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5th July 2019

Influencer charges fans £24 to buy bathwater she’s ‘played in’—and it sells out (

Belle Delphine filling tubs playing in bathwater
(video, Instagram)
Belle Delphine: “…So my bath water actually sold out wtf?”
Belle Delphine—Ahegao
Ahegao (Wikipedia)
Belle Delphine is offering her 3.9 million fans the opportunity to buy some of her bathwater.

Belle Delphine being a pinku-haired 19-year-old London-based gamer girl and Instagram, premium Snapchat and more recently Pornhub community parody porn ( performer known for her kawaii cosplay makeup and delightful penchant for demographic nailing ahegao faces (anime O face) whom the Insta-rumour mill at the start of the year erroneously concluded was dead (, Feb. 2019).

Belle Delphine, who is known for her gaming content, is selling “GamerGirl Bath Water” on her website for £24.

The online store description insists the suds are “bottled while (she’s) playing in the bath”.

With demonstrative videos posted on Instagram and her store stating “This really is bathwater” and with a disclaimer suggesting “This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes” and with it quickly selling out, with Belle reassuring she’ll be hopping in the tub and re-stocking it soon.

But nonetheless, that it’s not going down the plug hole not going down well with all:

One critic tweeted: “Anyone who pays anything for this is the definition of pathetic.”

Another said: “This is sad.”

A third added: “People reaching new levels of stupid I see.”

But unsurprisingly with many requests for her to take a tinkle in the bath when re-stocking (

Updated 21st July 2019

But a combination of semi-NSFW content, popularity and Fidiotbook-owned Instagram can of course only end one way:

Why has Belle Delphine been removed from Instagram? (

The exact reason isn’t quite clear but according to a number of posts on Reddit and social media, it happened because she was reported for “nudity or pornography”.

With one Redditor’s post titled “My friend Noah got Belle Delphine’s account taken down” including a screencap of a mop-haired young chap’s profile pic with his reportage for nudity or pornography and Instagram’s reply for reporting.

Reddit of course is not generally known for those unappreciative of nudity but it also is regarded as a bastion of the alt-right incel Manosphere’s misogyny, so it is likely the indignation leading to reporting was more a matter of attention jealousy and Delphine’s refusal to be bowled over by some arsehattery with much victorious success kid fist ( now being given. Her Twitter is still active though with that platform accepting of even full-on hard core nudity as long as it is behind a “This media may contain sensitive material” virtual curtain.

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