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A peek at illustration inspiring celebrity sexiness, quirky news stories from inherently pornified pop culture, tips, sketchbook and work in progress, reviews and other things of interest; whatever’s on my mind really—which more fool you if you ever take that seriously.

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17th October 2017
There’s no way her ass is sitting on that stool.

Ariana Grande’s gravity-defying “My Everything” cover spawns best new conspiracy (

But thankfully not one encouraging Americans in alt-conspiracy dungarees to elect the maddest chap in the room because they just have to say “no” to your “feminist agenda” from their virtual Gorean truck stop basement ManOChat.

“How did Ariana Grande manage to stay balanced on that stool and still look hot? Did she really ever sit on that stool? BuzzFeed producer Jesse McLaren put the iconic My Everything pose to the test on Sunday (Oct. 15) and the internet can’t get enough. Twitter put the scientific method into action and called out discrepancies between McLaren and Grande’s attempts, including… ”

Well, obvious and made of the same science that lets Flat Earthers prove the world really is flat with a simple spirit level on a plane (, May 2017) really:

U don‘t have the ponytail, that’s what balances everything out

Indeed, mine certainly does.

Science and math were then enlisted to try and figure out how she could get her ass on the stool while he could not, beside she being “lean and nimble” and he being “large and clunky”, allow anything and everything on social media to become a talking point.

Trying to find out how @arianaGrande did that

Still, it’s better than kitten or puppy in a cup, what you had for tea, or thinking about it, the half-baked naturalistic fallacy pseudo-science used by Pepe Nukem alt-chaps who’ve read too many Nietzsche quotes questioning women’s role in tech and society (Latest Picks 8th Aug. 2017).

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