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23rd May 2020

Coronavirus nurse who wore lingerie on hospital ward pictured for first time (

Nurse Nadia pictured in lingerie/swinsuit under her see-through protective gown. Image: Tulskie Novosti via Daily Star article
Image: Tulskie Novosti via Daily Star article

Indeed, a headline in several red-tops making it sound as if it is likely to become a hashtagged trend.

A nurse who was pictured wearing lingerie underneath her see-through gown has been pictured for the first time.

Nurse Nadia, 23, was pictured on a coronavirus ward in Russia after complaining there was a shortage of safe undergarments.

But after being disciplined with regards the photos has been met by a wave of support with doctors and other medics at the Tula Regional Clinical Hospital and further afield, claiming there were shortages of safe undergarments for use under protective gowns, and later reports made the correction that it was a swimsuit she was wearing rather than her undies (

A campaign was also launched against patients taking pictures of hospital staff in wards.

With at least one old chap in a Covid-19 ward seemingly unable to resist seizing the opportunity to take the images of nurse Nadia in her undies resembling swimsuit:

One fellow medic at the Tula hospital Oksana Drybo today posed with a sign aimed at patients saying: "We are not pictures in a gallery... Stop taking photos of us!"

But despite a global shortage of appropriate PPE it does perhaps need to be explained if, with weather in Tula—120 miles south of Moscow—currently listed as partially sunny, it really has become a pandemic necessity for swimsuits to be worn alone under such see-through gowns, with perhaps doctor Ivan chappy demonstrating his solidarity by appearing in his speedos under his too, with just none of the old chaps caring to take a snap.

Two comments from the articles comments section, one saying: “She’ll have brightened up the day for those elderly men, pin a medal on her.”
The nurse, who studied at Ryazan State Medical University, was reprimanded for “non-compliance with the requirements for medical clothing”.

With nurse Nadia telling hospital bosses that she was “too hot” wearing her protective gown, and did not realise how transparent it was, but also seemingly posting some thirst traps (GoogleTube) herself in in her nurses outfit and indeed the same scoop bikini top credited in the article as coming from VKontakte (VK for short), the most popular Russian Facebook-like social media network. And that “wave of support” is not coming just from her medical peers, as a peek at the blitz spirit musings of some old rascals in the red-tops comment section unsurprisingly shows.

Meanwhile as lockdown restrictions are cautiously eased in Europe, its not quick enough for those who depend upon people being out and about:

Giant penis in face mask appears in Venice as ‘coronavirus protest’ (

Marble phallus in face mask sculpture in St Mark’s square, Venice. Image: CEN/@ChiaraDiego2 via Daily Star article
Image: CEN/@ChiaraDiego2 via Daily Star article

A penis-shaped statue has caused a stir after it appeared in the centre of Italy's waterside tourist city of Venice in a protest against coronavirus restrictions.

The giant marble phallus, which appears to be "wearing" a face mask, appeared on Monday in front of the Palazzo Ducale, in the city's famous St Mark's square.

And created by an artist who declined to be named but who told media that the “penis is a symbol of life”, that it is a “protest” and that Venice “needs to live and calls people to be strong, not to quit, and to rise up again”.

Perhaps leading some to wonder if his creativity is also expressed in one of the tourist deprived city of masks’ stalls selling mugs depicting a gondoliers gripping their oars.

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