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18th November 2019
¡Muchas gracias Josefina, mi amor!

The Little Book of Big Breasts (

11th November 2019

Tana Mongeau, ecumenical tongue (

Tana Mongeau poking her tongue with hands in mock prayer in a naughty Pope costume showing plenty of ass cheek

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4th November 2019

Bella Hadid, Catwoman tongue (

Bella Hadid taking a mirror selfie licking the back of her hand in Catwoman costume

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29th October 2019

With Halloween just days away it’s time for a look at the costumes that have been picked up as source of tabloid indignation copy this year.

American Princess, Mom of the Year College Scandal, Vegan Burger & sexy Toy Story

Yandy American Princess Costume
Yandy American Princess Costume, image: Yandy

First up and aimed at an American market cock-a-hoop now to have one of their own in the tabloid conspiracy-foamed royal soap opera with a description reading: “You’re living an actual fairy tale!”:

Meghan Markle Halloween costume goes on sale—but Queen probably won’t approve (, Sept. 2019).

Royalists can look like Meghan Markle this Halloween with a costume consisting of a tight bridal dress and a Deal Or No Deal suitcase.

Yandy, which flogs ‘hottest sexy lingerie’, ‘sexy clothes’ and ‘lingerie costumes’, is selling the American Princess outfit for just £20.

With the “American princess” having a Deal or No Deal suitcase as the American version of the game show had Meghan acting as a briefcase model during its second season (, Aug. 2018) over a decade ago to jumpstart her acting career and the jacket over her shoulder a nod to the American drama that made her name, and with the Mirror “not sure her Majesty would approve of this ensemble”…

.:: Read more in Blog ::.

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28th October 2019

Ariana Grande, photoshoot tongue (

Ariana Grande sultrily poking her tongue with an arm raised

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