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A peek at illustration inspiring celebrity sexiness, quirky news stories from inherently pornified pop culture, tips, sketchbook and work in progress, reviews and other things of interest; whatever’s on my mind really—which more fool you if you ever take that seriously.

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23rd February 2015

Blogger Content Policy Update

“Starting March 23, 2015, you won’t be able to publicly share images and video that are sexually explicit or show graphic nudity on Blogger.”
Blogger adult content policy update

For more information, please look here (

With Google—formally a search engine company—owning Blogger I guess that’s a bit like those copyright infringing porn sites that maintain they don’t host anything themself, they only link to it—yes, I’m pointing at you, old chap porn image sharer, Mr. Google Images.

Ever get the feeling that you helped create a monster… and one who’s constant two “Recent Blogs of Note” on the the main page of the dashboard have been the AdWord monitisation-friendly i suwannee and Skipjack’s Nautical Living since Google first sank Blogger anchor. Hmmm… they sank Google Reader citing “declining use” much to the rabid indignation of those still using it and broke Picasa a couple of years back to push their foray into Facebook land with Google+; am I detecting a trend here when Google gets bored of something?

Blimey! And those digest blogs—none of which are actually “porn” but that term does live in the eye of the beholder—were suppost to save me time chasing around for links to images when link-rot set in; yep, hello again Tumblr! Well, until Yahoo, who now owns that (21st May 2013), gets all self-santimonious too.

No more porn for Google’s Blogger

It’s musical break time—shame I couldn’t find it on anything other than GoogleTube so Matt Cutts can happily wave non-porn cookie (, Mar. 2008) even with it still being for many the raison d’être of Google’s search engine existance.

Update 27th February 2015

Yep, scrub that.

An update on Blogger porn content policy

Blogger adult content policy update

Indeed, showing it was all about stopping people monetising likely copyright infringed content after all—though I would have to say Google’s monetising carrot-stick incentive for doing anything on the web may be at part to blame. Thank you, Google.


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