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3rd August 2020

Lily Allen, phone case & emosh tongue (

Topless Lily Allen wiggling her tongue in a mirror selfie illuminated by a mood light

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31st July 2020

Everything you need to know from the tech antitrust hearing (

With the big tech congressional hearing seeing the “four horsemen” of Silicon Valley—the CEOs of Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon—having to defend there company practices via videolink, and after Amazon’s Jeff Bezos seemingly tried his luck at appearing as a bit of a techno-klutz ( and Apple’s Tim Cook made competition between them sound like the gangs fight in West Side Story (, it’s internal Facebook emails regards Instagram acquisition that formed the biggest bombshell:

Mark Zuckerberg: “They need me.”
Instagram from Facebook logo
Instagram and WhatsApp are changing their names because of Facebook
(, Aug. 2019)

Facebook bought Instagram to neutralize a competitor, emails show (

When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was considering buying Instagram in 2012, he told his company’s CFO [Chief financial officer] that it would neutralize a competitor, according to emails obtained by the House Antitrust Subcommittee and released Wednesday.

Ouch! And with nawty Zuck’s main platform struck by ad revenue boycotts and a general #deletefacebook lack of appetite from the hip n’ cool and non-middle aged, it should surprise none that both cooler purchased cousins Instagram and WhatsApp now have to stomach “from Fidiotbook” appended to their title.

And so…. Will the tech titans be pulled apart? Or will, like Microsoft when it faced its antitrust trial (Wikipedia) and indeed found to constituted a monopoly with a breakup of the company was ordered as remedy, a fairer-sharing settlement with not only smaller tech but with users serving as data product be negotiated?

A historic antitrust hearing in Congress has put big tech on notice (

The House antitrust subcommittee must find a way to restore traditional antitrust regulation, while also addressing the new challenges posed by tech giants. When a company operates an ecosystem, what should be the limits on behavior? What rules should govern corporations that build a business around personal data?

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28th July 2020

Rita Ora, ‘doing my own glam’ tongue (

Topless Rita Ora poking her tongue out taking a selfie in a dressing room mirror with her phone

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28th July 2020

Wiley sparks Twitter virtual ‘walkout’ over anti-Semitic tweets (

Part of Wiley’s anti-Semetic Twitter tirade
Actors, activists and performing arts organizations are staging a 48-hour protest over the platform's handling of anti-Semitic posts over the weekend by a popular British rapper.

Coming just fortnight after the notoriously toxic platform had to prevent most with a verified blue tick posting after a hack in which the great and good seemingly promised to double any Bitcoin sent to them in the next 30 minutes ( which had seemingly left CEO Jack Dorsey feeling “terrible” ( although likely still as convinced as at the start of the year that cryptocurrencies really are the future for anything other than somewhat dubious services and vowing to help Bitcoin development with his payments company, Square (, Jan. 2020), a situation prompting shareholders to question whether being CEO of the two organization is perhaps splitting his focus ( and leaving his personal reputation even more fecal bearded.

But back to Wiley and his “standing out” rather than “embarrassing myself” and this week’s demonstration of social media’s inconsistent attempts to deal with anything more taxing than banning puppies in a cup with #FreedNipples:

Wiley, who has been described as the godfather of grime music, posted a string of anti-Semitic comments on his Twitter and Instagram late last week. Although some of the posts were blocked and removed, UK government officials and other public figures blasted both platforms for leaving other posts up for too long and for not doing enough overall to stop anti-Semitism.

With the undoubtedly now embarrassingly Order of the British Empire awarded rapper temporally locked out of his Twitter and then permanently banned from Fidiotbook and Instagram (from Fidiotbook) after challenging British-American comedian and presenter David Baddiel and broadcaster Emma Barnett to racism debate (, and those digitally walkout politicians and public figures only to recommence tweeting after milking the virtue signaling on a timescale similar to a castigated celeb vowing they are leaving the hypnotically pernicious platform.

Meanwhile Inspector Knacker is seemingly “assessing material” and pondering whether at this time of Black Lives Matter demonstrations they should accept his tweeted “wanna see me” invitation rather than Home Office Chief Bully Priti Patel.

Updated 29th July 2020

With this time Twitter having to play catch up with Fidiotbook in putting a cork in the talk coming out of verified obvious arseholes (, May 2020):

Wiley’s Twitter account permanently suspended after anti-Semitic comments (

Twitter announced on Saturday (July 25) that Wiley had been banned from the site for a week, but his account appears to have been permanently suspended as of this morning (July 29).

Having already been unsurprisingly dropped by his manager, who is Jewish, with whom he now claims an argument initiating the tirade and appologising “ generalising” ( and maintaining he is not anti-Semitic with all those hateful anti-Jewish tropes seemingly directed at just the one “snake” who does indeed happen to be Jewish, although some may find it somewhat hard to un-generalise a statement like “Jewish people you make me sick and I will not budge hold this corn”. (The cryptic “corn” and the necessity of a period between “budge” and “hold” (

The Campaign Against Antisemitism says they will be contacting the Cabinet Office to ask that his MBE be revoked, but seemingly he is not too worried saying somewhat angrily that his manager has it and that it has never been in his “yard” in a self defeating exclusive interview with Sky News:

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26th July 2020

Charli XCX, ‘Gone’ tongue (

Charli XCX poking her tongue out with Chris of Christine and the Queens striking an open mouthed pose behind her

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