggested—which I greatly welcome—or perhaps with a different take on things from additional material.

Story Pick updates

I like to keep up with stories I’ve posted as Picks so I often update with relevant information as I come across it. If a story has developed interestingly it will likely have been posted as a later Pick in itself which will contain a related story link back to previous related picks, but older stories do not link forward to later developments (with exceptions for outstandingly scandalous or just too plain fun to miss stories). If you are looking at an older story and are curious about later developments, please use either the entries Tags or the search function.














Archive started 9th May 2013.

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